The Nigerian tech space is endowed with a great deal of software companies which proffer effective and sustainable solutions to clients’ problems.

Particularly, these companies have assisted diverse clients –including startups and multinationals –in creating solutions that fill voids, push up brand growth and promote overall business success.

Reliable statistics show that the products of software companies –such as mobile apps and web-based apps –are vastly used across industries for fast-tracking activities and for serving customers’ needs in the best capacity.

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With Lagos being Nigeria’s leading tech hub, it isn’t surprising that the city boasts a substantial number of software companies delivering services to both local and international clients. If you’re a Nigerian businessperson willing to digitize certain aspects of service delivery, you may want to engage the service of a software company that will build just the perfect tool you need.

Frankly, Lagos is home to a reasonable percentage of the Nigerian software companies you can bank on for your business’ software needs. To ease your access to information about such companies, we’ve come up with a well-researched list of the top 10 software companies in Lagos.

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CMARIX is a software company that offers a broad range of software development services to clients in a vast number of industries including media, e-commerce, healthcare, education, security, finance, sports, etc.

CMARIX’s clientele is widely dispersed across the globe and the software company claims to have rendered its services to enterprises, SMEs and Fortune 500 Companies worldwide.

While CMARIX largely offers client-tailored software development services, the company strongly believes in helping companies build amazing software from the scratch. The experts at CMARIX pride on their ability to harmonize clients’ challenges and create fully functional software that will serve the clients’ needs.

Some of CMARIX’s services include product auditing, startup consulting, product development and IT consulting service. The software company has branches in several countries including Nigeria. Its Nigerian branch is located in Ikoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria.


Aitechma is a Nigeria-based software company with the strong focus of helping clients develop customized software that suit their business needs. The company prides on its ability to create mobile, web-based and desktop apps.

Aitechma bills itself as one of Africa’s most reliable players in the IT space, courtesy of its software development services tailored towards promoting clients’ businesses. While the company delivers its services to 150+ companies, its services cut across mobile app development, UI/UX design, website design and web app development.

Incredibly, Aitechma distinguishes itself as a tech company that leverages state-of-the-art methodology and technologies in creating products that guarantee clients the desired experience. Most importantly, Aitechma operates with the objective of helping clients achieve impressive business growth within relatively short periods.


Tagdev is a software company that delivers performance-centred technological solutions to clients. At the time this post was written, the software company had successfully served 130 clients and completed a total of 30 projects.

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Aside from its basic technical responsibility, Tagdev commits ample effort to the area of business development. This is to ensure clients derive satisfaction not only from the technical work on their products but also in developing their businesses.

Tagdev sets up campaigns that specifically suit the preferences/needs of various clients. With its services transcending technology solutions and digital marketing, Tagdev believes it has got the ability to help clients grow their digital businesses as well as fuel brand growth.

Basically, some of Tagdev’s notable services include software development, brand consultancy and brand development, and online marketing solutions.


Intelia is a software company capable of developing software for a broad range of clients. The company claims to have delivered its services to differing clients, courtesy of its ability to build bespoke products.

Intelia boasts a large clientele widely dispersed in several countries namely United Kingdom, United States, Nigeria, Germany and Canada. While Intelia happens to have served varying clients over the past decade, the software company rests on the shoulders of its innovative and excellent data scientists, thinkers, strategists and engineers. Courtesy of the latter team of innovative experts, Intelia tends to live up to its promise of delivering de-risked software solutions to clients. Above all, Intelia is distinguished for its adoption of a paradigm tailored towards delivering software solutions which not only empower clients but also boost their chances of business success.

In Nigeria, Intelia’s branch is located at 2A Adewole Kuku Street, Off Fola Osibo, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State.


Sprinble is a tech company that caters to the software needs of clients ranging from startups to multinational companies. The software company parades itself as a “software development and design agency” which renders its services to businesses, market leaders and innovators.

By and large, Sprinble is a multifaceted software company with its core areas of service coverage being digital marketing, software design and engineering. In the area of design, the company offers such services as User Experience Design, User Interface Design and Branding.

As regards digital marketing, Sprinble assists its wide-ranging clients with email marketing, PPC advertising, digital strategy, SEO and social media marketing. Shifting the spotlight to Sprinble’s engineering facet, the software company offers several services including Desktop App Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development, Network & Security, Data Centre Transformation and DevOps & Infrastructure Setup.

6.Weevil Company

Weevil Company is a software company with a good deal of experts who help its clients handle their data-related challenges. Specifically, the company renders services which traverse data analytics, BI solutions and data science.

While Weevil Company addresses the growth needs of futuristic companies, it leverages the expertise of its team –domain experts, software engineers, business analysts, data scientists and big data developers –for proffering smart solutions to clients’ problems.

