Just like many other smartphone types, a new iPhone comes with a good deal of pre-loaded apps. But to bring out the phone’s full potential in terms of functionality, you’ll likely want to install a couple of new apps. 

Prettily, there are lots of apps –ranging from social network apps down to app-based security and multimedia tools –which let you activate your new iPhone beyond the functionality of its pre-loaded apps. 

You could be bereft of ideas on the best apps you should install on your new iPhone. In a different instance, you’re likely to have found some apps worthy of installation but the apps charge subscription fees for anyone to fully access them. 

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Fortunately, this post will walk you through the best free apps you should install on your new iPhone. These apps are in differing types ranging from social network apps to security and multimedia tools, among others. 


If you’re an avid social media user, you probably can’t easily do away with Twitter even when it appears clumsy to use. In other words, you probably want your Twitter experience to exude more fun and less hassle. 

Tweetbot is one great app you should have on your new iPhone. While it’s a nicely built app, Tweetbot is just the perfect avenue for an unalloyed Twitter experience. Therefore, it saves you the annoying sight of promoted tweets and Twitter ads. Moreover, the app helps you ward off unwanted noise, courtesy of its effective mute filters. 

There are a pretty number of functions that make Tweetbot a proven resource that lets you have an awesome Twitter experience. One of such functions is how Tweetboot sequentially presents the tweets of those you’re following on Twitter. 


Thanks to Libby’s amazing functionality, your new iPhone could be the best digital library you’ve always desired. Besides being a free-to-use app, Libby is a lovely resource for you to read your favorite books without having to access any local library.


Basically, what Libby does is helping you to collect audiobooks and ebooks from that local library without charging you a dime. Frankly, Libby fits well into the function of Kindle and just any other specific digital reading tool. 

There isn’t any need stressing that Libby removes the stress of having to visit the libraries. But it should delight you that the app has got to offer a nice interface that gives you an awesome viewing experience. 

3.Google Photos

Google Photos - Apps on Google Play

Oftentimes, it’s really hard to beat original apps. This is just why Google Photos seems very much like a better app than the default Apple Photos on your iPhone. 

Prior to June 2021, Google Photos used to offer free unlimited storage, meaning you could back up all of your media (photos and videos) without paying a dime. Despite ending its support for free unlimited storage, Google Photos provides you with 15GB of free storage. 

Apple’s 5GB of default iCloud storage is obviously low compared to the 15GB of free storage Google Photos has got. 

Google Photos is a free-to-use app on both Android and iOS devices and even if you’ll ever shelve out some bucks (probably for access to unlimited storage), you’ll likely agree that the app is worth your dime. 

4.Microsoft Outlook

Zoho Mail vs Microsoft Outlook Comparison | GetApp

Needless to say, you’ll find your new iPhone’s pre-installed apps really handy. But again, some of these apps seem not to match the excellent experience that the (third-party) original versions tend to offer.

The default Apple mail app is one of such apps as it barely offers the best experience you’d normally require of the standard Gmail app. Precisely, Apple’s default mail app is somewhat short of the expected standard in terms of UI and features. 

Microsoft’s Outlook app is interestingly a great alternative to Apple’s default mail app. The app works pretty well and courtesy of iOS 14, it isn’t any difficult to make it your default mail app in place of the pre-installed Apple mail app. More interestingly, Microsoft support guarantees you the likelihood that the Outlook (mail) app will be available over the coming years. 


How to Setup Authy for Two-Factor Authentication on Android | DroidViews

On your priority list for iPhone functions, security is something that should appear somewhere prominent, at least if not atop the list. And if you do hold quite a number of online accounts, you really shouldn’t downplay the need to store authentication codes. 

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Essentially, Authy comes into the spotlight as a great app for the storage of authentication codes. 

Given that you prioritize two-factor authentication for the security of your online accounts, Authy could be your best bet for the optimum storage of authentication codes. Even as there are various other apps –including Google Authenticator –that let you keep tabs on your authentication codes, Authy might be your best shot at effectively storing those codes. 


Taking cool photos is one of the functions you should require of your new iPhone. And expectedly, some occasions demand giving the best of editing to the photos you’ve taken. 

Prettily, Darkroom comes handy as one of the likely must-have apps for anyone who wants amazing editing for their new iPhone’s photo shots. 

Besides letting you edit batches of photos, one thing you might fancy about Darkroom is its compatibility with RAW and ProRAW photo files. The drawback of Darkroom, however, is that you have to subscribe to its monthly premium plan before you can access certain added functions. 


If you’re really enthusiastic about social media and have got some unstinting flair for video-focused social networks, there’s no denying that TikTok is one of your must-have apps. 

Particularly on your new iPhone, TikTok is much likely your most exciting place for mouth-watering short videos, comedy sketches and rib-cracking memes. Just like many other powerful social networks, TikTok is free to use and it’s fast becoming the most-loved video-specific network among many social media freaks. 

With TikTok, you’re assured myriads of fun content which readily suits your taste. The video-specific app lets you find content that aligns with your taste almost immediately. 


Security, again and again, isn’t something you should handle in a trivial manner especially if you’ve got lots of sensitive data on your iPhone. For a security-conscious iPhone user particularly one with a new iPhone, having a uniform password for several accounts is rather unsafe. 

The moment you’re getting started with the use of your new iPhone could be the right time to further beef up security. Favorably, Lastpass has got a decent number of benefits to offer you in terms of internet security. 

9.Google Maps

App Maps is good but Google Maps seems better. With Google Maps being the original version of the Maps app, it isn’t any surprising that it proves to be the better of the two apps.

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If you so much rely on digital tools for navigating your way around strange neighborhoods, odds are that Google Maps is a must-have app on your new iPhone. Besides being a free-to-use app, Google Maps is packed with the features that let you have an exciting shot at locating places. 

10.Paprika Recipe Manager

Paprika Recipe Manager is a cool app that lets you have essential information in your iPhone’s digital cookbook. The app on the one hand, saves you the awkward need to read lengthy online recipes before you’re able to pick the bits of information that you actually require. On the other hand, it helps you retrieve such details as directions and ingredients. 

Let’s say you want to read the online recipe for a particular dish, you only need to paste the URL link for that online recipe and leave Paprika to do the job of filtering out directions, ingredients and other essential details. The recipe manager then stores the details in your iPhone’s cookbook so that you’re able to quickly fetch them when necessary. 


Customization is something you’ll want to have a feel of especially if you’ve got iOS 14 running on your iPhone. 

Widgetsmith is an app that allows for excellent customization of your iPhone. With Widgetsmith, you’re able to customize your iPhone’s app icons as well as integrate content (text, quotes, pictures, etc.) that brings your desired customization alive. 

The free-to-use app works well and readily aligns with the customization capability of iOS 14. 


Hopefully, you’ll find all of the listed apps useful for expanding the functionality of your new iPhone beyond its pre-loaded apps. Even as few of the apps come with premium tiers, you can still make good use of their free tiers.

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