Is Real Estate Investment Trusts a good career path?

Is real estate investment trust a good career path?

Are you interested in a real estate career? Well with the sector in full swing, hiring extensively and providing several job possibilities, let’s consider if Real Estate Investment Trusts is a good career  as well as the best paying jobs in this industry.

But first, what is Real Estate Investment Trust? 

What are Real Estate Investment Trusts? 

A real estate investment trust (REIT) is a firm that owns, manages, or funds real estate that generates revenue.Similar to mutual funds, real estate investment trusts combine the money of several participants. 

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This enables private investors to collect dividends from their real estate assets without having to purchase, manage, or finance the properties themselves.

Is real estate investment trust a good career?

Although buying, rehabilitating, and selling properties for a living carries with it inherent dangers, a career in Real Estate Investment Trusts is an excellent way to take charge of your financial destiny.

A career in Real Estate Investment Trusts is one of the finest avenues to earn money, but it is not an easy career path. Many novice real estate investors have difficulty getting started, while others are stuck reading about real estate investment rather than taking action.

Nonetheless, real estate is a non-traditional asset sector that is often seen as a means to boost diversity.

Why a career in Real Estate Investment Trusts is advantageous

1. High demand

In a March 29 blog post cited by Forbes, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas found indicators of a “brewing U.S. housing bubble.”

The industry is hiring more people since it must adapt to several changes, including the incorporation of new technologies such as virtual tours, 3D, movies, 360-degree pictures, etc.

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2. Numerous occupations and vocations

The variety of occupations in Real Estate Investment Trusts make it a worthwhile career due to the diversification of their holdings. Real estate expertise is distinguished by its subtleties and specialisations. This may include:

  • residential property (individual dwelling, communal housing, specialised homes, etc.),
  • real estate (industrial and logistics, office buildings, company premises, etc.),
  • public capital goods (schools, health institutions, cultural spaces, etc.), or
  • consumption sites (commercial real estate, hotels, leisure spaces, etc.).

This variety increases the expertise of workers since they interact with a wide range of customer and asset characteristics, which is what gives professions their depth.

3. Diverse skill requirements

The professions involving Real Estate Investment Trusts need numerous types of expertise (legal, accounting), as well as transversal skills that are simple to present.

Thus, they enable both parties to operate as a team, interact with a variety of clients and partners, while being highly autonomous.

You must continually adjust to your interlocutors, circumstances, and take the initiative: they are occupations that do not permit routine. 

4. Readily accessible training 

Numerous training programmes provide entry into a profession in Real Estate Investment Trusts. It is simple to begin a professional career via work-study training, which enables rapid field-specific knowledge development.

On the employment market for Real Estate Investment Trusts, experience and a high-quality network are both highly valued qualities.

5. Rewarding jobs

Professionals in Real Estate Investment Trusts are at the centre of a significant social problem and a continual worry of the worldwide population: housing.

Eventually, everyone is faced with the necessity to find housing, whether it is an apartment or a home, and must be guided through the process.

In Real Estate Investment Trusts, both building and migration are continual. This is a highly active industry with a common interest profession, making it a very fulfilling career.

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High paying jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts

Here is a non-exhaustive list of high-paying jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts:

1.Development developer

The development developer specifies the options for subdividing and developing a parcel of land before selling it in parcels. To receive a development permit, he must design a feasible subdivision project and subdivision blueprints.

2. Director of real estate programme

From construction through delivery, the director of real estate programmes is accountable for the programme he develops. He intervenes to examine the technical and legal elements of a file.

3. Real estate developer

The real estate developer looks for and purchases land, selects the ultimate realisation, and collaborates with architects to build the blueprints.

It solicits bids to identify the companies that will construct the buildings and ensures the public promotion and marketing of real estate programmes.

4. Land prospector

The land prospector is responsible for locating, negotiating, and purchasing the necessary property for the subdivision development. In addition, it helps to the growth of real estate activities.

5. Real estate agent

The real estate agent is responsible for providing his customers with a variety of homes for sale or rent.

He assures the commercial marketing of the properties (residential, commercial, etc.) he administers, evaluates their worth, and handles visits, negotiations, and the writing of the compromise.

6. Real estate transaction advisor

The real estate transaction adviser provides consulting and trading services for real estate transactions and acquisitions.

7. Real estate expert

A real estate expert is responsible for objectively valuing a property.

8. Real estate negotiator

The goal of the real estate negotiator is to negotiate the sales and acquisitions of real estate in the region assigned to him.

9. Notary

A notary certifies the validity of a contract or deed between two parties. A document acquires official significance and becomes harder to refute as a result of his efforts.


10. Agency manager

The agency manager is involved in all phases and is responsible for establishing administrative and financial files for sales or rentals.

11. Real estate manager

The property manager offers rental property management. He develops residential and commercial leases and entry and exit inventories.

12. Real estate accountant

The real estate accountant communicates with the co-owners on all accounting matters pertaining to the managed properties.

He is responsible for notifying the management of any potential financial hazards.

13. Director of real estate agency

The director of a real estate agency oversees the Real Estate Investment Trusts’ budget and managerial control. He negotiates and oversees significant projects (development, construction, etc.).

14. Real estate manager

The property manager protects the owner’s interests and oversees the legal, technical, financial, and commercial administration of the property.

15. Rental manager

The property manager greets renters, conducts an inventory of fixtures, oversees relocations, and handles tenant complaints.

The condominium manager oversees the security or building maintenance personnel, the technical upkeep of the building, and the insurance contracts.

16. Real estate lawyer

The real estate lawyer is responsible for creating legal documents and ensuring the legal performance of the sales and purchases of real estate for his clients or his agency.

17. Head of property management

The Head of property management oversees the administration of residential and commercial real estate on behalf of individual clients.

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