Stripe is a payment processing service considered a great avenue for you to create your own e-commerce store.

With Stripe touted as a developer-centric platform, the payment processing service could be your best bet if you’ve got some developer knowledge and would like to develop your own online store at an affordable cost.

If you already have prior knowledge of Stripe or have a Stripe account newly created for your business, odds are that you need information about Stripe documentation. Helpfully, this post will walk you through everything you should know about verifying a Stripe account.

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Stripe Documentation –What Are the Documents Required for Stripe Verification?

Stripe documentation is the process of providing the necessary documents for the verification of a Stripe account. If you can arm yourself with some necessary information and prepare your documents the exact way they’re needed, you’ll realize that Stripe documentation isn’t as awkward as you may have thought.

According to Stripe itself, the credit card processing service could request additional verification if its programmatic verification doesn’t work for your identity. Specifically, what the service does here is verifying the unverified persons linked to a particular Stripe account through additional documentation.

Basically, Stripe might want to verify the identities as well as the residential addresses of the unverified individuals. Such individuals will, therefore, have to provide one document (for identity verification) and another document (which verifies home address).

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Before you proceed to finding out the requirements the two documents must meet for Stripe account verification, click here to check the accepted document type for your country.

Stripe’s Approved Standards for Document Upload

Foremost of all, you must ascertain that the details of your documents are the same as those you supplied while creating your Stripe account. In other words, your Stripe account personal information must correspond to the details of your two documents (Proof of Identity doc and Proof of Home Address doc).

If you observe that your Stripe account personal information does not match the details of one or both required documents (Proof of Identity and Proof of Home Address), it’s advisable that you explore the dashboard of your Stripe account and do the necessary correction. You must do the latter before uploading your two documents so that you don’t end up with a failed verification process.

For your Proof of Identity document, below are the Stripe-stipulated standards the document must meet:

  1. Only original identity documents can be uploaded. Stripe will not accept photocopies
  2. Black-and-white scans of identity documents are not allowed for upload. Stripe accepts only the documents in full color
  3. Stripe demands that your citizen service number (BSN) should not appear if you’re uploading a Dutch identity document (i.e., a photo ID from the Netherlands)
  4. The expiry date on an identity document must not have elapsed. Also, invalid identity documents will not be accepted
  5. Document format can be any of .jpg and .png
  6. The identity documents you’re uploading must be complete. Stripe describes a complete (identity) document as one completely showing the personal information page (in the case of a passport) or one showing front and back (in the case of an ID card or a driver’s license)

For your Proof of Home Address document, below are the Stripe-stipulated standards the document must meet:

  1. Document format can be any of .jpg, .pdf and .png
  2. The date on the (Proof of Home address) document must not be earlier than the past six months
  3. Stripe demands uploading a readable document, i.e., the content of the document must be legible
  4. The Proof of Home Address document you’re uploading must be complete. Stripe describes a complete (Proof of Home Address) document as one with the owner’s full name and residential address clearly written. Also, the document should take at least one full page

Stripe Business Documentation

This is the process of supplying the necessary documents for the business aspect of your Stripe account verification. Stripe clarifies that it could demand additional business documentation where it’s difficult for the service to programmatically verify your business. While Stripe normally asks for Proof of Business documentation, the service recommends individuals in the US to check the Tax ID verification guidelines that apply to their type of business. You may click the link here to see the guidelines.

In terms of accepted document types for verifying your incorporated business, Stripe’s specified (number of) documents tend(s) to vary by country. You may click the link here to see the required documents for Stripe business verification in your country.

For your Proof of Legal Entity document to pass Stripe verification process, below are the standards the document must meet:

  1. The Proof of Legal Entity document must have been issued by the relevant authority. It must be up-to-date and valid
  2. Stripe demands uploading a readable (proof of business) document, i.e., the content of the document must be legible
  3. Document format can be in .pdf
  4. The Proof of Legal Entity document you’re uploading must be complete. Stripe describes a complete (Proof of Legal Entity) document as one with vividly written details including real business name, address of business location and company registration number (or VAT number) of the business. Stripe also requests that you upload a .pdf file containing all the listed relevant business information provided that such information covers several pages of your proof of business document

NOTE: The information in your Proof of Legal Entity document must correspond to the business information displayed in your Stripe account. If you fail to ascertain this correspondence before uploading the Proof of Legal Entity document, the business verification will likely fall through. Explore the Dashboard of your Stripe account to see if the business information there is the same as what is contained in your proof of business document. Tap the Edit button in the Dashboard if there’s the need to change certain details.

Where to Upload Your Documents for Stripe Verification

Before uploading your documents, you should note that Stripe will not approve documents uploaded via email. The service recommends your account Dashboard as the only medium for the document upload. Stripe’s reason for this is that the documents (ID, proof of residential address and proof of business) contain sensitive personal data.

NOTE: Following the upload of documents (in line with the Stripe-stipulated standards), a review is conducted on the uploaded documents. According to Stripe, the review can last for a whole day.


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