Our mission is  very simple – to bring you the very best the Internet has to offer, and to explain tech in a precise and comprehensive manner. Based on our research, we’ve realize  that not everyone understands tech perfectly, which is why we try not to bombard  you with unnecessary industry jargon and hard-to-understand instructions and guides.

How would the world be like when everyone stops to fix problem, fight to provide solutions to pressing needs, and demands in the society.

NGSUPInforming and Connecting The Business Technology Community

NGSUP defines the value of technology in the age of digital business. As one of the most trusted business technology resource, NGSUP offers independent insight and advice to help today’s IT leaders navigate the fast-changing technology landscape and identify the best strategies and tools to drive their organizations forward.

NGSUP provides a trusted environment for IT decision-makers to learn from experienced journalists, subject matter experts, and their peers to explore new ideas, find answers to their business technology questions, and solve their most pressing problems. If an IT product or platform isn’t tied to delivering on business goals, it’s of little interest to NGSUP

NGSUP Network Connects everyone and anything to a system of endless possibilities..

Does your space, system, devices, or even business need’s support of any kind? then let NGSUP Network & and its upcoming Crypto community/Academy be your plug.

Our Editorial Team

Johnson ofonimeh
Johnson Ofonimeh


Johnson is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of mitrobe Network International. ICT Expert, Chemist, Pro-blogger, Financial and Crypto Advocates, owner of ngsup.com  and few other online investments as well as CEO of JOGs. With over a decade of writing experience in the field of technology, he brings a lifetime of experience with technology to the role of Editor-in-Chief, overseeing majority of Mitrobe Network content to ensure it’s as accurate and in-depth as possible. Follow Johnson on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

Ortega Saheed

Editorial Advisor:

Saheed is a Full Stack Content creator and magician, with over 5 years experience in Forex, business, e-commerce, e-Learning, Real estate and Financial services, excellent  in developing web contents ideas and applications  in line with SEO standard. Get in touch via mail saheed@ngsup.com

David Ozokoye