6 Best TOEFL Classes Online Free & Paid in 2022

TOEFL Classes Online Free

6 Best TOEFL Classes Online Free & Paid in 2022

Are you aware students must perform well in their TOEFL examination to increase their chances of getting enrolled? One of the basic things for any student is to be proficient in English language or have some level of competency with the language. Most of these English-speaking schools want their students to flow well with English to increase their level of comprehension in classrooms.

For any student to excel with flying colours they must prepare well to have a good score. It is through the score that institutions can believe you have good proficiency in the English language. In other words, it shows you can handle different tasks that have to do with the English language. The essence of the article is for students to have an idea about various online TOEFL classes both free and paid.

Professionals will handle these different topics for students to acquire the best. No way one will get enrolled in any of the classes without upgrading their skills. The major thing is for one to excel in their TOEFL examination skills by scoring high. In over 11,000 academic institutions in 150 countries, it has been observed that 90% of TOEFL test takers were usually accepted by their first or second choice of institutions.

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In some states, there are fixed TOEFL scores for any student to score for courses like nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists, and many others. For instance, someone who is not from an English-speaking country will find it difficult to score high in TOEFL because it is not their language. Since it is a language test used in measuring the proficiency of students in the English language, it helps to evaluate four different skills for communication

The importance of TOEFL can’t be overemphasized and for this, students must prepare ahead to avoid any form of failure. It is a major criterion for international students to be considered eligible for a given admission. Since the exam came into existence, over 35 million students have written examinations. Different institutions across the globe have made it mandatory for their students to take the TOEFL examination.

The language exam comes in four different parts – reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Some of the TOEFL classes are done inside the four walls of a building, while some through the internet. Most students opt for the online TOEFL classes since it offers them comfort. Every non-English speaking student must be able to speak and understand English language in their institutions.


Most institutions want their students especially from non-English countries to come with proof during their process of application to show their interest in enrolling in a university to pursue their dream program. Regardless of anything, TOEFL is the simplest way to show one’s proficiency in English language.

The language exam has to do with the measurement of skills like writing, reading, listening, and speaking English. It is compulsory to showcase these four special skills before the admission officer of an English-speaking institution. During preparation for the TOEFL examination, students must be versed in the four areas. Also, the language test will cover reading, speaking, writing, and listening.

Can Someone pass TOEFL without Preparation?

It is hard for one to pass the TOEFL examination without preparing. It is the more reason students are putting efforts to ensure they perform well in this language test by attending extra lectures, buying learning materials, and many other things to get acquainted with the way they set their questions for students.

Some of the students who had failed the test are due to some reasons such as ignorance, late preparation, carelessness, etc. Therefore, before anyone can have the mind of wanting to write TOEFL they must be ready to meet up with the different challenges that might come their way during the process of preparation.

Is there any cost for online TOEFL Classes? 

There is no fixed cost attached to the online TOEFL classes because diverse factors are influencing the cost. For instance, during the fall season, the cost of enrolling for this online class is between $180 to $325. Besides this fee, there are other fees to be paid such as registration cost, score report, and extra additional score reports.

Candidates need to have funds to sponsor themselves for the TOEFL examination, and it is very hard to enroll for the TOEFL test. Some scenarios require students to borrow money to push their TOEFL examination fee. It is one thing to have money, and it is another thing to have the right preparation to get ready for the TOEFL online test.

How can one prepare for TOEFL Online Class?

Any student wanting to gain admission into an English-speaking university must have a high score in TOEFL. As a result of 9,000 institutions accepting the language test, TOEFL is becoming more reputable as a language test in the world. The test is difficult and it requires one to be prepared to excel well in their examination.

Furthermore, there are different platforms Udemy, Edx, and Coursera where students can learn the English language to get ready for their TOEFL. The role of this course is to improve students’ strengths and build other necessary skills to pass practical assessments. There are preparation tips for TOEFL.

