What are the Best Live Football app for Watching Soccer Games in 2021

What are the Best Live Football app for Watching Soccer Games in 2021

The digital space is home to dozens of sports streaming sites, most especially football, but not all of such sites are free to use. Practically, there are lots of live football apps for watching live soccer games directly on your android devices. Live football app  is an ideal app which enables you to watch live football games directly from your comfort zone.

In recent years streaming have supplanted television in every aspect of visual media, with streaming giants, Netflix, championing this course. It is no different in sports, with the ease of watching your favorite sporting event anywhere on the go and on a ubiquitous handheld device a big incentive. Be it a smartphone, a tablet or a computer, we have identified few of the Best Live Football app for Watching Soccer Games in 2021

What is a Sports Streaming service?

Sport streaming sites are online media offering broadcast of real-time sporting events live on the Internet. These services provide an alternative to satellite and cable at affordable prices, but those enlisted on this article come at zero cost.

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Advantages of Free Sport Streaming Sites or Live football app (Used interchangeably)

There are definite advantages to opting for streaming sporting events rather than buying cable TV, a satellite or visiting sports viewing centres. The five most notable are:

Customizable and Convenient Viewing Experience

With streaming, you can watch the sporting event of your choice when and where you want.

Some of these free sports streaming sites allow you to stop watching at any time and log back into your account later , if this is a requirement, to pick up where you left off.

You have more flexibility

Satellite or cable companies will impose strict monthly or annual contracts on you, but online free sports streaming sites are really flexible. With most of them, you wouldn’t even be required to create or register an account.

Possibility of Replaying an action when streaming a match

Gone are the days of having to wait for highlights from your cable TV before re-watching an intriguing phase of play in a game. Livestreaming has shattered this ceiling this limit as the contents are supplied in a way that already past action can be revisited in real-time.

You can entertain yourself at will and satiety when opting for sports streaming sites

These free sports streaming sites have a rich and varied catalogue of live sporting event. Unlike before when you have to wait in nailbiting optimism that your cable TV will broadcast the match of your choice, especially when it clashes with an even bigger match, streaming services totally eliminates this. In addition, they cover from the most obscure to the craziest leagues and you can split your device to follow multiple live events at once.

Pay As You Go

Some of the biggest cable television companies are popular for offering monthly subscriptions, which is quite extortionate for folks subscribing for only the purpose of sports. With these free sports streaming sites, this concern is eradicated.

Disadvantages of Free Sports Streaming Sites or Live football app as the case may.

Annoying ads

Due to the service being free, these free sports streaming sites will bombard you with sometimes irrelevant, NSFW and persistent ads that might frustrate your experience. If you choose to block these pop-ups with an ad-blocker, it is very likely the site will detect this and refuse you access.

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Possible Exposure to Virus

Although, some of these free sports streaming sites are reliable, the fact that they remain illegal in some countries are a cause for worry. With no regulation, they might expose your device to viruses and malware.

So with this juxtaposition, it is evident that the advantages of this option far outweigh the demerits. Still curious about some of the Best Live Football app for Watching Soccer Games in 2021? Lets get started right away!!

While it’s exciting to stream your favorite sports actions in HD, it’s more exciting to do so without paying a dime. Therefore, it’s more or less a foregone conclusion that you want a streaming site that not only allows you to stream in high quality but also at no cost.

Beyond top-quality streaming experience and the absence of geographical restriction, there are certainly other beneficial features you’ll want to consider in selecting a sports streaming website. Chances are that you’ll get a sports streaming site that fits into your expectation but again, you may have to deal with cons which, depending on your chosen site, could mean pardonable downsides or unbearable drawbacks.

Factually, there are pros and cons about each of the popular Live Football app sites out there. Therefore, we have come up with a detailed list of the top 10 free Live Football apps or sports streaming sites with special attention on the positives and negatives of each site.

1.Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV is a widely admired website for free sports streaming. It sources its broadcasts from such popular platforms as NBCSports.com, Telemundo, fuboTV and NBCSN. Some of the basic features Live Soccer TV offers you are real-time updates on sports matches, sports news, access to live matches and the scores of concluded matches.

With Live Soccer TV, you’ll surely have access to live streaming of matches in a variety of sports including NFL, rugby, cricket and soccer. Interestingly, Live Soccer TV also offers an app-based version which lets you easily access the links to sports matches.

Honestly, Live Soccer is a pretty streaming website, courtesy of its mobile-friendly design, simple interface as well as the provision of free links for streaming live matches. However, the sports streaming site has the downside of geographical restriction for some of its streaming links. What this downside translates into is the possibility that a particular sports streaming link might not be supported in your country.


