How to Call Nigeria From USA for free (Mobile apps)

How To Call Nigeria From Usa For Free

If you have heard a lot about Nigeria and planning on visiting the country anytime soon,  then you need to need to make some phone calls to make arrangements for your visit, such as calling hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, bookings, etc.

On the other hand, maybe you are just looking for an alternative means of calling friends and families in Nigeria at a very cheap rate from the USA then you have landed on the right page.

I’ll be showing your various platforms and ways to reduce the cost you incur on calling Nigeria from the USA, there are solutions from cheap call rate providers like Toolani to free mobile software and communication apps you can use to call anyone in Nigeria for Free.

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Let’s Explore!

Cheapest Call Rate to Nigeria

First thing first, you need to know the country dialing code which is 234 and if you’re calling from the United States, you will also need to know the outbound dialing code for getting an International line from a landline which is 01, then 234, in this manner, you dial zero one, then two three four, then I would have the phone number follow.

So again the country code for Nigeria is 234, but I wouldn’t really recommend calling Nigeria directly with your phone company in the USA, simply because of high rate calling charges, they charge you a lot of money if you want to call a phone number in Nigeria.


Making cheap calls to Nigeria is important because of the high call rate if you don’t choose your call provider carefully, one of the super solutions for calling Nigeria from the USA is Toolani.

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Toolani helps you to make extremely pocket-friendly calls that don’t mar your bank account. They have a landline facility also for mobile and you will not need to switch your contract.

This is how it works: they give you a dedicated landline number that you need to call and that redirects/connect to the international number you want to call.

To get started using Toolani you need to signup on their website and you account will be registered, you are allowed to make a test call to Nigeria after your registration so you are able to see how much really you can save calling Nigeria from the USA.

The test account is absolutely free of cost. Once you have made up your mind to start using Toolani to call Nigeria, they will give you 20% extra credit on your first top-up.

They are able to bring you a lot of saving in international call rates owing to their decade of experience in offering international telephony services.

They have helped over 380,000 customers to save a lot of rates of calling international numbers, they break the bulk in international calling time and that way they are able to shuffle back to the customers a lot of savings in the cost of international calls.

Cheapest Apps to Call Nigeria

The emergence of technology has changed things from what it used to be during the time when the whole town depends on one immobile land telephone located in the middle of the city to make calls and operate by NITEL.

In 2021 there are high-end smartphones both Android and iOS powered smartphones that can be used to make free calls on both platforms in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We have handpicked some of the PC and mobile apps that you can use to call Nigeria from the USA and other parts of the world at almost free expending your cost of data/Internet only.

Mobile Apps to Make Free International Calls

So the next best method, I’d recommend is using mobile or PC apps to initiate your calls.



Skype helps you can make free low-cost video calls. If you want to call your friends computer you can also use a few programs that will let you call for free. You can chat, video call and make voice calls for free to other users m.on the Skype, you can as well pay a nominal fee to call other users that are not readily available on Skype.


if you’re on a Mac you can use FaceTime which is now available on Mac PC and mobile. So, if you’re on a Mac and your friend is on a Mac then you can both use FaceTime either on an iPhone or any other Mac enabled device as long as you both have Wi-Fi or an internet connection.


WhatsApp Messenger is owned by Facebook, Inc and it is a cross-platform Voice over IP and messaging communication software.

WhatsApp is the biggest social media application in the world with billions of users, so there are chances that the person you are about to call in Nigeria is already on WhatsApp, which has a smart voice call and video calling luxury.

Users can send text, share prerecorded voice messages, send images, documents and lots more.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the best mobile apps to make cheap and free phone calls, these days everyone is on Facebook, so you can make use of the Facebook app to make both video and phone calls to other Facebook users for Free. Calling is easy and can be done on the mobile app or PC app.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangout is a mobile app from Google made to serve as an alternative to skype. You can chat, video chat, call people for free who are also on Google and have the Hangout app installed on their mobile. It is a solid platform and all you need to have to use it is your Google account.

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KaKao Talk

Kakao Talk or Katalk is a free mobile instant message software for smartphones and PCs, it is made available by Kakao Corporation and it has free text and free call features. The software is popular outside of North America, Katalk is a cross-platform app can be used to make group and individual calls.


Another popular call and communication software is Line with over 400 million users across the globe, you can call other users already using the app for free, you can as well make calls to users no on the app at a rate.

Viber Messenger

Viber is yet another well known messaging platform with more than 200 million users, the app is fairly simple to use and it is available on mobile and PC, make free calls and chat other Viber users and has well come with group messaging features.

Google Voice

If you want to have the best calling experience on your android mobile phones, you can turn to Google voice, it is another app that is made available by the tech giant, it connects with your Google account and allows you to make free voice calls, you can use it to make traditional calls.

Google Duo

Google Duo is Google’s solid Android app made to compete with facetime on iOS for video and voice calls.

We hope you are able to uncover How to call Nigeria from USA for free using the various solutions we have proferred on this page, if you have any better solutions, or perhaps have a concern, you are welcome to use or conversation section below the fold.


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