Best and Cheap Universities in Canada for International Students 2022

Cheap Universities in Canada for International Students 2022

Do you wish to inquire about the Cheap universities in Canada for international students in 2022? If yes, this guide is for you. Here, I will provide you, with the best update from our research on Cheap universities in Canada.

Nevertheless, If you are interested in studying in Canada as an international student one of the things that you may be most interested in is finding some of the cheapest tuition rates.

Universities in Canada are highly respected worldwide and choosing to study in Canada can actually be a rewarding process.

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With tuition rates that can range from $5000 up to $10,000 in the academic year, choosing the right university could allow you to get essentially a half-price education.

Here is a countdown of some of the cheapest current tuition rates across Canada. Keep in mind that the average cost of living for a Canadian student is usually around $800 per month to cover the cost of food, a room for rent and simple transportation like the bus.

How Much Does it Cost to Study in Canada?

Practically, most of the best schools in the world are often expensive and considering the quality of education they provide, the cost is considerably worth it. Canada has some of the best schools in the world and just like many other countries with the best schools the fees are quite expensive.

Although in Canada the fees are cheaper compared to countries like the U.K. or America and the rest of them it is still a lot. However here is how you can pay for your studies in Canada fast.

The cost to study in Canada will depend on so many factors like the school or university, the course or degree program you have applied for, the state or province where it is located, and directly or indirectly ere you decide to find an apartment.

The amount paid for undergraduate courses differs from that of masters, and doctoral courses, and international students, pay more compared to students who are citizens or permanent residents. Also, the tuition fee paid in Canada is set by individual universities. The public schools are controlled by the Canadian government which makes the fee cheaper compared to the private universities that are owned and controlled by private firms or individuals.

How Much Does it Cost to study in Canada?

When you remove the cost of accommodation and transportation, the average amount of fee an international student is expected to pay is CA$6,463 each year for an undergraduate degree and CA$7,056 every year for a graduate degree (Master’s Degree).

Tuition Cost for Undergraduate Programs

Depending on the course program you have chosen, undergraduate programs can also become very expensive or very cheap for you. The more expensive undergraduate programs are usually Medicine, Engineering, and social science. Although the university you chose will also tell if you will pay even more for them or less.

Average Tuition Fee You Pay For Popular Undergraduate Course Programs

  • Bachelors in Business & Management: 600 – 56,000 CAD/year
  • Bachelors in Computer Science & IT: 2,300 – 55,500 CAD/year
  • Bachelors in Engineering & Technology: 2,000 – 55,000 CAD/year
  • Bachelors in Social Sciences: 1,500 – 56,000 CAD/year
  • Bachelors in Natural Sciences: 2,500 – 53,000 CAD/year

Tuition Cost for Graduate Programs

The tuition fee for the Graduate or master’s program is slightly higher than the undergraduate programs. Your budget can be between 1,200 to 66,000 CAD/year. This is excluding accommodation and other costs of living in Canada.

Average Tuition Fee You Pay For Popular Graduate Course Programs

  • Master’s in Business & Management: 2,150 – 52,700 CAD/year
  • Masters in Computer Science & IT: 2,150 – 52,500 CAD/year
  • Masters in Engineering & Technology: 2,150 – 52,500 CAD/year
  • Masters in Medicine & Health: 2,150 – 58,300 CAD/year
  • Masters in Social Sciences: 2,150 – 37,000 CAD/year

Please note that the fee range shown here is meant to give you an idea of how much you should expect to pay so that you shift your budget accordingly. There are also different ways you can pay to afford all these tuitions abroad and study for almost free in Canada.

The tuition fees are also influenced by the universities. But from research, the most expensive school does not always mean the best school. The fees may be influenced by factors such as the province it is located, the infrastructures in place, and the number of students applying to the school (in some cases). Let’s look at some of the most affordable universities in Canada

Some of the Universities In Canada include the following;

  1. The Memorial University of Newfoundland – tuition fees: 2,150 – 11,460 CAD/year
  2. University of Regina – tuition fees: 1,715 – 20,050 CAD/year
  3. Royal Roads University – tuition fees: 3,750 – 27,600 CAD/year
  4. The University of Saskatchewan – tuition fees: 4,110 – 24,000 CAD/year
  5. Athabasca University – tuition fees: 1,625 – 17,250 CAD/year
  6. Brandon University in Manitoba: Tuition: $7,203 CAD/year
  7. Université de Saint-Boniface in Manitoba: Tuition: $7,482 CAD/year
  8. The University of Guelph in Ontario: Tuition: $9,730 CAD/year
  9. Canadian Mennonite University in Manitoba: Tuition: $10,003 CAD/year

Guidelines to Apply for Full Scholarships in Canada 2022

Guidelines to Apply for Full Scholarships

Conduct thorough research

Students interested in full college scholarships should commit time to thorough research. Doing this may help them identify available scholarships, thereby preventing them from missing out on full scholarships.

