Top 5 Cash App Alternatives in Nigeria

How To Open (Verified) Cash App In Nigeria, Buy And Sell And Cash App Funds

Top 5 Cash App Alternatives in Nigeria–Cash App is a financial mobile app service that allows its users to send and receive money through its platform. It is a peer-to-peer transaction platform that is available in only select countries, that is, only the USA and the United Kingdom.

So, if you are in Nigeria, you might be wondering about some wonderful alternatives to Cash App that are available to use in Nigeria.

Well, look no further. In this article, we will look at a number of effective Cash App alternatives that you can use to carry out online financial transactions of sending and receiving money.

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Cash App is one of the best rated finance apps on Google Play store by their users in America and the UK. And we think this is rightfully so. Cash App allows its users to carry out a good number of major transactions.

For example, you can send money to another Cash App user at absolutely no cost to you. Cash App also offers some quick money making methods for young people like completing surveys, watching videos, etc., these seemingly simple acts could earn you some cash on Cash App. Users can also invest in stocks, Bitcoin or trade in them on Cash App.

On Cash App, users can send money in the P2P system, receive money, spend money, save their money, and also invest and trade. To top it all, the platform is very safe to use, very fast with processing the financial transactions and totally free. Cash App was developed by Square Inc., and was released in 2013.

As at February 2018, Cash App had up to 7 million unique and active users on its platform. But first, let’s look at some of the awesome benefits of using Cash App and of having a user account.

Advantages of using Cash App Accounts.

– Cash App does not charge its users for basic transactions and services. So, there are no flimsy charges on your money as a Cash App user.

– They also don’t charge monthly fees, inactivity fees or fees for sending or receiving money.

Cash App also has a Cash Card with which users can withdraw cash from their account.

Disadvantages of Cash App Accounts.

– The main disadvantage to using Cash App is that, they charge a fee to send money to others using the Credit Card method. Cash App will charge you 3% of the money as fee to send money using credit card.

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– You will also be charged a fee for instant deposits.

Steps for Opening a Verified Cash App Account in Nigeria

  • Download Cash App from the download store applicable to your smartphone
  • Launch the downloaded app, ensuring you tweak your VPN location to USA
  • Sign up for a Cash App account using either your email address or your phone number
  • Whichever of the two options (email address and phone number) you choose, Cash App will send you a 6-digit confirmation code
  • Provided you chose email, enter your email account to see the 6-digit confirmation code
  • Input the code in the required field and then tap continue
  • You’ll see United States as your current location on the subsequent page
  • You’ll be asked to input your debit card details. Note that the debit card (whose details you’re inputting) must be that of the United States. But again, you can simply tap the skip button provided that you don’t have a USA debit card
  • Provide your full name and tap the Next button
  • Now you’ll have to input your CashTag and following that, you should provide your ZIP code. Make sure it is a US Zip code such as 10001
  • With the above appropriately followed, your Cash App account should be up and running. So, you can begin using the account for transactions.

Verifying Your Cash App Account

It’s worthy of note that you can use your Cash App account without verifying it. However, there’ll be a restriction on the amount of money you can send/receive in every seven days. Precisely, you can’t receive more than £500 or send more than £250 in a period of 7 days if you’re using an unverified Cash App account.

If there’s any need for you to go beyond the stated limit for money transfer or reception, you’ll have to verify your account by providing the following details: your name (in full), your address, your date of birth, and the final four digits of your social security number.

Obviously, Cash App users in the US and the UK are very impressed with the service. But unfortunately, the Cash App service is not available in Nigeria currently.

But the good news is that, there are really cool alternatives to Cash App available to Nigerian users for their online financial transactions.

So, let’s introduce you to the CashApp alternatives.

1. Kuda Bank

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Kuda Bank

 Kuda Bank prides itself as the “Bank of the Free”. You can visit their official website at to know more information than the little provided here.

Kuda was specifically designed for the Nigerian smartphone user that does online financial transactions. An its one of the best alternative Cash app currently existing in Nigeria.

Kuda Bank promises to not tie you down with bank charges, you can be free of those ridiculous charges that financial operatives and banks impose on their customers.

you have to do is go to your smartphone’s App store, and download the Kuda Bank app. Once you have installed the application, you are clicks away from carrying out your first financial transaction in Nigeria. On Kuda Bank, you can send or receive money easily. You can also spend money directly from Kuda Bank app.

You can also add money to your Kuda Bank app very easily and also use debit cards with your Kuda account.

2. OPay Opay - Airtime , Transfer , Savings & Shopping - Apps on Google Play OPay is another option available for you online that you can send or receive money through that is similar enough to CashApp and you can use in Nigeria. With the OPay app, you can spend money through the platform, earn cash online through their platform, and also top up your personal accounts as well.

With the OPay app, you can pay your bills totally conveniently no matter what the bill is, whether for education, electricity, water etc. OPay also has agents all over Nigeria where you can withdraw your money. OPay also has a Peer to Peer transfer system that you can use to send money to anyone in your contacts at no total costs to you.

You can receive money from anyone in your contacts through the OPay’s secured system. All you need for this wallet to wallet payment transactions is your mobile phone number. You can also send and receive money from any Nigerian bank. Visit their website at for more information.

3. Paga

Paga: Send and Receive Money
CashApp alternatives

Paga is another option for Nigerians that wish to do some online financial transactions. Paga is quick, simple to use and very reliable. The Paga app is available for both Google Play store users (Android) and Apple users on the Apple App Store.

Once you have downloaded the Paga App, you can transfer money, you can send or receive money all digitally. Paga also has thousands of agents all over Nigeria. You can visit their website at for more information.

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With Paga, you can link to your bank account very easily, fund your Paga wallet instantly, and be confident in their security-aware platform. Register an account and get started with fast digital financial transactions.

4. PalmPay PalmPay Launches in Nigeria - Kenyan Wallstreet PalmPay has announced its launch in Nigeria. This followed after it received $40 million funding led by a Chinese mobile phone company Transsion. PalmPay is another wonderful online app that was specifically built for Nigerians. The app has been downloaded over 1 million times on Google Play store. PalmPay rewards its users for the transactions that they carry out on the platform.

And for every PalmPoint you earn on PalmPay, you have earned 1 Naira. You can visit the PalmPay website at for more information about the digital financial services they provide. The mobile money operator is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and banking with them is very secure.

You can save money, send money, receive money, transfer money, connect your ATM card to your PalmPay account and fund your PalmPay wallet. This is a very good alternative to CashApp in Nigeria.

5. Alat ALAT By Wema - Wikipedia

With Alat, you can take control of your digital financial transactions. Alat is founded by Wema Bank which is a popular bank in Nigeria.

Alat is different because it is a bank of itself. You can get issued an Alat bank card anywhere you are in Nigeria. It is a fully digital bank that helps Nigerians do more with their money online. You can sche dule bank transfers and your bill payments as well.

You can also save effectively with their automated saving goal. Alat digital bank works with all Nigerian banks and there are no hidden or suspicious charges, what you see is what you get with Alat. They also can give you a virtual Dollar card for your online international payments and transactions.

They also offer their users flexible loan options. A very good alternative to Cash App account  in Nigeria. So, there they are!

The top 5 digital banking platforms in Nigeria that perform similar functions with the popular Cash App account. Choose your preferred option and start transacting!

Good luck.

Conclusion So, there they are! The top 5 digital banking platforms in Nigeria that perform similar functions with the popular CashApp. Choose your preferred option and start transacting! Good luck.

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