5 Best LinkedIn Account Settings that give more Control over your Profile

LinkedIn Account Settings

Based on LinkedIn privacy concerns, you need to have the right account settings. Once you create an account, you need to have control over it.

You need to change your phone number, email account, password for privacy and security purposes. 

A LinkedIn account can be used to find jobs near you. They can be part-time or full-time jobs.

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Your LinkedIn profile is the brand image of your personality and career. LinkedIn Premium is a subscription based membership. 

You get additional benefits like In-main credits, business insights, job insights, learning courses, certification and who’s viewed your profile, even if you are in private mode. 

LinkedIn Settings in 2020

There are different types of LinkedIn Settings. You can change your privacy, communications and ads settings in your LinkedIn account.

You can decide who can view your profile and make it public or anonymous. 

There are other ways you can improve your LinkedIn profile to make it more eye-catchy to job recruiters. 

The LinkedIn privacy settings will let you decide your profile visibility, upload your resume, change profile viewing options, manage your data and activity, clear search history, make changes to job seeking preferences, unblock people whom you have blocked and many others. 

Once your LinkedIn profile is visible to your employer, you have to make sure that he is notified of any educational, academic or job changes.

Otherwise, you will be at a loss during promotions and perks. These privacy concerns can be managed by the best LinkedIn settings. 

How to Access LinkedIn Account Settings

To access this page follow these steps. 

  1. Open the LinkedIn login page with your credentials.
  2. Click your profile pic or Me drop-down. 
  3. Then click on “Settings and Privacy”.
  4. Click on the Account tab, on the next-page. 
  5. The account settings are visible on the left-hand side.
  6. Click each account setting for further options. 
LinkedIn Account Settings

Be Aware of your LinkedIn Account Settings

You can choose to be totally anonymous and not let your employer know that you are searching for a job. In this regard, your LinkedIn Account becomes very significant to your company and yourself. 

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You might have given a work email address, but later decided to change to a personal email. Security concern is another important factor. Change password if you feel that your LinkedIn account is at risk. 

If you want high-level security to your premium LinkedIn account, then you can go for two-step verification. 

Consumer of a lot of videos on LinkedIn feed? Then you can auto-play them. If you want a different profile name to display to your connected members, than you can change it in the account settings. 

Account Management in Linkedin

The following are the 5 LinkedIn Account settings that can be modified to suit your needs. 

  1. Login and security
  2. Site preferences
  3. Subscriptions and Payments
  4. Partners and Services
  5. Account Management

There are several preferences you can change in each setting. Let’s see each one of them in detail. 

Login and Security

The following are the security account features in Linkedin. 

  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Change password
  • Where you’re signed in
  • Devices that remember your password
  • Two-step verification

Since your LinkedIn account becomes the face of your current position, education qualification, work experience, it is important you have the right security for it. In the future, you can use it to collaborate with other companies or find a better job. 

As a free account holder, you can change your LinkedIn email and phone number when required.

You may be using your LinkedIn account on different devices. This will increase the number of sessions where you are signed in. 

You want to make sure no intruder is logging in to your account. To know it, you can make use of this feature.

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You can know on which devices you are logged in and can logout of all the devics if required. 

If you want to be more secure than you can make use of 2-factor authentication as in other business collaboration tools. You can make your phone number as an additional security feature.

Once you enable this feature, you will be logged out of all your devices and you need to log in again. 

Site preferences

The following LinkedIn account features let you decide the content of your profile and newsfeed. 

  • LinkedIn language
  • Content language
  • Autoplay videos
  • Show profile photos
  • Feed preferences
  • Name, location, and industry

From time to time, you need to change your industry based on your job role. You can see the list of followers and following of your LinkedIn account. New members are also shown based on your following preferences. You can follow fresh perspectives. 

Subscriptions and Payments

  • Reactivate
  • View purchase history

If you have purchased a Recruiter or Sales Navigator, then you see its purchase history. You could have deactivated your Premium account, if it’s not useful. But in your current job role, you think it is necessary. Then you can reactivate it again. 

Partners and Services

  • Microsoft
  • Permitted services
  • Twitter settings

You can add your Twitter accounts to LinkedIn. In this way, when you write a post it will automatically get tweeted to your Twitter account. This way your brand profile will be visible in Twitter search for trends and changes.

In the same fashion, you can add Microsoft accounts to your LinkedIn account. Some third-party services would like to have access to your LinkedIn account, for better visibility and productivity. You can see all those permitted services here. 

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Account Management

  1. Merging LinkedIn Accounts
  2. Hibernating your LinkedIn Account
  3. Closing your LinkedIn Account

In the initial naive days, you might have opened several LinkedIn accounts. When you have gained more experience, you like to have a single account. Then you can merge all those LinkedIn accounts into one. 

Other account management features like temporarily pausing your account, so you don’t receive any notifications or posts in your feed, is useful if you are not using it for sometime. Another account setting feature, is you can close your account, if you think it is compromised. 

Final thoughts …

As seen above, these account settings will help you to find your profile in LinkedIn search. This will improve your job search results to find yourself in front of right recruiters. You can even apply in a competitor portal. Indeed jobs is one such platform. 

As micro-blogging platforms like Twitter are useful for news feed, LinkedIn accounts can be useful to get the right job notifications. To have the right authenticity and look of your profile, you need to have control over its account features. 

Using the above recommended LinkedIn settings, you can understand what is in your control for security, privacy, site control, management and billing. 

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