Stream2Watch, like certain other streaming sites herein, depends on other sites for streaming links. In other words, Stream2Watch fetches links from other sites, rather than use self-hosted links. The likely drawback of this is exposing you to unsatisfactory links or links that cannot be used in your geographical location.

With Stream2Watch, you’re assured access to the streaming of live sports matches. You’ll also stand the chance of getting dependable links for your favorite sports streams. Notably, access to such streams requires you to create an account but this isn’t anything to worry about.

Stream2Watch lets you stream actions in a variety of sports namely basketball, cricket, tennis, baseball, football and boxing. Expectedly, Stream2Watch does come with its own cons and they include the presence of annoying ads and the likelihood of stumbling upon broken streaming links.



SonyLIV is a sports streaming website you can bank on for free links in such sports as WWE, UFC, soccer, tennis, the NBA, MotoGP and cricket. Frankly, SonyLIV should be your best bet if you’re dying to have a sports streaming website with lots of Indian content.

While SonyLIV lets you stream sports matches in HD quality, the sports streaming resource comes with the major drawback of geographical restriction. This implies that you may find it difficult to access SonyLIV if you’re browsing from an unsupported country.

SonyLIV is basically for sports streaming but if you desire its additional offering of access to exclusive movies, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee. Some of the other interesting aspects of SonyLIV are its easy-to-use interface and the offering of Android and iOS apps.

Every sports streaming website in this post does have its own shortcomings. In the case of SonyLIV, the observable downsides are the associated geographical restriction and the absence of subtitles for its Indian content. While it’s possible to bypass the geo-restriction drawback via a VPN, the absence of subtitles for SonyLIV’s Indian content might not go down well with users who don’t understand the associated Indian language.



This sports streaming website is a provider of high-quality streams cutting across various sports including tennis, UFC, baseball, football, soccer, basketball, AFL, darts, golf, racing, etc.

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One of the things you’d like about BuffStreams is efficiency particularly in helping you locate the sports matches you wish to stream. Precisely, BuffStreams achieves the latter efficiency through a number of responsive buttons namely upcoming, NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL and live now.

Expectedly, the streams on BuffStreams are free to access and one added benefit is that they are all accessible in HD quality. Besides its offering of HD sports streams, BuffStreams further features a chat window that lets users interact with each other when streaming games.

If your selection of sports streaming websites would be better influenced by the offering of exciting benefits, BuffStreams might emerge as your favorite. The website’s interesting benefits include quality streaming (devoid of buffering), an easy-to-navigate interface, an excellent chat feature and suitable sports streaming links.

As you imagine the excitement that comes with BuffStreams’ benefits, you may also have to consider the website’s drawbacks. Foremost of all, BuffStreams doesn’t support the download of its content: only streaming is allowed. Also, BuffStreams mandates you to create an account before you can have access to certain streams.

You may not find the listed drawbacks annoying but you’ll likely get irked to see ads while streaming BuffStreams’ content. To evade such annoying ads, you may have to use an effective ad blocker.


5.Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is damn easy to use since you need only your Facebook account to get started with it. On the one hand, Facebook Watch is devoid of annoying ads and on the other hand, it’s a free-to-use sports streaming option.

As is the case with some of the other websites in this post, the live chat feature is supported on Facebook Watch. What this translates into is the opportunity to interact with others about a game you’re streaming.

The unpleasant sides of Facebook Watch, however, may seem unbearable to some sports lovers. First of all, an MLB fan could find it awkward that they can’t stream more than one official MLB match weekly. Besides the likelihood of stumbling upon misleading streams, one thing you might dislike about Facebook Watch again is its substandard streaming quality. The streaming quality offered by Facebook Watch would seem poor if we were to pit it against that of any other sports streaming site in this post.


StreamSports is one lovely streaming site you should find appealing if you fancy streaming the highlights of concluded sports actions. Beyond that appeal, StreamSports is a recommendable option for anyone who strongly dislikes seeing ads that could mar their streaming experience.

Notably, StreamSports avails you the chance of streaming its content which ranges across hockey, baseball, tennis, basketball, motorsports, soccer and football. Observably, StreamSports is pretty easy to use even as you may have to create a user account. On the one hand, the account is an opportunity for you to select your favorite sports team and keep yourself abreast of the team’s games. The account, on the other hand, lets you specify the sport you don’t feel like receiving updates about. Here, what the account helps you do is blacklisting that sport.

StreamSports, just like any other streaming site herein, has its own cons. The most notable con of StreamSports, therefore, is its limited availability. Russia, United Kingdom, Australia, India and the U.S are some of the countries where StreamSports is supported. If you’d like to use StreamSports from a non-supported country or region without experiencing any glitch, you’ll require some VPN support.


