Top 11 Social Media Apps for iPhone Users

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Top 11 Social Media Apps for iPhone Users

There are lots of social media apps today, However, the journey of social media started on the web and finally found a spectacular reception on the screens of smartphones for a quicker response. It has acted as a source of inspiration for smartphone makers to design social media apps for users who log on to the respective media to have interaction with friends and family.
The new innovation has generated a large number of applications for users of IPhone or other gadgets. these apps now range from media apps, streaming apps and others.
Although, there are so many media apps available but to mention a few is a list of 10 explicit, well ranked list of the top social best media application every iPhone user should download.


Traditional messages has lost its foothold with the development of the WhatsApp. Its key attraction is the unlimited messaging and also the ability of sharing photos, videos and audios. It provides the facility to make calls or do videos when connected to WIFI or mobile data. The WhatsApp web is the main features of the app that allows users to use the phone app features on the browser in a computer. The Facebook acquired it because of its popularity and it is a social media app that is mostly downloaded in the US today

Group ME

A home for groups that allows you to be a part of family, friends, colleagues, teams and more. It allows you create a group by adding people with their phone numbers or email IDs even if they don’t have the app on their iPhone, anybody can participate in chats. It allows the management of notifications effectively and also boast exclusive emoji’s to express your emotions.


First launched in 2011 the Facebook messenger allows Facebook users to chat with one another, it also allows creation of groups and also for sharing photos, videos and audios.

It has been made compulsory to download Messengers in smartphones for Facebook users who has complains about performance and privacy.

Time Hop

Timehop helps to peek into your pasts and helps to bring back old photos, videos and posts from your iPhone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media app. Timehop is like walking down the memory lane , it helps stay connected with friends and family and also bring back memorable moments.

We Chat

It is one of the finest social media app that allows the creation of a huge network of people. We Chat consists of a massive sticker gallery to spice up your messages. It allows you share you location and also photos on the personal photo stream.


As the best WhatsApp alternative for iPhone it has over 900 million users all around the world. It offers all sorts of tools to help communicate with fun.

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It allows sharing of photos, videos and thoughts using text messages. Consisting of a sticker pack that allows conversation to be fun and also allows the creation of groups with about 250 friends and stay hooked up with them. Viber keeps your chat secure.


For a never ending fun loving conversation, wishbone is recommended. It keeps you updated with the fashion world and also allows you to explore music, you can also catch up with the live of celebrities.


After acquired by Twitter before been publicly launched in March 2015, it has created quite a buzz. It was designed in a unique way to make it different. Periscope is a rock star on social media for its good looks, smart interface and a good heart system.


The media app was first launched as a picaboo which disappeared and later came back few months later as Snapchat. The app has impressed teens especially college students who likes to create photos with awkward selfies and funny faces.


This gathers people on the same page with its freebies. Fire chat users don’t need to be connected to WiFi, mobile data or messages app on their iOS devices because it uses Bluetooth to connect to others for nearby communication.


This is a new social media app. the application works wonderfully. first you download, log in all necessary detail and then enjoy access. the simple app gives you a unique experience from other media apps. you have the capacity to make as much video story in a single video. the app captures everything .
These are some of the best social media app to try out on your iPhone. they are all in your app store for download and they vary by versions. which means, the higher your iPhone model, the higher the apps.

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