Scholarships do have closing dates which interested applicants are expected to be aware of. If you don’t take your time to exhaustively research scholarships, you’re unlikely to get detailed information about the full scholarships best suited for you.

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While conducting your research, endeavour to peruse popular scholarship sites. In the end, make sure you’re only considering the full scholarships that are well tailored to applicants from your region/country and with your sorts of academic credentials.

Find out if you are qualified for specific scholarships

Eligibility is definitely one of the areas you have to consider in the early phase of your scholarship hunt. You must note that it is not all scholarships that specify flexible requirements for intending applicants.

Through your earlier thorough research, you’re very likely to come across the scholarships that fit you best. But you must do well to know if you meet up with the scholarships’ underlying requirements. Deep research about specific scholarships will help you figure out if you’re actually on a par with the requirements.

Know where to find full scholarships

Full scholarships are not so easy to come by since they appear much more beneficial than the common general scholarships. The competition for full scholarships is stiff but this can’t rub out the fact that if you tread the right path, you can get a full scholarship for your college education.

There are several avenues where you can find full scholarships but for the most part, the website of your preferred college/university should be your first destination. It’s very possible that your preferred college does offer financial aids –in form of full scholarships –to students applying for your field of study or to applicants from your country of residence.

Keep a list of your desired scholarships

After thorough research about the scholarships you’re qualified for, it is sacrosanct that you organize whatever scholarships you’ve decided to apply for. By carefully organizing your desired scholarships, odds are that you’ll find it a lot easy to monitor each of these scholarships and identify your level of progress with them.

Ensure you create and keep a list of all your desired scholarships. You’ll have to update this list so that you can easily weigh your probability of making success with any or some of the scholarships. It is also good that you prioritize the scholarships in such a way that the full scholarships are considered more important than the others.

If you’re really keen to commit more effort to the organization of these scholarships, you may want to keep a folder that spells out all of your preferred scholarships along with essential information about them.

Familiarize yourself with all the application instructions

To really prepare the ground for a successful full-ride scholarship application, you will have to do more than ascertaining that you’re eligible for the scholarship. Failure to comply with some application instructions may turn out to be an applicant’s worst undoing.

For every scholarship that you intend to apply for, there are specific application instructions to follow. By failing to thoroughly read a scholarship’s application instructions, applicants may end up ruining their chances of application success.

Do not assume that two different scholarships will have the same application instructions. Take your time to acquaint yourself with all the instructions attached to whatever scholarship you’re applying for.

Ensure you don’t leave out any of the requisite application details

The screening panel for your preferred scholarship might not hesitate to disqualify your application if they observe that you’ve left out some important application details.

If certain application details aren’t mandatory, the screening panel will likely tag them optional. You must be careful not to omit any of the details specifically demanded in the scholarship application.

By keeping to the point made earlier about familiarizing yourself with application instructions, you can save yourself the disaster of leaving out important application details. Always bear in mind that there are dozens of applicants for whatever full scholarship you’re applying for and in order to trim down the number of applicants, the screening panel may not hesitate to disqualify erroneous applications.

Avoid providing incorrect information

Your name, country of origin, residential address and any other required personal details should be correctly filled into your scholarship application form. If you end up providing inaccurate information, the processing of your application is very likely to be delayed.

Try to confirm and re-confirm whatever information you’re filling into your application form. If the information you provided appears incorrect, probably with several misspelt words, your application might look informal to the screening panel.

Make your application presentable

Poor wording, inaccurate spellings and incomprehensible terms are just some of the things that can render your scholarship application unprofessional.

If your scholarship application is fraught with incoherent terms and inaccurate spellings, you will not seem to have submitted a presentable application. To make your scholarship application presentable, it is recommended that you regard it in the (official) manner you’d normally handle your job application.

If you aren’t pretty confident about your editing or proofreading skill, you can have your application edited or proofread by others. Do not shy away from seeking a friend’s or relative’s assistance in the structuring of your scholarship application.

Also, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek help in filling out your application form. There’s no need to stress that a presentable application will help make a great first impression about you.

Submit an excellent and standard scholarship essay or cover letter

Submitting a poorly written scholarship essay is undisputedly one of the things that can mar the quality of your scholarship application.

Contrarily, one way you can rev up the quality of your application is to attach an “excellent” scholarship essay or cover letter to the application. By “excellent”, the essay or cover letter should measure up to great standards in terms of formatting, grammar, spelling, intro, theme, etc.

