Best Ways to Make Money Online as a Teenager| Complete Guide

Top 15 Ways to Make Money Online as a Teen| Complete Guide


Though it sometimes appears difficult, making reasonable money online is a feat every teen can achieve.

As monetization opportunities abound on the internet, so do chances present themselves for smart and skilled teens to tap into while using the web.

If you’re a curious teen who’s heard mind-blowing stories of how fellow teens made lots of cash online, you’ll likely want to know some of the common ways you too can make money online as a teen.

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Top 15 Ways to Make Money Online as a Teen

1. Using Amazon for Publishing Fictional Works

If you’re pretty skilled in writing, you could make money by self-publishing your fictional writing. Quite interestingly, Amazon makes this damn easy.

Writing and publishing on Amazon is fast becoming a major trend among fictional writers. Moreover, this is very easy to do as you do not need any publisher to help you publish your works on Amazon.

All you’ll need to do is to write that novel or short story and publish it. You should also learn the right strategy for marketing the published novel to the right audience.

Before you know it, you may find yourself making money and if you’re just lucky enough, a publishing house might read your book and decide to work with you. Imagine being the next bestselling author.

2. Auctioning Your Used Textbooks

If you are a teen who likes keeping books in mint condition, this is perhaps an ideal way for you to make money.

Selling your used textbooks to students who need them (or to parents who want the books for their children or wards) is a legit way of making money as a teenager. You can also take a step further by buying used textbooks from other students and reselling them.

The best part of this is that you can sell such books online too. Take a picture of the used textbook you wish to sell, state your asking price, and post the picture across your social media. You can also sell to bookshops and since the books are fairly used and pretty cheap, they’ll likely get sold out quickly.

If you’re mindless about your textbooks and would rather leave them rough, this might be the best time to start keeping them neat as they could earn you cool cash. What a way of starting an awesome business as a teenager!

3. Having Your Works Sold on Etsy

Etsy is pretty much like eBay where people surf the website for things that might interest them and then buy such things. If, as a teenager, you make nice, beautiful accessories, and woodcarvings, or you are into crochet making, and weaving bags, you can have your works displayed and sold on Esty.

4. Rendering Graphic Design Services

These days, people learn graphic design for free by downloading some apps like Canvas or Pixels Lab and getting tutorials from watching YouTube videos. If, as a teen, you are skilled in designing graphics, logos, flyers, etc., you can make cool cash online with your skill. You can design graphics for a store or make a logo for a startup company and get paid.

5. Participating in Online Opinion Surveys

As a teenager in the 21st century, you can earn an income in various ways. While the good thing here is that you can make money from the comfort of your home, one of the popular ways to make money online as a teen is by partaking in online surveys. However, you must note that inasmuch as there are many advantages in using the internet, disadvantages also abound herein.

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With regard to online opinion surveys, caution must be taken and proper research should be done about the preferred online survey platform. This is because the internet is full of fraudsters who create fake survey platforms with the intent of prying into people’s personal and bank information. If you want to try an online survey platform, we recommend that you give either Survey Junkie or Swagbucks a try.

Partaking in online surveys is great but there are downsides to some, if not many, of the online survey platforms. One of such downsides is being logged out of your account for no reason, and this, most times, means you’ll have to refill the survey from the start as it is time-based. At other times, there might not be any available survey to be filled. Another headache you could face is spending up to 45 minutes over a survey in return for just $3.

Filling a survey with Survey Junkie is an ideal way to make money online as a teenager. The platform is legit and quite famous, as it’s been running for about 14 years. Survey Junkie rewards you with points for filling out surveys and completing other assignments on the platform. Points earned are converted to cash through the use of PayPal. All you need to do is to create an account with Survey Junkie and begin filling in surveys.

What makes Swagbucks slightly different from Survey Junkie is that it has other means through which you can make money. On Swagbucks, not only can you fill out a survey, but you can also watch videos and take up daily tasks in order to earn cash and gift cards.

6. Putting up Your Designs and Artwork for Sale

Are you an artist? Can you make beautiful designs and artworks? Are you aware that you can sell your designs and make money?

Designs can be found on various items like tee shirts, shorts, stationery etc., and the designs are made by people. If you have a passion for drawing and wish to make a profit through your passion, you can sell your designs or artworks to companies.

Free photos of Mosaic

Also, you can get clothing from a store, imprint your designs on it, post it on social media and expect to get a buyer for it. Teespring is one company that offers this sort of opportunity to people. You can as well post the designs without having them printed on anything and still expect to get a buyer online. Though you really have to be wary of unknown persons who might be looking to steal your designs, which is why it’s advisable you watermark the designs.

7. Using Fiverr Differently

Dare to be different by diverting from the everyday strategy that others employ in their use of Fiverr.

If you are daring and crazy (we actually mean this in a good way), you can make your services known in a unique and exceptional way. Being different could mean advertising your business or services in a weird way. This weirdness alone could draw people’s attention to what you do, thereby allowing you to attract clients.

8. Working for U-Haul

Are you aware that you could work for U-Haul’s customer service section right from the comfort of your room?

