Highest paying nursing jobs – 18 highest paid nurses in the US

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Highest paying nursing jobs – highest paid nurses 2022

Nursing is a rewarding vocation and different professions may be found within this field. In addition to variation in their tasks, there are also differences in their salaries. So which are the highest paid nurses? For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the highest paying nursing jobs in the United States in 2022.

1. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

Salary: $189,000

CRNAs earn the highest salaries in nursing and are responsible for providing epidural injections, conducting nerve blocks, and administering general anaesthesia to patients so that they do not experience pain during medical procedures. 

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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists are the highest paid nurses due to the fact that pain medication must be delivered correctly to prevent major consequences and suffering in patients. 

A Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) is also responsible for giving post-operative anaesthesia to patients.

2. Neonatal nurse

Salary: $127,000

The position of neonatal nurse is the second highest paying nursing job, since it entails the delicate task of caring for babies to avoid difficulties after birthing.

Under the supervision of a neonatologist, potential newborn health issues are identified. In addition to providing infants with food and care, these highly-paid nurses may also be responsible for incubators and fans.

3. ER nurse 

Salary: $116,000

Emergency room (ER) nurses are among the highest-paying nursing jobs in the United States as a result of their regular dealings with life-or-death situations. ER nurses are on-call at emergency rooms and must respond swiftly in the event of an emergency. 

When a patient comes with an injury, these highly-paid nurses are responsible for containing the situation and diagnosing viable treatments in collaboration with other available physicians.

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4. Cardiac nurse

Salary: $116,000

The fourth highest paying nursing job, the cardiology nurse is responsible for treating patients with heart or circulatory pathologies.

These highly paid nurses are responsible for diagnosing and treating cardiac diseases such as arrhythmias, coronary artery disease, and heart failure. 

Additionally, cardiology nurses may provide prescriptions, instruct patients on how to take better care of themselves, and conduct diagnostic tests.

5. Orthopaedic nurse

Salary: $115,000

Orthopaedic nurses, the fifth highest paid nurses in the United States, specialise in diagnosing diseases of the bones, joints, muscles, and other soft tissues of the musculoskeletal system.

As one of the highest-paying nursing jobs, orthopaedic nurses may treat patients with fractured bones or joint problems, as well as seek testing from other physicians, such as x-rays, and provide drugs as needed. Additionally, these nurses may refer patients to other medical professionals.

6. Oncology nurse

Salary: $113,000

Oncology nurses are responsible for caring for cancer and tumour patients. This sector of nurses can make diagnoses and assist in the treatment of patients, and their profession is the sixth highest paying nursing job in the United States.

7. Urgent care nurse

Salary: $113,000

Urgent care nurses are among the highest-paid nurses in the United States since they are the first to respond to medical crises.

This high-paying nursing job is responsible for treating wounds, sprains, and other forms of acute trauma as well as common diseases and infections, sending patients to experts as needed.

8. Family Nurse Practitioner

Salary: $113,000

The responsibility of family nurse practitioners as the eighth highest paid nurses is to provide care for patients of all ages.

They are able to provide assistance to the whole family of an ill or wounded individual and are among the highest paying nursing jobs because of their close interaction with patients.

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9. Home care nurse

Salary: $113,000

Home care nurses are responsible for providing comfort care to patients in their own homes, often dealing with those with mobility issues.

In general, they serve elderly patients or those with mobility issues. Due to the palliative care they provide, home care nurses are among the highest-paying nursing jobs in the United States.

10. Nurse midwife

Salary: $113,000

Nurse midwives offer care for pregnant women to ensure a safe delivery and answer any queries they may have about diet and disease.

A nurse sitting cross-legged in thoughts during the Covid-19 pandemic

Nurse midwives are among the highest-paid nurses since they assist during deliveries and accompany parents for planning and emergency support.

11. Psychiatric nurse

Salary: $109,000

Psychiatric nurses provide mental health consultations to individuals or families and is the eleventh highest paying nursing job.

These highly paid nurses are able to diagnose illnesses, give drugs and treatments to patients, and provide emotional support during tough times.

12. Surgical Nurse 

Salary: $109,000

As vital members of surgical teams, Surgical Nurses are the twelfth highest-paying nursing job. In operating rooms, these highly-paid nurses cooperate on patient care and operations. 

For instance, they may assist in making incisions or suturing wounds, and they are also educated in the use of cameras, laparoscopy, and other activities required by the supervising surgeon.

13. Paediatric nurse 

Salary: $109,000

Paediatric nurses are among the highest-paid nurses due to their specialisation in treating children, which includes monitoring and providing preventative care and guidance.

This high-paying nursing job may require regular examinations, diagnose problems, and give treatment. They may also deliver routine vaccines and offer advice to parents who need it.

14. Women’s health nurse practitioner 

Salary: $107,000

The ability of women’s health nurse practitioners to follow their patients from adolescence to menopause contributes to their status as one of the highest-paying nursing jobs in the United States.

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These highly compensated nurses may detect severe conditions such as cancer, prescribe contraceptives, and conduct pregnancy testing. They are also responsible for teaching their patients.

15. Pain management nurse 

Salary: $104,000

The 15th highest-paying nursing job, pain management nursing helps patients deal with chronic pain and enhance the quality of life for those with chronic conditions.

These highly-paid nurses treat patients with significant conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and fibromyalgia.

16. Gerontology Nurse Practitioner 

Salary: $96,500

Gerontology Nurse Practitioners are among the highest-paying nursing jobs in the United States since they specialise in the delicate task of caring for the aged.

As one of the highest-paid nurses, professionals focus on enhancing the quality of life of the elderly through treating age-related illnesses.

17. Nurse Educator 

Salary: $94,000

The Nurse Educator teaches and educates nurses entering the field. They are among the highest-paid nurses, developing education programmes for new nurses, assisting and directing those who join the team.

18. Research Nurse 

Salary: $88,000

Research Nurses are the eighteenth highest paying nursing jobs in the United States. They develop studies to investigate illnesses and seek novel therapies.

These highly-paid nurses are able to conduct medical experiments and gather data on current treatments in order to convey the findings to the rest of the medical community.

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