World Bank Group Summer Internship Program 2022 for young Professionals (Paid Internship)

World Bank Group Summer Internship Program

The World Bank Group Summer Internship Program 2022 is another opportunity for young professionals, however, the internship program is a paid one.

Read this article carefully till the end if you are interested in the World Bank Group Summer Internship Program 2022 because, in this article, we will be guiding you through the application process, requirements, and every other thing you need to know about the program.

The World Bank Group Internship Program is now accepting applications through January 31st for its Summer Term (May – September 2022).

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The Bank Internship Program (BIP) provides highly motivated individuals with an opportunity to learn about the World Bank’s mission and work.

Individuals can contribute new perspectives, innovative ideas, and research experience to the Bank’s work while improving their skills in a diverse environment through the internship.

Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity to add real job experience to CVs. Internships are available in development operations as well as other business units (such as Human Resources, Communications, Accounting, and so on); however, availability during a specific internship term is determined by business need.

Criteria for Eligibility

Candidates must have an undergraduate degree and be enrolled in a full-time graduate study program (pursuing a master’s degree or Ph.D. with plans to return to school full-time) to be eligible for an Internship. There are no age restrictions.

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It is necessary to be fluent in English. French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, and Chinese are all useful languages to know. Other abilities, such as computer skills, are beneficial.

Additional Information 

The World Bank Internship Program typically seeks candidates for: operations (front line) in the following fields:

economics, finance, human development (public health, education, nutrition, population), social sciences (anthropology, sociology), agriculture, environment, engineering, urban planning, natural resources management, private sector development, and other related fields; or corporate support in the following fields: economics, finance, human development (public health, education, nutrition, population), social sciences (anthropology, sociology), agriculture, environment, engineering, urban planning (Accounting, Communications, Human Resources Management, Information Technology, Treasury, and other corporate services).

All Interns are paid on an hourly basis by the WB, with a travel allowance of up to USD 3,000 available at the discretion of the manager.

Only transportation expenditures (airfare) to and from the duty station city can be included in these travel expenses. Interns are responsible for arranging their own lodging.

Most Intern opportunities are situated in Washington, DC, with a few others in WB foreign locations, due to business needs. Internships are usually for a period of four weeks or more.

The WB Internship is offered twice a year:
• Summer Internship (May–September): The application period is December 1–January 31 each year.
• Winter Internship (November–March): The application period is October 1-31 each year.
All applications must be submitted online and during the respective application period. (We do not accept applications by email.)

How to Apply / Procedure for Submitting an Application

Form of Application: Take your time to complete your application and ensure that all of your personal information is correct. The following papers will be required to be uploaded:

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– Curriculum Vitae (CV)

– Statement of Interest

– Proof of Graduate Degree Enrollment

Application Checklist: The following application checklist is designed to make the application process easier for you.

• Make sure you’re using a browser version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Internet Explorer 10 or above.
• Please ensure that you have a reliable internet connection with adequate bandwidth and no network/firewall restrictions.
• You’ll be prompted to create an account and enter your email address. Make sure your email address is spelled correctly, since this will be our primary means of communication with you regarding your candidacy.
• You must complete your application in one sitting, and you will be allowed to submit it only when you have uploaded all needed documents and answered all questions (all questions marked with an asterisk-*- are compulsory).
• To avoid a system timeout, please finish the application within 90 minutes.
• Make sure to provide your entire phone number (country code, city code, and number).
• Please do not use any special characters in any of the application areas (e.g., â->&#â, etc.). Avoid copying and pasting letters or text from Microsoft Word.
• Before submitting your application, please attach the following documents (which are required):

– Curriculum Vitae (CV)

– Statement of Interest

– Proof of Graduate Degree Enrollment

Each file should be no more than 5 MB in size and in one of the following formats:.doc,.docx, or.pdf.

• Please double-check that the filenames of the documents you’re sending don’t contain any special characters like â->&#â, etc. The best files to upload are PDFs.
• You will not be able to make any changes or updates to your application once it has been submitted.
• You will receive an email confirmation with your application number after you submit your application.

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Application Deadline

January 31st, 2022 is the deadline for the World Bank Group Summer Internship Program 2022.

Applicants are expected to submit their application on or before the above-mentioned date.


All applications are saved in a database that hiring managers consult based on business requirements.

Please note that we will not contact candidates unless they have been shortlisted by a hiring manager who is looking to hire an intern.

From February to July (Summer Internship) and November to January (Winter Internship), managers have access to the Internship database (Winter Internship).

We do not have a set number of intern positions available each season. For each season, hiring is solely based on business needs

Visit the application portal using this link

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