Preparation Tips for TOEFL Language Test

It is essential for candidates preparing for the TOEFL test, and here are the tips:

  • Early preparation
  • Having more knowledge about the test
  • Getting involved with lots of practice tests
  • Study various vocabulary
  • Pay rapt attention to your subject
  • Get good study materials
  • Be conversant with question types
  • Keep an error log

Ranking Criteria for TOEFL Test

There are two different ranking criteria for the TOEFL test, and students have gotten huge success using these verified methods to meet their target scores. Here are the two ranking criteria, and they are:

  1. Flexible Scheduling and Adaptable Formats:

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has influenced the conventional way of taking the examination. As a result of controlling the spread of the virus, the test is done indoors. Students with various schedules are making huge advantage of the online TOEFL preparation courses to their benefit. It doesn’t matter either you want live virtual classes, self-paced e-courses, etc. You need to choose an adaptable method that will fit your goals.

  1. Personalized Instruction Available:

One must know that TOEFL preparatory courses could help them have personalized instructions and to get the acquired section scores. Having private classes for mentoring students and online courses with Instructors could cost more but one doesn’t have to spend much for different TOEFL retests.

Best TOEFL Classes Online

These are the following TOEFL classes, and they are:

  1. 2021! TOEFL – All Four Skills Preparation Course- Udemy

The cost for the TOEFL class is $11.99 with a lecture duration of 8.5 hours. It is a beginner course for any student preparing for the TOEFL test. It is amongst the best-paid language test for students to take part. The class is made up of different relevant information for students to attain huge success.

The approach for this one is an interactive section with high-quality instructional content for students. After the completion of the class, students will be equipped to perform better during the language examination in the different sections. Time management is one of the important skills for students to possess.


  1. Emergency Course for the TOEFL®: TOEFL Prep in Just 2 Days- Udemy

The general instructor for the course is Josh Macpherson, and the cost of the certification is $11.99 with a time duration of 5 hours and 7 minutes. It is expected for students to have some level of proficiency in English language, and such candidates should try applying for the course. It has been structured to focus on the important aspects students are going to encounter when writing the exam.

Also, students enrolled in the class will be exposed to methods that will help them excel in their fields, and have qualitative reasoning like an American university student. The way they will take notes will be like professors and good time management will be seen amongst them. They will learn an effective way of improving their TOEFL score by 10+ points.


  1. TOEFL English Vocabulary- Udemy:

The facilitator for the course is Jane Cui with a certification for participants but the course duration is 3 hours and 5 minutes. Any student wanting to learn English language can also consider taking the ACT or SAT. Lots of students are enrolling for the TOEFL English vocabulary, and even people having difficulty recollecting what they have read can go for this course. The essence of the course is to have a better TOEFL score with good improvement with the use of English.

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  1. The complete TOEFL iBT Top secrets course: All skills- Udemy

The instructor for the course is Milad Mizani with a duration of 36 hours and 38 minutes. The course offers students insight to possess quality methods to augment their scores with the TOEFL test. Therefore, if you are thinking about score augmentation, then you can enroll in the course. There are certain things to learn in the course such as TOEFL writing, TOEFL speaking, TOEFL listening, TOEFL reading. As a result of the enrollment, students will get useful tips in English.


  1. TOEFL Prep for Spanish Speakers- Udemy:

Greg Brit is the big-time instructor for the course with a duration time of 8 hours & 41 minutes. It is ideal for people aiming to get an advanced user in English language. Therefore, one who is still struggling would not be advised to enroll in the course. Spanish students can utilize the various benefits of the course, and they have both PBT and ITP tests for any student.

Spanish pupils can gain answers that can solve their language issues. It is essential to build one with good writing skills to increase their chances of getting solid grammar to prepare ahead for IBT essays. It will amaze you to know it is an advanced grammar course for aspiring English language instructors.


  1. Advanced English Grammar Course ( TOEFL and IELTS )- Udemy:

The instructor for the advanced English Grammar Course is Annamária Ibos, and the time duration for the course is 1 hour & 49 minutes. Therefore, anyone who wants to have a high score at either IELTS or TOEFL and can get the course and start their online classes. It comes with advanced knowledge in English language for anyone willing to learn.

During the period of study for the course, students will feel happy learning the language and also write good essays with few grammatical errors in them. For instance, someone with less understanding of the language will be able to write and speak like a citizen from an Anglophone country.


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