Waptrick.Com: How To Download Free Games| Music| Videos| App


Waptrick.Com: How To Download Free Games/ Music/ Videos/ App

The internet is the biggest achievement of man since the 20th century. Forget the moon landing. The Internet has changed the way we live, and do things.

We use our internet – enabled devices for our daily activities. One of the most important thing we use the internet for is entertainment.

We entertain ourselves by watching videos, listening to music, and playing games. However, it is not easy to find a single website where you can get all these at your fingertips. A website that gives you the latest videos, tending music, wonderful games, and latest apps.

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Therefore, I know it will amaze you if I say there is a website where you can get all this and more. The ultimate entertainment hub.


In this article, we will talk about how to download videos, games, music, and apps from this amazing website. Firstly, here are the list of categories found on the homepage of waptrick, they include;
• Waptrick Music Mp3
• Videos
• Applications
• Photos and Pictures
• Themes
• Live wallpaper
• Waptrick E- books
• Animations
• Sound effect
• Photo gallery
• Song lyrics
• Horpscope

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To Download A Video

If you visit waptrick.com in search of a video, follow the steps below to download a video of your choice.
1. Open your browser. That is phone or computer. Type in the official website – Waptrick.com. You can aalso, type the name – waptrick.com on google. It will take you to the homepage of the website.
2. After you open the website. Scroll down to videos. Click. The choice of videos available on the site will be displayed. For example, you will see Tv series, music clips, xxx videos, among other things.
3. All you have to do is to make a choice. Click on the type of video you want.
4. If for example, you want to get music clips or videos. You should click on music clips. It will display the music videos available. Click on your choice of videos.
5. The videos are grouped into most downloadable, new music, tv series, foreign or Nigerian video.
6. Select the group you want. After that, pick the video you want. It will take you to the available format of the video. Select and the download option will be displayed. Select slow download to begin your download.

To Download Games

To get your choice games into your device, the process is similar to one of the videos.
1. Once you open the homepage, scroll down to games.
2. Click on games. It will display the group of games available on the website for you to download. Games are grouped into new games, most downloaded games, and arcade games among other categories.
3. Click on the group you want. For example, if you want to get racing games, click on racing games.
4. The next thing that will be displayed is the list of racing games available.
5. Click on the game you want and the download options will appear on your screen.
6. Choose the download option you want, and download your game to your device.

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To Download Music

Waptrick had the latest songs, both foreign and local. The process of download is the same as the rest already explained here.

1. The first step is to type in the official website – waptrick.com on your browser.
2. After that, scroll down to where you will see waptrick music mp3. Click on it.
3. You will see groups of music available. Such as new music, music global, and other country music as well as genre.
4. Click on the group you want to download from and select your choice.
5. When you click on the music you want, you will be taken to the download option.

To Download Apps

Waptrick has the latest apps for your use. The step to download apps is similar to others above. Follow the steps below.
1. The first step is to open the official website. Scroll down to apps.
2. Click on apps, and choose the one you want. After you click on the preferable app, the screen will display the download option.
3. Select your choice, and enjoy your app.
List Of Categories Found On Waptrick
The list of categories found on the homepage of waptrick include, music, videos, apps, photos and pictures, themes, live wallpaper, song lyrics,and hooscope.


The best part is that this website is absolutely free. You won’t pay anything to download rich content from the website and enjoy it. The website is regularly updated as well. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about.
Furthermore, you can also get rich video content from YouTube as well. The YouTube videos, and sports videos are included in the videos category.
When you download from this website, you will be joining millions of people around the world who visit the website daily for their entertainment needs.

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