Your IP has been temporarily blocked; how to unblock your IP

Your IP has been temporarily blocked; how to unblock your IP

In some ways, your IP address might be blocked, which will prevent you from using the internet. If this is the case for you, I will show you how to remove your IP address at no cost.

It is possible that you’ve logged onto the site you love, however,  instead of getting directly to your dashboard there are errors that appear on your screen or you are unable to connect to the server.
One possible conclusion is that your IP was temporarily blocked or even banned.
If this is the scenario, you do not need to worry about it as there are steps to take or solutions to fix the issue. Before you realize it, you’re returning to the system.
In this blog post, we’ll give you the basics for unblocking blocked IP addresses. However, before we begin, kindly take a look below.

What exactly is IP  Address blocking?

Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked | How To Unblock IP Address

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IP address blocking is simply defined as an event in which certain IP addresses are blocked or blocked by a network-configuration service.

It’s used to restrict access to servers from a specific location or via specific routes.

All devices connected to the Internet are assigned a unique IP address, which lets devices talk to one another.

If the software is installed on the host’s website the IP address of the user can be recorded as well as to determine the location of the user or via which connection the user is making.

On a site, an IP address blocker can stop the intruding or deforming addresses from getting access.

If you find that when you attempt to log in to the website, you encounter errors, it’s likely that your IP address was temporarily blocked by your firewall.

A firewall functions as a filter, allowing the server to block or access any disturbance. It functions as a security mechanism for the server.

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If the firewall rules are violated by an activity that is not related to it the IP address will be blocked.

To determine if your IP address is blocked, look out for signs like the page is not responding rapidly or showing time-out messages.

Try to connect using another device or network, in the event that this issue does not happen If you can access the website on a different device or via a connection, it is a sign that your IP address is blocked.

The most likely question that pops into your head is how you feel blocked?

In reality, there are numerous reasons your IP address is blocked. The causes differ from one website to the other.

However,  there are three principal reasons for this:

1. Multiple login requests

If a user entered the incorrect combination of a username and password during attempting to log in for more than the permitted time (usually three attempts) the firewall kicks up and stops your IP.

This is to guard against brute force attacks or attempts to guess proper login details.

2. Country ban

An IP address may also be blocked if it is connected from a geographical area that is restricted or from a country to which it was denied access. The IP address could also be blocked due to national reasons.

3. Operations that are suspicious

An IP address may also get blocked in the event that particular activity is deemed to be suspicious and disruptive for the servers.

4. Rule violation

Another reason that an IP address may be blocked is if the activity coming from the IP address is in violation of the firewall rule or server rule.

If this occurs it will be quick to disable the IP to protect the user.

Based on this, we believe we have answered the question, ‘WHY do I get blocked? ‘.

If your IP address has been verified blocked what steps will you need to follow to get it unblocked?


How To Unblock Your IP

It is essential to be aware at this point that IP blockers for IP addresses differ in accordance with the terms of the page, and in turn, blocking IP addresses also differs from one site to the next.

Sometimes, with certain websites. Once you’ve been blocked from accessing a website you may be informed via email about the block, and the reason behind the block, followed by steps to get it removed.

Some will warn you and tell you that you will wait (basically) 24 hours before you are able to be unblocking instantly through the system.

If they are and you want to use them, follow these instructions and you will see your IP address be unblocked.

However, there are websites that do not let you know about the block. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t get stressed. Simply complete a few simple actions, and you’re in good shape.

1. Find out the reason you were blocked.

As mentioned earlier there are many reasons that could cause you to be blocked. Try to determine the reason why your IP is blocked.

This information is available by reading the “website policy’ located at the end of the page. accordingly, you’ll know how to unblock it.

2. Contact Customer service.

If you’re not able to find the information you need in the “Website Policy you are able to get in touch with our customer support. This can be done through”Contact Us” or in the “Contact Us” section.

Find out why you’ve been blocked and what you can do to get rid of your IP. After the manual instructions are provided by them, you must follow the instructions and complete the process. On certain websites, you are able to do this by going to the “support” section.

3. Contact the owner of the website or the board.

Another method to have your IP address unblocked through submitting an official request to the webmaster or board.

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Request them to assist you to find out what caused your IP address to be blocked, and what you could do at your own house to make it removed.

This is also be done through their Contact Us page.

It is possible to know that the methods and methods aren’t exhaustive since there are sites which provide step-by-step ways to unlock your IP address.

However, if you stumble upon a site that contains no information about your IP address then follow the steps listed above for unblocking your IP address, and continue to splurge on the internet.

4. Use a VPN

This is the final option. If you’re not able to get your IP unblocking and you are left with no choice but to make use of a VPN. There are secure VPNs that do not harm your data. Some are free. Download a VPN to unblock your IP.

We highly recommend Nord VPN since they’re secure and inexpensive too. In general when you can stay clear of free VPNs then do so. There’s usually an issue. However, if you’re left with no other alternatives, you might look at the options available on the Google Play Store or in the app store on IOS.

To be safe online, make sure you use a reputable VPN, such as Nord VPN or Kaspersky. While it may aid in blocking banned IPs but it will also block trackers from tracking your online activities.

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