Top 10 Best Smartwatches You Must Have in 2020

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best smart watches to get in 2020 From GEAR-BEST- TECHCRUDE

Are you searching for  the Best Smartwatches to buy in 2020? Smartwatches really come in handy to keep tracks of your daily activities and your fitness especially health Gadgets. You can do a lot more with smart watches without having to use your phone. Here is a list of top 10 best smartwatches you can get today.
P.S; the list are in no particular order .

  1. Apple Watch 5

the apple smartwatch series 5
photo credit: Apple

This is apples latest series of best smartwatches, with lots of feature to help you enjoy your phone better. The apple watch series 5 has a display that never sleeps; it can be easily customized to what you desire your watch to be. This device contains apps that help keep track of your health, indicate when a place is too noisy, and helps you keep tabs on your cycle. This watch allows you stream all your favorite music and it is great at indicating directions. This smart watch is a must have.

  1. Samsung galaxy Smartwatches

samsung smartwatch

The Samsung galaxy watch is a top best smart watch with a new definition of authenticity. This watch is easy to customize, you either go with the 42mm black/rose gold or the 46mm silver. It has a screen that’s always on which allows the display to show all the time and you can have access to the time always. This Samsung watch keeps you connected all day long; it gives you easy access to your calls and messages when connected to your phone, it helps keeps tracks of your physical fitness and keeps your daily activities in check.

  1. Fossil Gen 5

fossil gen5
fossil gen 5
photo credit- Amazon

The fossil gen 5 is a top best smartwatches that offers you intriguing features. It talks to you about your weather, reminds you of the days activities, allows quick pay faster, you can get help from Google assistant, Google fit and many more. The fossil gen 5 has a smart battery mod that extends your battery life for multiple days and allows you download your favorite apps and music.

  1. Samsung galaxy Watch active 2

samsung galaxy watch active 2
Samsung galaxy watch active 2

The Samsung galaxy smartwatches active 2 comes in a new customizable screen and has a new look. It is a top best smart watch; it keeps you fully connected with your phone and gives you proper insight on your health inside out, tracking your heart rate. This watch keeps you reminded of your daily activities, meetings, and fitness activities.

  1. Apple Watch 4

apple series 4
Apple watch series 4

The apple watch series 4 gives you unlimited access to your phones apps and functions without even using your phone. It is a top best device and it comes really handy with so many great features. It allows you stay fully connected with your phone, view notifications at a glance, and keeps track of your heartbeat, gives you access to quick pay with ease. The apple series 4 comes with an in-built GPS that helps you navigate, get information about distance and routes without making use of your smart phone.

  1. Mobvoi Ticwatch pro

mobvic ticwatch pro

This smartwatch device is one of the best smart watches  in the markets today. It has good battery life and display performance that keeps you in control.  the apple watch is currently powered by wear OS by Google and improved Google fitness with a beautiful AMOLED display. Obviously made of Italian leather on the outward side and silicone layer on the inward side, it is waterproof and comfortable.

  1. Huawei watch GT 2
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Huawei smartwatch GT 2

Explore more with the newly improved Huawie smart watch with amazing long lasting battery life that serves you day and night. The huawei watch GT 2 helps keeps tracks of your fitness, keeps 24/7 records of your heart rate and sporting activities with its smart sport modes.

  1. Apple Watch 3

Apple series 3
Photo credit-Amazon

The apple watch series 3 is also a top best smart watch to stay active, healthy and fully connected to your phone. This apple series 3 helps you put your health first. It monitors your health and tracks your workout. It gives you all the motivation you need to achieve your fitness goal and take high intensity interval training and other workout like yoga, swimming and cycling. With the apple series 3, you can take calls and send messages using siri. You can also stream your favorite songs without using your phone.

  1. Fitbit versa 2

fitbit verse 2

The fitbit versa 2 is an incredibly efficient smart watch that elevates your day. It provides premium health and fitness with the in-built Amazon Alexa, 24/7 heart rate tracking and new sleep tools. It has an always-on display screen that allows you view your activities with just a glance at the screen. With this fitbit smart watch, you can download all your favorite apps and music.

  1. Fitbit Ionic

photo credit-amazon

The fitbit Ionic smart watch helps you take your performance to the next level. It is a GPS smart watch that features 24/7 heart rate tracking, health insight and tracks your fitness. You can get all you want with is smart watch, download your favorite songs and applications and it has in-built Adidas workouts training and its waterproof with swimming sport bands.
It has a good battery life of up to 5 days and it is very comfortable and durable.

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