Your Telegram number can be banned for a number of reasons, ranging from holding an inactive Telegram account down to occasional blocking by Telegram’s bot. Another common reason could be that several other users have reported your Telegram number/account for spamming.

Notwithstanding what the reason for the ban is, you can try one or more of the various ways to unban your Telegram account or number. This post lets you find out all the different ways to overcome a Telegram ban.

Figuring out If You Have a Telegram Ban –Here Is What to Do

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If you’re stuck with a sort of (unusual) restriction while using Telegram, you might want to know if your account/number has been actually banned. Follow the steps below to figure out if you have a Telegram ban:

  • Open the Telegram app on your phone
  • Within the app interface, click the search widget
  • Then search for “Spamify bot channel”
  • Once the Spamify bot option shows up, click the Start button
  • Following that, the robot will notify you as regards whether you have a Telegram ban or not

What Could Be the Reason for the Telegram Ban?

After finding out that your Telegram account/number has been banned, you may be curious to know the reason for the ban. Well, the ban is likely to have arisen from your violation of one or some of the Telegram (usage) rules. This is probably the situation if you’re guilty of any of the following:

  • Sending numerous messages to other Telegram users by the use of bots
  • Sharing content considered “spammy” or inappropriate
  • Sharing stickers that Telegram considers inappropriate
  • Sending too many ad messages
  • Constantly sending messages to anonymous users –This may mean sending more than 100 private messages to such people in a single day

Unbanning Your Telegram Account

Among the various ways in which you can unban your Telegram account, the basic way is to request that Telegram remove the ban on the account. Follow the steps below to do that:

  • Sign in to your e-mail account
  • Compose an email message (You may title it “Request to Unban My Telegram Account”)
  • In addition to the request for Telegram to unban your account, ensure you clearly state the kind of restriction you’re experiencing as a result of the ban
  • After composing the email message, send it to the address [email protected]

If you don’t seem to have violated any of its rules, Telegram will likely review your request and unban your account in time.

Unbanning Your Telegram Number

The phone number you’re using for Telegram may have been banned for several reasons. Some of these reasons are using an invalid Telegram version and deleting your Telegram account on several occasions.

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If your Telegram ban is temporary, you might be lucky to get out of the ban after 5 or 6 days. But if you’re still restricted after having waited quite long for Telegram to unban you, here is another way you can get Telegram to unban you:

  • Sign in to your Twitter account
  • Contact Telegram’s support team on Twitter via the handle @smstelegram
  • You can send a DM to the support team, demanding that your Telegram number should be unbanned. If you believe you haven’t violated any Telegram rule, you may also want to state why you think your number was mistakenly banned

OR you can send a mail to telegram via  the screenshot


The solution to fix the” This Phone Number is Banned” Telegram Message?

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to email them after you hit help. It will have a weird email ID, do not worry. It is the real email ID. It should be ” [email protected]” is the email ID you need to use. It will auto-populate the text of the subject and have some phone-related info in it.

You can just hit submit or you can customize. I have added the below info telling that we run a large group, etc.

Once you send the email, you should hear back from them in about 24 hours. We got a response in like 18 hours. I read online and it also says about 12 to 18 hours. You will get a response from the same email ID: [email protected] and it will say, it is unbanned, If you have not committed any spam issues. See below confirmation email from Telegram as well. It is a standard message that tells that your phone issue should be resolved. I was very impressed with the response.

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If your Telegram ban isn’t a login issue (i.e. you’re not prevented from logging in to Telegram), another way of finding a solution for the restriction is to contact your local support team. To do that, open the Telegram app to log in to your account. Go to Telegram Settings. In Telegram Settings, you’ll find a Help tab below the Settings tab. Click Ask a Question under the Settings tab. A box will pop up with a note about Telegram Support. Select the Ask a Volunteer option within the box. By doing this, you’d be able to ask a question (about how you can overcome whatever Telegram restriction you’re facing).

From your local support team, you may get somebody who would volunteer to provide you with a solution.

So, once the “volunteer” page shows up, click the start icon and report whatever problem (Telegram restriction) you’re facing.


Rather than feel you can always unban your Telegram number after a ban, it is best that you avoid actions that can trigger a ban while using Telegram.

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