What you need to have are a personal telephone, a reliable internet connection and a computer. With all that, you are good to go. U-Haul is quite different from other moving companies as most of such companies do not hire teenagers below age 18.

If you are good at communicating with people and would like to make extra cash right from your comfort zone, working in U-Haul’s customer service is probably something you should consider.

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9. Web Designing and Coding

It is awesome and quite surprising how a great number of teens harness the power of the internet. There are tens, if not hundreds, of teenagers out there who make considerable amounts of money simply because they understand that the internet has opportunities other than Instagram and Facebook.

As many new companies demand newly-built websites and older companies seek to redesign their websites, jobs definitely abound for individuals –including teens –with coding and web design skills. Coding is not meant solely for adults. Teens too can learn how to code and make money from it.

10. Working as an Online Tutor

This is another means of earning money online as a teenager. You can register with some online tutoring companies as one of their tutors or simply advertise your services on social media and hope to attract parents and students alike. However, you need to bear in mind that it isn’t all online tutoring companies that employ teenagers. So, make enough effort to find out which company employs teenagers as online tutors.

The amount of money you can earn may depend on the subject you take. You can teach from the comfort of your home, by making use of Skype, Zoom and any other messaging or video application. But in most cases, the company equips its online tutors with provisions including a whiteboard, a video chat interface and so on, in order to make the tutoring process easy for the tutor and comfortable for the student or students.


If you have some great unique content to offer, you’re likely going to have lots of YouTube subscribers, a situation that could fetch you lots of money in the long run. There are teenagers on YouTube making lots of money. Though it might take a few years before you can start raking in considerably huge earnings, consistency and great content are some of the core requirements to get there.

12. Being an Employee of Humanatic

Working for Humanatic is another way to make money online as a teen, though you must not be less than 17 if you really hope to get hired by the company (Humanatic).

What is the job description while working for Humanatic?

Well, all Humanatic requires you to do is to listen to recorded phone calls, analyze them and leave reviews about the calls. In addition to having a PalPal account, you must be 17 years old or above while seeking to work for Humanatic.

13. Getting Paid for Reviewing Music on Slice the Pie

We know music is never off with teenagers as it is part and parcel of them at that stage of life. With that said, is there anything better than listening to music and making money from doing so?

Slice the Pie lets teenagers listen to specific songs, give their opinions about the songs and get paid. This is sometimes done in order to find out what listeners think about a particular song, and probably know the aspects in which the singer of the song needs improvement. You simply need to register with Slice the Pie, listen to specified songs, review them and hope to get paid.

14. Working as a Freelance Writer

Writing is fast becoming a great way of making money most especially online. We have lots of blogs and other online platforms that need articles and other forms of written content. If you are a brilliant teen with a knack for writing, you could become a freelance writer for online platforms.

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As a freelance writer, you won’t be restricted to working for a single company. This gives room for more earnings as you are likely to write for more than one blog. You’ll be paid for your service but the downside is that most times, you won’t be acknowledged as the writer of the content you sold to the blog. The content might, in fact, be credited to somebody else.

It’s important to note that as a beginner, you are likely to get less paid but as you write consistently, rev up your profile and smarten your writing skills, you could attract clients that would be willing to pay you well. There are online freelance writers who are currently living fine and earning pretty hefty sums.

15. Baby Sitting

With both men and women pursuing careers nowadays, many families do not have the time to watch over their kids 24/7. Imagine having to attend a company’s dinner party whereas your kids might not be allowed to accompany you.

This is why plenty of parents now have nannies or engage the services of babysitters. As a teenager with excellent babysitting skills, you can make your services known through mouth-to-mouth information. You can as well advertise your babysitting services online by posting ads across social media.

Advisably, try to register with relevant websites and apps to further boost your chances of landing babysitting jobs. If you market yourself on relevant sites, you might easily get noticed by parents who registered with such sites in a bid to find babysitters for their kids.

One of the platforms that make babysitting adverts easy to place is Registering with relevant websites or apps does have its advantage; it offers security to both the babysitter and parents seeking babysitting services.

FAQs about Making Money Online as a Teen

Can Teenagers Truly Make Money Online?

Everything you’ve read in this post about making money online as a teen is nothing but the truth. Though you might not earn up to what an experienced adult rake in while on the same job, being a teenager with a smartphone, reliable Internet access and certain in-demand skills exposes you to a wealth of online monetization opportunities.

Are There Online Jobs for Teenagers below 18?

Of course, there are online jobs well suited for teenagers in the age bracket of 14 to 17 years. You simply need to arm yourself with the right source of information about how teenagers in that age bracket can make money online.

Can a Teen Make Enough Money Online?

Armed with the right knowledge, the required skills and other necessary resources, any teenager can leverage online activities for raking in money. Starting out, the teenager might struggle to earn well, but once that teenager begins attracting lots of online clients, buyers, subscribers or followers, odds are that they’d make reasonable money online.


With the 15 proven ways we have discussed in this post, we’re pretty sure that any teenager can make money online. Provided they’re able to figure out the in-demand activity or skill they can effortlessly ply online, teens will likely have an excellent shot at making money off the Internet.

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