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Become an Expert  Cryptocurrency Trader and Investor With My Winning Master plan and strategies

Become financially free learning how to trade Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency using my profitable technical, fundamental and Risk management strategies.

Get  a 1-7 days Course with complete mentorship and first hand signals With 30% Off Original Price For Just 100 Slots. 

If you’re not investing your money, you’ll always be a slave to your income. Cryptocurrency is the best thing that has happened in this era of our existence. Its been a blessing. Crypto is totally diffrent from gambling, sport betting or Forex, where in, once the market goes against you or your bet goes against your prediction, you lose your entire money. But in crypto, you can’t lose your funds, you only have to HODLE and keep away from FOMO . The primary objective of Mitrobe Network  Crypto Academy is to help you make more money via Cryptocurrency trading and investment strategies (like Bitcoin, ETH, LINK, ALICE,ALTS XRP) that have brought some of the highest returns in history.

You do not need to have a lot of income to get started with any of these strategies.

You can start investing today even if you only have $100  as a start up capital, I guarantee you success just like every other students in Mitrobe Network Academy.

If you invested $50 in Bitcoin in 2009, you’d have been more than $250 million richer right now .This is obviously an extreme example, but crypto investing isn’t rocket science. You can invest in Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies during your lunch break and become a millionair in crypto.

Mitrobe Network have been training lots of individuals and the success rate have been remarkably awesome. All students of Mitrobe network (all in crypto-with-mitrobe whatsapp groups)  have been singing lots of praises and you will be glad your joining us now. Stop proscastinating, join us now and risk telling unecessary stories later!

Here are few testimonies from our group members;


Futures Trading

Mitrobe have a comprehensive article on Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency trading here, you can read it and understand theoretically how this things work.

My name is  Johnson Ofonimeh, the founder of this blog.

I’m a skilled Cryptocurrency trader and coach. Myself and my team have trained and mentored hundreds of people who are now happy trading and earning steady income from Cryptocurrency daily, weekly and monthly.

Things you will learn from my Cryptocurrency training/classes;


  • Learn About Bitcoin,ALTCOINS, DEFIs, DAPPs, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency.
  • Solid Fundamentals of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency.
  • Best ways to find reliable  crypto related news and data for fundamental analysis as well as technical analysis.


  • How to buy and sell all cryptos, take limits,market orders and set stop loss.
  • How to make atleast $5 to $350 from the market volatility daily
  • Training course with expert trading strategies.
  • Best ways to do Technical and Fundamental analysis. 
  • How to invest in binance and earn interest monthly/ Annually.
  • How to master Pair to Pair trading and make so much money from the binance pair to pair trading system.
  • How to Set your own adverts and make good profits and also avoid scammers on the P2P system.
  • Learn How to Read Charts Like a Pro.
  • Access to the members only discussion room – You’ll have the opportunity to trade side by side with traders who have made thousands of dollars in this market..

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