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As part of its service rendering, Weevil Company expertly handles big data analytics and visualization so as to enhance the decision-making processes of its specialized clients, particularly enterprise companies. Essentially, some of the company’s other services include information security, hardware infrastructure, data analytics and software & product development.

Being a top-notch giant in data science and big data analytics, Weevil Company renders its services to a broad range of clients particularly including organizations, business leaders and the government. The software company believes that through its analytics service, the government will be in a firm position to make smart decisions and expedite economic improvement.

7.Articulate Technologies Concept

This software company is a distinguished player in the Nigerian IT industry. Founded in 2009, Articulate Technologies Concept holds more than a thousand employees and delivers software services to over 200 customers.

The Lagos-based tech outfit touts itself as a fast-rising software development company that has rendered services to diverse clients. While its service coverage transcends various industries, Articulate Technologies Concept prides on its near-comprehensive service package which incorporates mobile app development, software development, IT consulting, enterprise app development, digital marketing and e-commerce development.

Besides being a go-to company for ICT-related services, Articulate Technologies Concept further serves as a ground for equipping individuals with ICT proficiency. Over its years of operation, the company has successfully trained more than 3000 students.

Articulate Technologies Concept is strongly committed to the delivery of its vast ICT services on a professional scale. This is why the software company has equipped itself with the requisites –personnel, skillset and resources –needed for the delivery of top-quality services that align with market needs and trends. Some of the company’s other services include portal development, ERP solution, hardware and connectivity solution, CRM solutions, web design and hosting.

8.Viratec Nigeria Limited

Viratec Nigeria Limited is a software company founded in 2014. The Lagos-based software development company synergizes with globally acclaimed partners in proffering excellent software solutions.

Generally, Viratec specializes in proffering mobile payment solutions as well as addressing the software/app development needs of the Nigerian market. To make Nigeria experience the latest technological trends, the software company partners with globally acclaimed experts in the niche of software development.

Most importantly, Viratec is poised to make the Nigerian payment space experience efficient, cost-effective, timely and innovative solutions. Predictably, this explains why Viratec labels itself a “payment solutions company”.


Enyata is a tech outfit with a handful of expert product managers, data scientists, designers and engineers. With focus on clients across industries, Enyata proffers sustainable and innovative solutions to the problems of its clientele.

As crucial parts of its service rendering, Enyata handles product planning, product design, product development, and quality assurance. Building its values around trust, excellence and integrity, Enyata is committed to developing the technology ecosystem of Africa.

Enyata believes that riding on the strength of its high-minded engineers, clients can get their projects completed very quickly. Therefore, the Lagos-based software company adopts a swift methodology in the delivery of foolproof solutions. Notably, Enyata has delivered solutions to a number of industries including –but not limited to –e-commerce and healthcare.

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10.QUICKPROX Company

QUICKPROX is a software company endowed with a good deal of experts who collectively contribute to the company’s delivery of cloud-based data-driven solutions.

QUICKPROX attributes its harmonious work environment to the team spirit and collectiveness demonstrated by its team of experts including programmers, web developers, project managers, researchers, analysts and graphic designers.

According to the information on its website, QUICKPROX satisfies the needs of its clientele through the provision of reliable tools and solutions. Courtesy of its sophisticated mode of operation, QUICKPROX has successfully built cloud-based web applications coupled with comprehensive data-driven solutions in a relatively short period.

QUICKPROX believes that through its solution packages, clients will stand high chances of pushing up brand growth and achieving overall business growth very quickly. Besides helping clients build cloud-based web applications from the scratch, QUICKPROX further fixes websites which do not seem to be in good condition.

In the area of customer support, QUICKPROX also scores itself remarkably for having established an always-responsive support service. While the software company prioritizes the provision of in-time solutions to customers’ software problems, it also adopts the latest technologies out there for service delivery.

Therefore, the experts at QUICKPROX are well-grounded in a decent number of technologies including –but not limited to –Python, Ruby, PHP, HTML 5 and CSS 3, MySQL, Java, C++, VB, JavaScript, Servlets and JSP.


Based on our research, we are convinced that all the software companies in this post hold tremendous portfolios for themselves. While we’ve listed the companies in no particular order, we are hopeful that you’ll have an amazing experience with anyone of them.

Furthermore, we don’t seem to have provided an exhaustive list about the software companies in Lagos. While there are many other software-centric companies in the tech city, we’ve only come up with randomly selected companies. But if you’re keen to select only a Lagos-based software company, we strongly believe that you’ll make success with some, if not all, of the listed software companies.

Here comes the full list of the top software companies in Lagos, in no particular order.

  1. 1.CMARIX
  2. .Aitechma
  4. Intelia
  5. Sprinble
  6. Weevil Company
  7. Articulate Technologies Concept
  8. Viratec Nigeria
  9. Enyata

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