Volokit is another sports streaming site with reliable links that let you stream sports content in high quality. Presumably, Volokit will excite you a lot if you’re an avid follower of the following sporting events: UFC, NHL, MLB, XLF and NFL.

One of Volokit’s major strengths is the website’s support for multi-streaming. What this means is that users of Volokit can stream multiple sports matches simultaneously. Beyond that, Volokit guarantees you access to working links for the streaming of your favorite XLF/UFC/MLB/NFL/NHL matches.

Frankly, Volokit is a great recommendation to fastidious people. Needless to say, such people will be delighted to use a sports streaming site which neither redirects them to irrelevant online sources nor annoys them with unwanted pop-ups.

As an added benefit, Volokit’s chat window is a nice feature for users of Volokit to interact with each other while streaming sports matches. Unfortunately but expectedly, Volokit does have its own bad sides. On the one hand, the streaming site doesn’t support the download of its content and on the other hand, the banner ads around its sports videos seem annoying.


Lack of support for content download is a con you’ll have to accept in good faith but one way you can ward off the banner ads is toggling what you’re streaming to the full screen mode.

8.BBC iPlayer

This streaming service provides you with a well-built interface for the HD streaming of sports actions including basketball, cycling, cricket, golf, soccer and football matches. Interestingly, BBC iPlayer is a streaming service devoid of annoying ads.

Being one of its downsides, BBC iPlayer is basically for sports fans in the United Kingdom. What this means is that a non-UK resident willing to access the streaming service will have to use a VPN. Another downside, and probably a huge one, is that the streaming quality fluctuates particularly when there is decline in users’ internet speeds. Given the latter situation, you might not have the desired HD quality at some intervals during streaming.

While BBC iPlayer is well suited for the streaming of live sports actions, the streaming resource also supports 4K streaming for some of its streams. Also, BBC iPlayer lets you stream varied content including special sporting events, highlight shows and sports tournaments.

Provided that you can conveniently deal with the earlier-listed cons of BBC iPlayer, the streaming site could be worth being selected.


Cricfree is a user-oriented sports streaming website for the hassle-free streaming of matches in baseball, football, racing, tennis, soccer, boxing and hockey. Not only does Cricfree provide stream links for various sports, the streaming website also boasts a user-tailored interface. Broadly, Cricfree’s interface lets you conveniently locate your favorite streams.

Even as Cricfree isn’t the primary host of the streaming links you’ll find on it, the provided streams are very reliable. You may not want to consider the latter situation a drawback but definitely, it’s a drawback as it exposes you to websites with annoying pop-ups as well as streaming sources with geographical restriction.

Notably, Cricfree is usable both as an Android/iOS app and a web-based resource. If you’re a staunch lover of cricket games and would like to stream favorite cricket actions again and again, Crickfree could be your best pick among notable sports streaming websites.

Besides being a repository for dozens of cricket streams, Cricfree is a top-notch streaming website that guarantees you access to live streams from international sports channels.


Provided that you can conveniently deal with its relatively few cons, BossCast is another sports streaming website you’ll find exciting. Notably, the streaming site sources sports content from such popular channels as TSN, NBA TV, Eurosport and ESPN.

One of the interesting sides of BossCast is allowing users to stream sports matches based on country time zone. This is made possible as BossCast lets you toggle the homepage’s time zone to your country’s time zone.

Besides having a curation technology which enables users to directly stream sports matches, BossCast features a chat window for users to interact with each other during content streaming.

As cited earlier, BossCast has relatively few cons. Some users may find these cons –redirecting links, annoying ads and frequent pop-ups –somewhat annoying. Particularly, the ads and pop-ups could mar your streaming experience. Despite its associated cons, BossCast remains an interesting resource for the streaming of sports matches.

Additionally Here are The  Direct Links to the Top 27 Free Sports Streaming Sites or Live football apps as the case may be in 2021

  1. HesGoal
  2. Freestreams-live1
  3. TotalSportek
  4. Cricfree
  5. MamaHD
  6. FirstRowSports
  7. VIPBox
  8. VIPLeague
  9. Ronaldo7
  10. Wiziwig
  11. Myp2p
  12. Stream2Watch
  13. Yalla Shoot
  14. Reddit Soccer Streams
  15. BatmanStream
  16. VIPstand
  17. Footybite
  18. EPLsite
  19. Streamhunter
  20. Livesport.ws
  21. SportLemon
  22. Rojadirecta
  23. JokerLiveStream
  24. Feed2all
  25. CricHD
  26. CricTime
  27. CricInfo


Hopefully, reading this post has opened your eyes to what you should expect from each of the listed  Live Football app for Watching Soccer Games in 2021 or sports streaming websites. Having weighed the negatives and positives of any preferred live football app, you should be able to decide whether that site would make a perfect pick or not.

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