Truly, being light-skinned adds an extra feel of cosmetic beauty to one’s overall physiological beauty. However, this might not be the case if your light skin is riddled with wrinkles, acne, blemishes, scars, dark spots, etc.

If your light skin seems rather dull, probably as a result of an unbalanced skin tone or certain unwanted elements, you needn’t feel less of yourself. The good news is that there are myriads of natural body lotions that help light-skinned people rejuvenate their fading skin.

Helpfully, this post will walk you through the top 15 natural body lotions for people with light or fair skin.

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Here are the 15 best body lotions for your light or fair skin?

Here are the 15 best body lotions for your light or fair skin?

1.Extreme Glow

Extreme Glow Lightening is a skin-nourishing body lotion well suited for people with fair or light skin. Not only is it capable of saving your light skin from the effects of extreme weather and strong UV rays, but Extreme Glow also helps restore skin youthfulness. Composed of various natural ingredients, Extreme Glow is undeniably one of the best natural body lotions for light-skinned people.

2. Clean & Clear Fairness Cream

This cream does so well in nourishing your light skin without rendering it dirty or greasy. Clean & Clear Fairness Cream is a kind of body lotion that rubs generously into your skin, hence allowing the skin to radiate from the inside. It’s simply one of the ideal foreign body lotions for light-skinned people.

3. Fair and Lovely Face Cream

This cream is a skin-brightening solution perhaps for people whose fair skin appears rather dull or flaky. Fair and Lovely Face Cream should serve a whole lot of skin-nourishing purposes, thanks to the fact that it packs a variety of vitamins. While this “lovely face cream” can be purchased probably at any notable cosmetics shop around you, Fair and Lovely Face Cream is a suitable lotion for brightening your fair skin.

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Not only does this lotion instil a glowing feel into your skin, but it also helps your face fight off sunburns and black spots.


SK II is a foreign cream which not only limits skin pores but also keeps the skin supple. While yielding a softening feel, SK II is an amazing skincare solution that adds extra hints of elegance to your fair skin. The cream, which originates from Japan, is highly considered one of the best natural body lotions for light-skinned people.

5.Vichy Normaderm

If it feels like your fair skin is already losing vigour, Vichy Normaderm is frankly one of the hydrating body lotions for reinvigorating the skin. This is because Vichy Normaderm works magic in combating unwanted skin elements such as blemishes, redness, acne, large pores, and scars. Where your fair-complexioned skin feels generally unappealing, possibly as a result of other unwanted elements, Vichy Normaderm might also be the best lotion for reviving the skin.

Vichy Normaderm, which originates from France, packs a nice moisturizing agent which has been praised for being non-greasy. With this, it’s pretty safe to say that using Vichy Normaderm will not render your skin greasy.

6.Ambi Fade Cream

This lotion is one of the reliable skincare products for helping light-skinned people solve various skin-related problems. Whether the problem is an uneven skin tone, the presence of dark spots, an eruption of pimples, or the presence of scars, you can rely on Ambi Fade Cream to help rid your light skin of the problem.

7. Aveeno Radiant Body Lotion

Among the various skin-related purposes this lotion serves is helping to bring back your fair skin’s glowing feel. Aveeno Radiant Body Lotion is a sort of magical lotion that infuses extra layers of brightness, silkiness and softness into the skin. This magical effect may be credited to the lotion’s composition of “soy complex” and light diffusers.

8.Fair and White (Gold) Tone Body Lotion

These days, some people not only want fair skin but also a wrinkle-free face and it is safe to say that Fair and White Tone Body Lotion offers that. Not only does this cream give a smoother skin tone, it also brings back your dying skin by giving you that youthful look. Finally, it serves as a moisturizer as it contains glycerin which is a major moisturizing ingredient.

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9.Neutrogena Body Lotion

Another foreign cream you can get across malls and cosmetic stores is Neutrogena Body Lotion. This cream is perfect for somebody with a fair or light skin tone. It’s believed that such a person wishes not to only have smooth and soft skin, but to also have their skin moisturized against the weather, without having to purchase a different moisturizer.

10.Jergens Natural Glow

Jergens is a skin care product line that offers a variety of skincare products, one of which is Jergens Natural Glow. This particular Jergens lotion is perfect for somebody who wishes to maintain their fair skin. What makes this lotion different from others is that it’s not only made of natural ingredients but also, it’s fortified with antioxidants and vitamin E which helps in reducing cellulite.

It’s also the favourite lotion for some ladies who wish to have that beach-like natural brown complexion in just a few days. The best part of this lotion –especially as it’s composed of SPF 20 –is the ability to protect the skin from sun exposure.

11.Nivea Extra Whitening

When it comes to beauty and skin care products, Nivea is a household name and so, it’s unsurprising to find this product, Nivea Extra Whitening lotion, in stores, malls and shops. This lotion, which is formulated with fruit extracts, helps in repairing dull and damaged skin, rough skin, flaky skin, cracked skin and itchy skin.

This lotion, which comes in three different sizes, has been tested by various customers and it is safe to say that it truly lives up to the manufacturer’s promises. One more interesting thing about Nivea cell repair and whitening body lotion is that it could be used in maintaining your skin’s natural colour.

12.Fair & Brite Body Cream

Fair & Brite Body Cream is another foreign cream you can get across cosmetic stores. Although not so popular with customers, Fair & Brite Body Cream helps in lightening your skin and ensuring you get a glow along with it. It gives you a cleaner, smoother and brighter complexion. It is important to know that this cream does not whiten the skin; it only brightens and gives your skin radiance.

13.Zeta White

Enriched with natural ingredients, Zeta White is one of the creams that can guarantee fair skin without the fear of bleaching the skin. It brightens the skin and also protects it from discolouration.

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This cream helps in correcting uneven skin tones as well as clearing dark spots. Aside from its generous composition of natural ingredients, Zeta White makes the skin softer and smoother.

14.Amoils H-Age

Using lotions or body creams is a way to get balanced fair skin but there are other products that give that desired skin. Such is the Amoils H-age formula, an oil-like formula made with various essential oils known to be very effective skin lighteners.

The fear of having ageing-related spots and dark spots caused by pigmentation can be put away, by simply sticking to the Amoils H-age formula. This is because it has ingredients which work together to give the skin a clean even tone as well as clear age spots, after a few weeks of using it.

15.Lotus Herbal White

Another amazing skincare product well suited for fair-skinned people is Lotus Herbal White. This foreign cream may be considered a must-have product for somebody dying to have well-toned fair skin.

Not only can this Lotus Herbal White cream act as a skin moisturizer, but it’s also composed of natural ingredients such as mulberry, grape extracts, milk extracts, almond oil, etc. Thanks to its blend of essential ingredients, the Lotus Herbal White cream protects the skin against harsh sun rays. It also rejuvenates the skin, leaving it glowing.


Cultivating well-toned fair or light skin shouldn’t seem any difficult except if you aren’t armed with the ideal body lotions or other skincare products for rejuvenating light skin.

Helpfully, each of the body lotions (or skincare products) treated in this post does have its own benefits. While some of them are best suited for light-skinned people, several others may be well suited for anyone, regardless of their skin type. It’s up to you to learn more about your preferred body lotion and see if it has the exact ingredients that let you maintain healthy light skin.

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