English Language Exam Question For Junior Secondary School Students

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SUBJECT: English Language CLASS: JSS 1

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions

Edet and Ibe are friends. They are from Ete village Mr. Bassey is their teacher and he teachers them English Language. Today, Mr. Bassey lesson is on attentive listening. “You must have a purpose for your listening. You listen for main ideas, detailed ideas or for both, don’t you? “Yes, we do” the students chorus. “Tune your mind, eyes and ears to the speaker; do you understand?” “Yes, we do”, the student shouted again. “Good”, Mr. Bassey said. “but avoid distractions and assume a good position like sitting close to the speaker and keeping your head erect”. “Why” be asked. “So that you may not sleep off or when you sit far away from the speaker, the facts may diffuse into noise”. “What is the meaning of noise, sir? Many student asked” “It is a sound, especially when it is loud, unpleasant or disturbing” Mr. Bassey answered.

Remember, you should not write anything or talk while you are listening; facts and details may given while your attention is distracted by talking and writing. “A good listener should develop an attitude of listening and be able to recollect the main ideas or details as given by the speaker”, the teacher added.

Answer the following questions

1. What is the passage about?
2. What are the three things that will aid the students in listening attentively?
3. What are the purpose of listening according to the passage?
4. Why should a listener not write while listening.
5. The word internationally has how many syllable (a) 4 (b) 5 (c) 6
Fill in the spaces with the correct pronouns from the
6. ________ is cooking in the kitchen (a) he (b) she (c) it
7. The dog backs because _______ is hungry (a) he (b) she (c) it
8. John is a medical doctor, ______ is a hardworking man (a) he (b) she (c) it
Complete the sentences with the correct homophones
9. She has _________ some fishes (a) cut, (b) caught (c) cot
10. This is the third ______ of the month (a) week (b) weak (c) none of the above
Underline the correct verb from the options
11. The chief may be _______ by the police (a) caught (b) arrested (c) all of the above
12. The bird _______ sweetly (a) singing (b) sang (c) sing
13. I have just ________ one page (a) wrote (b) write (c) written
Complete the sentences with the correct antonyms
14. The boy is sleeping (a) asleep (b) awoke (c) awake
15. The woman is a dwarf (a) quaint (b) tall (c) short
Complete the sentences the synonyms of the underlined word
16. It is an ancient way of doing things (a) new (b) modern (c) old
17. I love my school (a) like (b) affection (c) liking
Underline the conjunction in each sentence
18. I knocked before I opened the door (a) door (b) knocked (c) before
19. Joshua failed the test because he was careless (a) failure (b) because (c) careless
20. Add the correct suffix to the word below (a) godly (b) goddess (c) godliness

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SECTION B – Answer all questions
1. Write an essay on how I spent my last weekend
2. Write the antonyms of the following words
Words Antonyms

3. Write the synonyms of the following words
Words Antonyms

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