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Welcome to the Biography page of Khoudia Diop. You will find amazing and interesting facts about the model, get an insight on her Age, modeling career, net worth, wiki, salaries, earnings, endorsement and contracts, awards and nominations and why she calls herself “Melanin Goddess”.

Khoudia Diop net worth: $3 Million

To start with, Who is Khoudia Diop?

Khoudia Diop is a prolific actress and model from Senegal.

What is Khoudia Diop’s Age?

According to her Wikipedia page, Khoudia was born on 31 December 1996 meaning she will be 23 years old by December 2019.

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Where is Khoudia Diop From?

Khoudia Diop is one of the most popular models from West Africa, Senegal precisely.

Where does Khoudia Diop Live?

The actress resides in New York City, New York, USA with her family

Straight Facts about Khoudia Diop

  • She is 5 ft 8 in tall. (1.73 m)
  • Her hair and eye Color is also Black, little wonder this strikingly dark model calls herself Melanin Goddess and that is something she is proud of.
  • Diop suffered satirization because of her extremely dark skin tone which she is proud of today
  • Diop was forced when she was young to use skin toning products at home because they thought her dark skin is terrifying.

Khoudia Diop Biography and Life Story

This is where the story of Khoudia Diop started from, a young woman with a passion and trailing dream to become a professional model, which, in itself, is almost impossible to achieve being black, coupled with two extra layers of difficulty in her story.

Firstly, Khoudia hails from Senegal, a country where women suffer endless inequalities with respect to men: secondly, this young model has a spectacular and unique dark skin tone, amazingly different from her compatriots, at some point that was like a curse on her.

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Childhood for Khoudia is near hell. As a child, she was faced with mockery and jesting from stalkers for her spectacular skin tone and people laugh at her dream of becoming a top model.

Diop was recommended a practice that is unfortunately very widespread in aspiring color models around the world: the use of abrasive toning creams to get a few more shades of lightness in the skin and thus boost chances of getting hired as Models. Practice that our protagonist rejected.

In a recent interview, She disclosed that

“They made fun of me in my youth, I always faced the bullies, but now, I’ve learned to love myself more every day and not pay attention to negative people,”

Khoundia made up her mind to follow her dreams a couple of years ago when she was just 17 now she is almost 23 and she never regrets it for once.

After her first steps in the world, an association called Colored Campaign required their services to promote their message, which is none other than the acceptance of all shades skin and its normalization not only on the catwalks but in all areas of life.

Thanks to this campaign, the model has managed to rise to fame and already has almost 600,000 followers in her Instagram account, from which she sends powerful messages about equality.

“If you are lucky to be different, never change”

would be the summary of her philosophy.

The Melanin Goddess as she usually calls herself is beginning to append her signatures to collaborations with the most important fashion firms in the modeling industry, and staging stardom in an Olympus where normally only white-skinned models are adored. Little by little the world of the catwalks is opening up to another class of models.

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Melanin Goddess in a nutshell;

Khoudia Diop is one of the most well-received dark models from Africa. She referred to herself severally on media and interviews as the Melanin Goddess and some also refer to her as a Dark doll.

She moved out of her home country to Paris, France at the young age of  15. With time, she was getting speculations to become a model.

She decided to relocate to New York City for her college education in 2016 and also to be with her family, Se was
discovered by a modeling agency on Social media, and then she was featured in The Colored Girl Project; a campaign that made her the face of the world on the popular social media Instagram.

The following year, Diop was seen in an advertisement campaign for a French cosmetics company Make Up For Ever.

WHo are Khoudia Diop’s Parents?

At the time of writing this account about Diop, the name of her parents are still under review, however, we will be on the lookout for that information and update this page in real-time as soon we get the details.

Is Khoudia Diop Married?

The young model is still very much single, but there are news flying around the place that she may be dating Shaun Ross who is also a model and a Singer.

Who are Khoudia Diop Siblings?

Diop has 3 siblings, 2 brothers, and a sister. Her sister’s name is Sokhna Dieng and her brothers are Matar Ibnou Lamine  Ndiaye, Mouhamed Tall, and Samba Bathie Diao.

Is Khoudia Diop related to Anna Diop?

Going by their names, it is normal to think that Khoudia Diop and Anna Diop are related in that they share the same skin beauty, both her actresses and they also come from the same country. But the fact is, Khoudia Diop and Anna Diop only share the few traits mention above but are not in any way related.

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What is Khoudia Diop’s Net worth?

Given her successful career as a black model, the black goddess Khoudia Diop’s net worth is $3 Million.

What is Khoudia Diop Income source?

The young model as quickly rose to fame after she signed different modeling contracts, she gains a lot of traction too on her Instagram page which makes her a social media influencer in the modeling niche. She makes her money from modeling and acting.

Does Khoudia Diop have a baby?

The young model does not have a baby

What is the name of Khoudia Diop’s Husband?

Diop is still single, but we will surely update the page when she eventually gets married or have related information about her relationship.

What are Khoudia Diop’s Movies?

Great Big Show (TV Series documentary)
Wall of Death and Savings Elephants (2017)
2017 Inside Edition (TV Series documentary)
Suicide-Text Girlfriend Guilty (2017)

Khoudia Diop Pictures on Instagram

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