After writting my review on AmLactin Alpha Hydroxy Moisturizing Body Lotion, i came across a Facebook page with the brand name “Half Caste Whitening Cream”, so i decided to take a look at the page Content, i discovered it was all about a product brand called Nano half caste whitening cream. I took my time to go through the page’s Comment, and i realized that the commentors are giving good reviews about the product.

Normally i don’t put any interest regarding to half caste whitening cream Products, this is because majority of these skincare products aren’t so effective as it claims and making things worse some of these self proclaimed all natural half caste whitening creams Contains hazardous and toxic Ingredients which can turn your skin tone white overnight, and in return damage your skintone. You can read:  skincare Ingredients used in some skincare products you should never use on your skin.

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With the huge number of good reviews by the users in the Facebook page, prompted me to give this lotion a try. I visited a reputable beauty shop and bought the lotion.

At first i was very nervous and scared to put the lotion on my skin, but no pain no gain right? Lol.

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After my shower, i dried my skin with a clean towel, i applied a small layer of the lotion on my moist face. And i went to bed. The next morning, i ran to the mirror to check out my face, and i noticed alittle brightening, at first i was happy because there was no bad reactions on my face. So i decided to keep using the lotion, this is my first week using the Nano half-caste whitening lotion and i can testify the lotion does what it says.

It Smoothened brightened and glowed my skin, making my skin so soft and supple. Though it says “Half-Caste Whitening Cream”, but it really did not give me a half-caste skintone, because Naturally my skintone is light chocolate, but i think it all depends on skin types. The good thing about this lotion is, it never gave me dark knuckles, and dark knees for the past one week i have been using it. No rashes, no pimples, no discolorations and no negative skin reactions. It’s all natural and smells natural too.

I’m not sure this Lotion is going to give you an half-caste skintone as it’s says. This is because it never changed my skin colour to that of an half-caste, but maybe with continues usage and regular Exfoliation, this results will be achieved. But the lotion will surely lighten and smoothen your skin Naturally without any side effects, you’re certainly going to see results after one week of usage.

Product Description.

Nano Half-Caste Whitening Body Lotion With Natural Papaya, Carrot Extracts & Kojic acid is produced using one of the finest natural ingredients making it a first choice for all skin yearning for that extra glow. Enriched with Beta Carotene and Mulberry extract, a skin friendly nutrient, Vitamin CVitamin A and antioxidants that prevents signs of aging and provides that extra glow.
The major whitening ingredients are plant based extracts that are gentle on the skin, so there is no need for fear of harsh chemical reaction. With gradual use, it gently improves the skins texture and tone, resulting to Half-Caste whitening effects.

Product Active Ingredients.

Papaya, and Carrot Extracts, Kojic Acid, Mulberry extracts, Beta carotene Vitamin C and A.

Key Features Details
  • Prevents signs of aging.
  • Provides extra skin glow.
  • Improves skin texture and tone.
  • Contains plant based extracts.
  • Gentle on the skin.
  • No harsh reactions.
Product Specifications

Production country: Philippines

Product Colour: Yellow

Skin Type: All Skin Types

Weight (kg): 0.25

Price: 2,299 $6.39 (price may vary due to location differences)

Where Can I Get This Product?

You can get this product in a reputable shopping mall, or beauty shop, it’s not a scarce commodity, so it’s not going to be difficult to find. You can also order from Jumia or Konga.

My Rating

I rate Product 10/10.


It’s advised you use sunscreen before stepping out under the sun, and always remember to exfoliate your skin atleast twice a week get rid of the dead skin cells and to enhance better penetration of your skincare products.

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