Spotify is a top-rated music streaming platform with millions of users across the world. With 40 million+ songs, Spotify preserves its repute as the world’s leading music streaming platform. In 2015, Spotify was reported to have attracted as many as 60 million users.

In this post, you’ll learn more about Spotify and how you can install Spotify Premium MOD APK on your Android device.

How’s Spotify a better music streaming service than rivals?

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Spotify’s emergence as the world’s best music streaming platform is never a happenstance. Besides boasting a vast collection of songs, Spotify is admired for its top-quality content; all of its songs are of high quality.

Spotify offers lots of songs in varying music genres and using the streaming platform, music lovers are certain to get their favorite songs recently released. This is because Spotify updates its database regularly.

Pandora, Apple Music and certain other Spotify competitors are excellent music streaming services that also rank high. While Spotify outranks them on several grounds, it also comes with a free version which is a chance for people who want to use the streaming service without paying. One of the downsides, however, is that in the free version, there’s limited access to Spotify’s features.

Also, the free version doesn’t avail you the chance to make a choice of music: you can’t specify the songs you feel like listening to. You’ll instead get to listen to songs related to what you searched for. If you type the name of your preferred song in Spotify’s search while using the free version, Spotify will only play songs that are related to your search. This, in other words, means listening to Spotify songs in “blending mode”.

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Pros and Cons of Spotify

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Spotify does offer a whole lot of beneficial features but again, the music streaming service has its own share of cons.

Largely, one of the perks (pros) of Spotify is that it offers numerous songs in varying genres including, but not limited to, Hard Rock, K-Pop, Jazz, EDM and Pop. Also, Spotify uses a powerful search algorithm that lets you find your desired song quickly enough. You’ll only have to specify any of the key details such as artist name, album name and song title. Here are the other pros of Spotify:

  • The music streaming app can recommend interesting songs by itself. This is basically through the Spotify Discover feature which leverages a user’s music history and habits in suggesting what they would like to listen to. The feature will eventually combine such recommended songs into a playlist
  • Spotify’s interface is excellent and as a plus, the app is easy to navigate around
  • There’s a free Spotify version that should seem like the perfect match for anyone who can’t afford the premium version
  • It offers copyrighted and high-quality songs
  • Spotify, through its website, is compatible with mobile, Mac or PC platforms

The noticeable cons of Spotify are listed as follows:

  • The music-streaming service has limited availability. This limited availability manifests as geo-restriction just as Spotify is not accessible in some countries/regions
  • Spotify’s premium version is considered a bit expensive
  • Spotify no longer displays the lyrics of its songs

What You Should Know about Spotify’s Premium Version

There’s no denying that Spotify’s premium version is a sure escape route from the drawbacks of the free version. Unlike the free version that prevents you from listening offline or selecting your desired music, the premium version lets you access all of Spotify’s exclusive features.

With Spotify’s premium version, you can enjoy ad-free music, create your own music playlist, download high-quality songs and access on-demand radio. This premium plan costs about $10 monthly but of course, it is worth the price. You may want to consider that Spotify’s Premium is costlier than Apple Music but the fact is that it offers you a much better experience.

If you’re skeptical about whether Spotify’s premium plan is really worth it, you should try the free one-month trial of the Premium plan. By the time you’re done having the Premium experience at no cost, you’re then in the position to make the perfect decision.

About Spotify Premium MOD APK

Some experts developed a modified (APK) version of Spotify. In the modified version, there are adjustments to what is often experienced with some of Spotify’s sections. Courtesy of these adjustments, Spotify Premium MOD APK lets you access majority of Spotify Premium features without having to subscribe to the premium version.

It’s no news that the free version of Spotify denies you a couple of features such as random play, the chance to play high-quality music, and ability to use the repeat option while streaming music. If you’re really keen to bypass such denial without upgrading to the premium version, all you need is the Spotify Premium MOD APK. The MOD APK comes with unlocked repeat mode, unlocked Spotify Connect, unlocked Storylines and unlocked Spotify Inbox.

The other capabilities of the MOD APK are as follows:

  1. Ad blocking
  2. Access to Spotify’s dark Amoled theme
  3. Music search
  4. Choice of song to play
  5. Removal of cosmetic features
  6. Unlimited shuffle

How to Install Spotify Premium MOD APK

Spotify Premium MOD APK is easy to install after download but to pave the way for hassle-free installation, you need to grant your Android device the permission to install apps from unknown sources.

Here’s how to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources:

  • Head over to your phone’s Settings menu
  • Toggle over to the Accessibility section and click the Unknown Source option
  • Depending on your Android phone, you’ll either click the Allow option or tilt the Allow button to the right-hand side

With that done, you should now proceed to downloading Spotify Premium MOD APK. Click the link here to download the Premium MOD APK. After the download, you can easily install the APK file and begin using the modified version of Spotify on your phone.


Believably, this post has walked you through how you can install Spotify Premium MOD APK on your Android phone. This moderated Spotify version can be used on any Android phone but it is not compatible with iOS devices.



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