Toefl Examination –Everything You Need to Know About It

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TOEFL is an official examination fully pronounced as Test of English as a Foreign Language. Notably, it’s a test often required of foreigners from countries where English isn’t the original language and who are willing to study in the US and other native English-speaking countries.
In Nigeria, one can register as a TOEFL applicant at any of the country’s approved educational centres. While TOEFL tests are usually conducted during weekends, prospective applicants are often advised to attempt the registration at least three weeks prior to their preferred examination date.

Reasons for Taking a TOEFL Examination

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There are several reasons you may have to take a TOEFL test. Besides the fact that advanced English-speaking countries (such as the UK, Canada, US and Australia) usually require TOEFL certifications for their foreign students, you may take a TOEFL test in order to boost your professional career overseas.
Meanwhile, statistics show that students/applicants with high TOEFL scores stand a better chance of proving their English proficiency as well as professionalism in the event of VISA application. Similarly, undergoing a TOEFL test can give you a real shot at evaluating your English language proficiency as a step in the process of language improvement.
TOEFL examination is usually required for Nigerians seeking admission into undergraduate or postgraduate programmes in any of the aforementioned countries.

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The TOEFL Test Score

The TOEFL test score basically measures your performance at any TOEFL test taken but in reality, the score is more than a mere evaluation of your English proficiency. While statistics show that TOEFL scores are recognized by over 9000 universities and/or colleges in no less than 120 countries of the world, your TOEFL score is measured on a scale of 0—120 points. Notably, the TOEFL test is divided into 4 segments namely Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking and each segment carries 30 points.

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Ways of Improving One’s TOEFL Score

Some of the guidelines for having an excellent TOEFL score imply enrolling for TOEFL classes and/or acquiring study books on TOEFL. There are educational centres offering TOEFL training which incorporates providing applicants with thorough knowledge of the test as well as clues on the questions they are likely to come across on the test day. Luckily, some of these educational centres offer online training considered suitable for TOEFL applicants who barely have time for in-person tutorial sessions.

How Do I Know If My TOEFL Score Is Good?

Before you can tell whether your TOEFL score is good or bad, you first have to know the benchmark set by the foreign institution you’re applying to. While certain foreign schools may stipulate a minimum of 70 points, others may demand a score as high as 100.

The Typical TOEFL Test Format

A TOEFL test follows a specific format and having detailed knowledge of this format gives applicants some insight into what will be required of them on the examination day. Below is a breakdown of how the TOEFL test is conducted:
Segment I: Reading
No of Questions: 36-56 questions
Segment Tasks: Reading 3-4 academic tests and giving answers to the attached questions
Time allotted: 60-80 minutes
Segment II: Listening
No of Questions: 34-51 questions
Segment Tasks: Listening to English conversations, classroom discussions and lectures
Time allotted: 60-90 minutes
Segment III: Speaking
Number of Tasks: 6 tasks
Segment Tasks: 4 integrated tasks and 2 independent tasks
Time allotted: 20 minutes
Segment IV: Writing
Number of Tasks: 2 tasks
Segment Tasks: 1 task each for integrated and independent
Time allotted: 50 minutes

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Basically, the breakdown in this post indicates that the TOEFL test is conducted within an average of 4 hours. While we believe this post has exposed you to almost everything you should know about TOEFL in Nigeria, you may ask questions using the comment section below.

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