Traffic exchange websites are a proven way to market websites and drive substantial traffic to them.

While the main idea behind traffic exchange is establishing a platform for website owners to surf each other’s websites, the idea tends to always push up ad views and ultimately website revenues. There’s no denying that many webmasters want more visits as well as increased ad views for their websites and one great way they can achieve that is exchanging traffic with others.

Basically, traffic exchange websites are listed under two broad headings: Auto Surf Traffic Exchange and Manual Traffic Exchange. While using an auto surf traffic exchange site, you’ll enjoy automatic surf, courtesy of the site’s in-built bot which does the surfing job for you. But in the case of a manual traffic exchange site, no bot will be involved in the surfing job as you’re required to handle it by yourself.

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Essentially, most webmasters would rather go with the option of manual surf probably as a way of saving themselves the risk of fake traffic commonly associated with auto surf.

If you’re keen to go the traffic exchange route in driving traffic to your website, here’s a well-researched list of the top 10 traffic exchange websites you’d find useful.


HitLeap Review: Why HitLeap Is The Internet's Favorite Traffic Exchange | Yore Oyster

Hitleap is a traffic exchange website which automatically surfs other websites for you and then fetches you traffic in return. How this works is that you’ll be rewarded with credits for visiting other people’s websites. The credits you’ve earned then translate into website visitors for you.

Hitleap does offer an alternative way of generating traffic which is particularly well suited for those who can barely devote time to surfing other websites. What this means is that with Hitleap, you can opt to purchase traffic for your website.

You’ll likely make success with any of Hitleap’s two ways of generating website traffic. While the option to purchase traffic happens to be the swiftest way of driving traffic, the other option (which lets you earn credits from visiting other people’s websites) necessitates your use of Hitleap viewer. Basically, Hitleap viewer is Hitleap’s software designed for you to generate website traffic by simply visiting the websites of others. The software is available for download from Google Play Store.

Besides its basic offering of traffic exchange, Hitleap does have the benefit of letting you monetize referrals, thanks to the platform’s referral service. Hitleap rewards you with 25% of the fee paid by your referral for traffic purchase or membership upgrade. Provided you’ve got at least $5 in referral earnings, there’s the option of using PayPal to withdraw your earnings. Predictably, the opportunity of earning through referrals isn’t the main reason you’re attracted to Hitleap but of course, it’s an added advantage to the platform’s basic offering of traffic exchange.

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247Autohits Login and Support

This traffic exchange website is a proven avenue for you to surf other people’s websites and get huge traffic, in return, for your own site. Rather than keeping you stuck with the rather tedious manual surfing mode, 247Autohits guarantees you auto surf. You’ll also have a shot at raking in human visitors (for your site) rather than ending up with fake traffic.

247Autohits is an always-active platform which touts itself as a service that has remained “online” since 2006. With 247Autohits being a long-existing service in the industry, there’s therefore the likelihood that hundreds of its members are always online. Moreover, 247Autohits gets new members again and again and what this translates into –in the long run –is the likelihood that a lot of new faces get to see your website’s ads.

Geo-targeting is another benefit you’ll derive from using 247Autohits.



eBesucher is a service that connects its users with a broad range of customer companies. Broadly, these customer companies pay in return for the visits that eBesucher supplies to their sites. What this means, in other words, is that eBesucher pays you for some online activities including reading emails and surfing websites.

Although considered a traffic exchange site, eBesucher works very much like a monetization program which simply pays you for surfing the websites of its clients. On eBesucher, you’ll find a “surf now” button which eBesucher users have to click. Notably, the “surf now” button is created by eBesucher’s clients and what the button does is triggering a fresh browser tab for tracking the websites visited by users.

In return for their surf of clients’ websites, eBesucher users are rewarded with points that can be converted into real money. And as an added benefit, eBesucher’s referral system lets you earn more money for bringing in new members.


Free Website Traffic Exchange | Rankboostup Logo

Rankbootsup is a user-oriented traffic exchange website which lets you generate traffic from the desired sources, thanks to the website’s improved geo-targeting capability.

With Rankbootsup, you can push up your website’s ranking and ultimately drive massive traffic to it. Interestingly, Rankbootsup comes with its own auto surf software, making it a lot easy for you to automatically surf other sites.

Some of the benefits you’ll get with Rankbootsup are the chance to increase your site’s Alexa rank and the assurance of driving lots of human traffic to the site. Moreover, Rankbootsup boasts a user-friendly interface that is well tailored to the needs of varying mobile device users.