Rather than dangle unnecessarily between issues, your scholarship essay should have a well-defined theme (main focus). Re-reading, editing, proofreading and other essential post-writing steps should be considered for the letter. Before submission, you may get others to help assess the quality of the letter with special emphasis on the intro, the grammar, punctuation and wording.

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Let your outstanding qualities reflect in your application

More often than not, scholarship providers want to be convinced that applicants possess outstanding qualities –or have engaged in extracurricular activities –that command value.

If you really want to distinguish yourself from the crowd, you need to prove that you possess excellent personal or academic qualities. For instance, you can leverage your leadership qualities as well as your past engagement in a community cause for winning over the interest of scholarship providers. If your recommendation letters reveal that you possess outstanding leadership/academic qualities (or volunteered for several valuable community projects in the past), you stand a high chance of being considered by scholarship providers.

When preparing your scholarship application, endeavour to highlight your outstanding qualities as well as the extracurricular activities you engage in or have engaged in. The competition for full-ride scholarships is very stiff and so, any applicant who is keen to beat the crowd shouldn’t ignore revealing their outstanding qualities.

Ensure you submit before the application deadline elapses

A scholarship aspirant can miss the application deadline for several reasons. Irrespective of your reason, failure to submit your scholarship application within the deadline can cost you the scholarship opportunity. Scholarship providers barely take late applications into consideration.

To avoid missing the deadline, stay updated about your desired scholarships. Keep accurate information about each of the scholarships so that you don’t mistake the deadline of one (scholarship) for that of another.

Provide referees if required

Referees are usually required while applying for some scholarships. If your desired full scholarship requests that you provide referees, ensure you inform the preferred persons beforehand.

On the one hand, you should select the appropriate persons for the position of referees and on the other hand, you should tell them what you want them to make as a reference about you. Don’t forget to tell them the kinds of skills, abilities or competencies that you want them to include in the reference.

1. Brandon University

➛ Brandon University Tuition Fee

➛ Application Link

➛ Brandon University was established in 1889 and is one of the cheapest Canadian universities with low tuition fees in arts, science, education, music, and nursing.

There are 3,000 undergraduate students currently attending Brandon University, and you can become one too!

2. Canadian Mennonite University

➛ Canadian Mennonite University Tuition Link

➛ Application Link

➛ This university is a relatively young university that was founded in 1999. It was established by merging three different universities to make a bigger university.

It offers strong programs in MBA, business, fine arts, and theology. It also has various athletic programs such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

Canadian Mennonite University is on the list of cheapest Canadian universities and colleges for undergraduate and Master’s programs.

3. Dominican University College

➛ Dominican University College Tuition Link

➛ Application Link

➛ This excellent cheap college in Canada is a Catholic institution located in Ontario. It was formed in 1900 and has an affiliation with Carleton University.

It offers affordable undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD degrees. Its strong academic areas are philosophy, history, and theology.

4. Memorial University of Newfoundland

➛ Undergraduate Tuition

➛ Graduate Tuition

➛ Application Link

➛ Memorial University of Newfoundland is a relatively easier Canadian university to be admitted because its admission rate of 66.8% admission rate.

Also, this university is popular especially to international students because it is a cheap university in Canada. Its medicine, education, and geology departments are one of the best in Canada, so students interested in these fields should definitely apply.

5. Simon Fraser Universit

➛ Tuition

➛ Application Link

➛ Simon Fraser University is a huge institution located in British Columbia Canada. It has many different campuses such as the one in Vancouver other than the main campus.

Although it is often shadowed by the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University is still an excellent Canadian university that has a strong curriculum.

6. University of Prince Edward Island

➛ Tuition Link

➛ Application Link

➛ University of Prince Edward Island is one of the cheapest universities in Canada for international students. Its campus is beautiful and has around 130 acres of land.

Students attending this university can study in various departments including veterinary medicine, chemistry, and physics.

7. University of Winnipeg

➛ Undergraduate Tuition Link

➛ Graduate Tuition Link

➛ Application Link

➛ The University of Winnipeg is a Canadian university with low tuition fees for international students and is home to approximately 10,000 students.

Its focus is on undergraduate students, and it has received good rankings in undergraduate education because of its focus. Also, it offers this superb education to both domestic and international students for affordable tuition fees.

8. University of New Brunswick

➛ Undergraduate Tuition

➛ Graduate Tuition➛ Application Link

➛ University of New Brunswick is a fabulous institution in Canada. It has a strong curriculum in a variety of subjects including science, engineering, nursing, and medicine.

Prospective students should take a look at the University of New Brunswick and what the university has to offer.

9. University of St. Paul

➛ Tuition Link

➛ Application Link

➛ This university is located in Ottawa, Canada. Similar to the Ottawa University that is located in the same city, University of St. Paul offers education in both French and in English.

So, students who are more familiar with French can still receive fabulous education in Canada by attending these bilingual universities.

10. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

➛ Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Tuition Link

➛ Application Link

➛ This fabulous university is located in Calgary and is a public university which was established in 1916. It has fabulous academic programs in the field of technology and automation.

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Since it is a public university, international students can attend this Canadian university by paying relatively cheap tuition for undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD programs.

11. Mount Royal University

➛ Undergraduate Tuition

➛ Application Link

➛ Mount Royal University was formed in 1910 and is one of the best public universities in Calgary, Alberta. It started as a junior college that transferred students to the University of Calgary, but it became a full-fledged university when it grew exponentially.

Now, it has over 20,000 students who are studying in various academic fields such as aviation and nursing.

12. King’s University

➛ Undergraduate Tuition Link

➛ Application Link

➛ This university is a Christian university that was formed in 1979. It currently has 750 students who are taught by 120 academic staff.

This small environment really helps students to learn closely from the professors, giving them an edge. Some schools have hundreds of students in a big lecture hall, but King’s University has small classes.

13. University of Manitoba

➛ Undergraduate

➛ Graduate 

➛ Application Link

➛ The University of Manitoba was established in 1877 as a public university. Since its establishment, it has grown exponentially.

Now, it is 17th largest university in Canada and the largest in its province. Its student body is around 30,000 and is composed of many intelligent people

14. Cape Breton University

➛ Undergraduate Tuition

➛ Graduate Tuition

➛ Application Link

➛ Cape Breton University is known to have a cheap MBA program in Canada. This university is currently located in Nova Scotia with other excellent universities in the area.

It has a beautiful campus, and its surroundings are very pretty. They have millions of dollars in endowments which they spend in improving their curriculum and facilities for its students.

15. Athabasca University

➛ Undergraduate Tuition Links

➛ Graduate Tuition Links

➛ Application Link

➛ Athabasca University’s specialty is online distance learning. The university was one of the first Canadian universities to implement this, and it was successful.

Students in Canada and from around the world can take classes online and get a degree from this fabulous institution.

16. Acadia Universiy

➛ Undergraduate Tuition Links

➛ Graduate Tuition Links 

➛ Application Link

➛ Although there are graduate programs, Arcadia University focuses on undergraduate studies primarily. There are some Master’s programs and one doctorate program that are provided by the university.

Arcadia University’s total enrollment is around 4,000, so it is a medium-sized Canadian university.

17. Dalhousie University

➛ Tuition Link

➛ Application Link

➛ Dalhousie University University is another famous Canadian university. This public research university is located in Nova Scotia.

It provides great research programs to its students so that these students might be prepared for the future. Also, Dalhousie University is ranked approximately 300th university globally.

Compared to other universities in US or UK that are ranked around the same, it provides its undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD degrees for cheap tuition.

18. University of Saskatchewan

➛ Undergraduate Link

➛ Graduate Link 

➛ Application Link

➛ University of Saskatchewan has a high acceptance rate of approximately 70%. This high acceptance rate is good news for international students who wish to study in Canada because it is easier to be accepted to this excellent university.

Also, international students can take advantage of the fact that the University of Saskatchewan is a cheap Canadian university with great academics.

19. Concordia University

➛ Tuition

➛ Application Link

➛ Concordia University has around 45,000 students in its campuses and is one of the biggest Canadian universities. Also, it has a cheap MBA program in Canada, and its MBA program is one of the best.

Also, there are hundreds of thousands of alumni that are successful in different fields which would help future alumni to be successful as well.

20. University of Alberta

➛ Undergraduate

➛ Graduate

➛ Application Link for Undergraduate

➛ Application Link for Graduate

➛ The University of Alberta was established by two men whose names are Rutherford and Tory. These men were influential in establishing other universities in Canada.

It’s the huge endowment of 1.2 billion dollars that helps the university to operate and also lower the tuition. It has some departments that are ranked in the top 100 programs in the world.

21. McMaster University

➛ Undergraduate Tuition

➛ Graduate Tuition

➛ Application Link

➛ McMaster University is a renowned university in many academic fields such as engineering, MBA, nursing, humanities, and arts.

It is a historic university and was formed in 18887. It has a great curriculum and constantly ranks in the top 100 universities in the world.

Also, compared to other universities in its level such as UPenn or Northwestern in USA, it provides cheap MBA and Master’s degrees in Canada.

22. University of Ottowa

➛ Tuition

➛ The application Link

➛ The University of Ottowa is a large public university located in Ottawa, Ontario. It provides lectures in both English and in French making it one of the largest bilingual universities in the world.

It is also a prestigious member of U15, which is a group of Canadian Universities that has been acknowledged for their research efforts.

Currently, there are 35,000 undergraduates and 5,000 graduate students that are studying at this fabulous university.

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