For the fact that Apple Pay is really a popular payment method, you could be keen to know if you can use it for gas purchases at Circle K.

Inasmuch as Apple Pay remains an innovative and stress-free digital payment method, it’s pretty good to consider it your default payment method for purchases across places, including gas stations. But in considering the latter, you could be left asking the question: “Does Circle K take Apple Pay?”

Helpfully, this post not only answers the preceding question but also, it arms you with other essential information including a list of places where you can use Apple Pay in making payment.

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Does Circle K Take Apple Pay?

“Yes” is the simple and direct answer to the question of whether Circle K supports Apple Pay as a payment method for customers’ gas purchases. Although majority of gas stations do not accept Apple Pay, Circle K is definitely one of the few gas stations at which you can fund gas purchases with Apple Pay.

Frankly and generally, Circle K supports Apple Pay, but the snag here is that it’s not all Circle K locations that accept Apple Pay. However, it’s worth noting that the Circle K locations where Apple Pay isn’t accepted are very few compared to those where the payment method is supported. This is perhaps enough to give you the conviction that Circle K generally accepts Apple Pay.

While looking to purchase gas from Circle K and pay with Apple Pay, it’s up to you to be really sure you’re heading for a Circle K location where Apple Pay is supported. Some people fancy Apple Pay so much that they’ve adopted it as the default payment option for their in-store purchases. The reason for such fancy may not be far-fetched as there are a good number of popular companies and (grocery) stores where Apple Pay is supported.

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At the time of writing this post, we can’t tell if there are plans by Circle K to make Apple Pay a supported payment option across all its gas locations. If Circle K remains your preferred choice for gas purchases whereas Apple Pay isn’t accepted at the Circle K location closest to you, your best bet is probably to fund the gas purchase with the Visa card or Mastercard –or any other payment option –accepted at the location.

Some Popular Stores That Accept Apple Pay

There are a good number of popular companies and stores that favor Apple Pay for payment purposes. If you really like using Apple Pay for your online and in-store payment purposes, it’s highly predictable that you shop at one of the popular stores out there.

Here are some of the popular stores where Apple Pay is an acceptable payment method:

  • McDonald’s
  • Walgreens
  • Disney
  • Office Depot
  • B & H Photo
  • Jamba Juice
  • Chevron
  • Blooming Dales
  • Petco
  • Best Buy
  • Trader Joe’s

It should be noted that the list above is far from exhaustive as there are many other stores where Apple Pay is an acceptable payment method.

How to Use Apple Pay at Circle K

As we’ve clarified that Circle K accepts Apple Pay, though not at all its locations, it’s now time to walk you through how you can use Apple Pay at a Circle K location where the payment method is supported.

While the procedure is pretty simple to follow, it begins with you having to download Circle K’s mobile app. After the download, create an account within the app and follow the provided instructions for setting up your account.

With that done, you wouldn’t have to queue and wait to make payment when next you visit a Circle K location for your gas purchase. This is because all you need to pay for gas is to check the pump number on the pump you’re using (while at the station) and then open the Circle K app on your phone to input the pump number.

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After inputting the number into the app, you’ll be shown a sort of payment page where you can specify Apple Pay as your preferred payment method. This way, you’ll have it all easy to fund your gas purchase at Circle K without having to join a line of customers queuing to make payment.

Though it’s quite unfortunate that some Circle K locations do not accept Apple Pay currently, we do think that in the future, Circle K and several other gas stations might deem it fit to make Apple Pay an acceptable payment method across all their gas locations.


Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay?

No, and it’s quite unfortunate that some popular stores/companies –including Kroger and Walmart –are yet to include Apple Pay in their arrays of supported payment methods. Both Kroger and Walmart do have their own native payment methods namely Kroger Pay and Walmart Pay respectively.

Are There Places Where Apple Pay Isn’t Accepted?

“No” is simply the answer to this question just as our answer to the question before it clarifies that there are popular stores/companies –such as Walmart and Kroger –that have not made Apple Pay one of their supported payment methods.

Does Circle K Support Other Payment Methods?

Circle K generally has a pretty broad list of supported payment methods. Some of the gas station’s other supported payment methods are as follows: Mastercard, Circle K Easy Pay Card, Debit, Circle K Gas Gift Card, Fleet Card, and popular credit card options including Visa, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

You’ll likely find it handy to try one of the listed payment methods especially if your preferred Circle K location doesn’t accept Apple Pay.

Why Do I Find It Difficult to Use Apple Pay for Gas Purchases?


Well, the reason, most probably, is that Apple Pay isn’t supported at the particular station where you intend to purchase gas. The sad reality is that most available gas stations do not accept Apple Pay yet. While it’s undeniable that Apple Pay is one of the reliable and innovative digital payment options around, many gas stations are yet to incorporate it into their arrays of supported payment mediums.

If you’re hell bent on using Apple Pay for your gas purchases, probably because of the convenience that comes with doing so, it’s up to you to look around for a gas station that supports Apple Pay.

Can I Fund Gas Purchases at Circle K with Cash?

Yes, of course.

Your hand-held cash isn’t exempted from Circle K’s list of supported payment methods, which also include Samsung pay, gift cards, and credit/debit cards. If you can afford keeping with you the needed amount of cash for gas purchases while on the go, feel free to fund your gas purchases at Circle K with cash.


We believe that with this post, we’ve been able to satisfy your information need on whether Circle K accepts Apple Pay or not.

Even as we’ve clarified that there are Circle K locations where Apple Pay isn’t a supported payment method, it’s pretty fascinating that majority of Circle K’s gas locations accept Apple Pay.

If there’s any question you want us to answer with respect to Circle K and Apple Pay, endeavor to state it in our comment section below.


Does Circle K Take Apple Pay?

Does Circle K Take Apple Pay? Yes, See How To Use It

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