5.EasyHits4u EasyHits4U: Appstore for Android

EasyHits4u is a traffic exchange site that works very much like an avenue for promoting your site. What EasyHits4u does is getting your site’s ads in front of its members. With EasyHits4u boasting no less than 1.5 million members, the exchange site could be a pleasant avenue for you to rake in thousands of visits and ad views for your site.

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Besides paving the way for smooth networking among members, EasyHits4u provides you with optimum tracking and detailed statistics. EasyHits4u, launched as far back as 2003, is definitely one of the long-standing players in the industry. Not only is it one of the most commonly used sites for traffic exchange, EasyHits4u is also great for promoting your site at no cost.


Free Traffic: [Free / Paid] Latest Otohits Traffic Exchange Review

Otohits is another pretty website that lets you earn credits from auto surf. How Otohits works is by allowing you to join the web-based platform and availing you the chance to earn credits from auto surf.

To successfully leverage Otohits’ auto surf for driving traffic to your website, you definitely need to remain in the auto surf mode. This way, you’ll be rewarded with credits which ultimately bring others to noticing your site.

Otohits is a free-to-use traffic exchange website you can always bank on for ease of access. Even if a whole lot of people are connected to Otohits, the website still runs pretty smooth, courtesy of its ever-functioning engine.

7.Legacy Hits

Legacy Hits

Legacy Hits is a platform with a couple of other amazing offers aside from the opportunity to exchange website traffic. Some of these offers include the referral service and the Pay-to-Click (PTC) monetization feature of the platform.

With PTC, you have the chance to monetize your online session by simply clicking website ads. Although what you’ll earn (in real money) depends on the website, you’ll likely earn some money on each of your clicks. Likewise, some PTC tasks might fetch you more money compared to others.

The referral service, on the other hand, rewards you with a given amount (as commission) for each new member that you bring to the platform. Also, Legacy Hits avails you the chance to earn credits which you’d normally need for advertising your website on the platform.


StartXchange | Business networking, Business career, Traffic

StartXchange is a free-to-use traffic exchange platform but if you’re keen to make the most out of the platform, you definitely need to join one of its premium membership packages.

If you’re sticking to StartXchange’s free plan, you should be ready to offer as many as three website visits in return for one visit. What this means is that you’ll get one visitor to your website as the reward for your visit of three websites. Another con you’ll have to deal with (on the free plan) is restriction on the number of websites or banners that you can advertise. Simply put, you can’t go beyond 10 websites and five banners.

If you ever think of advertising way more than five banners and 10 websites, your best bet is opting for either of StartXchange’s two premium packages –Gold Membership and Platinum Membership. Both packages allow you to advertise as many as 50 websites and 30 banners. Moreover, you’ll be entitled to the monthly bonuses of 500 credits and 250 credits on the Platinum and Gold plans respectively. While Platinum costs the monthly fee of $14.95, the Gold plan charges you $6 monthly.

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9.Tezak Traffic Power

Pin on TrafficTezak Traffic Power lets you surf other people’s sites so that in return, you get them to view yours. This, alternatively, means exchanging website traffic.

On Tezak Traffic Power, you can tap into any of 11 ways the exchange site offers for generating website traffic. Put simply, these 11 ways are provided as features which let you advertise your website and get many people to notice it. Some of these routes include Power Pro Ads, Rotators, Banners, Letter Ads, Text Ads, and Websites.

If you can comfortably shelve out a few bucks, you may opt to purchase credits on Tezak Traffic Power. Prettily, such credits are a proven way you can quickly get others to visit your website and view your ads.

If you’re satisfied with having to manually surf websites rather than go the way of auto surf, you’ll likely find Tezak Traffic Power useful for site traffic exchange.

10. 10khits







10khits is a free-to-use traffic exchange website that has been operating since 2011. How this traffic exchange works is that you receive clicks for your site’s content in return for the visits or ad views that others have generated from you.

One of the pretty sides of 10khits is the assurance of genuine (human) visitors in return for the ad views and visits that other users have generated from you. And with geo-targeting, you’re as well guaranteed the chance to drive website traffic from any part of the world.

Favorably, 10khits rewards you with points in return for your internet surf. Courtesy of the site’s user-friendly interface, you’re very unlikely to experience worries while using it. However, the downside of 10khits is that the traffic exchange site is free to use only to an extent. You’ll likely have to subscribe to its paid-for package in order to unlock certain features.


Hopefully, you’ll find the listed traffic exchange websites useful for pushing up your site’s viewership and boosting your ad revenue. They each have pros and cons and as such, you should do well to know which traffic exchange site is best suited for you.

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