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OAU departmental cut off mark 2020/2021: Are you looking for the official OAU departmental cut off mark for 2020/2021? Then, this article will cover everything you have been searching for.

LATEST NEWS UPDATE: OAU Post UTME results have been released.

The next thing on the mind of aspirants right now is whether the departmental cut off marks have been released, and if not, when it will be released.

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First of all, OAU departmental cut off marks for 2020/2021 admission exercise have NOT been released yet. Disregard any information claiming that the cut off marks have been released as those are false and old cut off marks.

OAU departmental cut off mark 2020/2021 for all courses

Trust me, I am a current student of Obafemi Awolowo University and I am going to give you the update that you need.

The management of The Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) has NOT YET released the departmental cut off mark for the 2020/2021 admission exercise, including merit, ELDs, and catchment areas.

So, when will it be released.

In the mean time, I have answered some of the most asked questions by aspirants such as

  • How do I calculate my aggregate score?
  • If I meet the departmental cut off mark, is my admission sure/guaranteed?
  • How are the departmental cut off marks determined?
  • When will the departmental cut off marks be released?

So, let’s get started.

OAU JAMB Cut Off Mark 2020/2021

OAU JAMB cut off mark for 2020/2021 is 200.

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All candidates who wish to register for JAMB 2020 and pick Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) are required to score AT LEAST 200 in their UTME to be considered for any course at all.

So, whether you want to study Medicine or History in OAU, you have to score 200.

When Will OAU Departmental Cut Off Marks for 2021 Be Released

There is no absolute date yet and there are no hints regarding when the cut off marks will be out for 2020/2021 admission exercise.

However, I expect it to be released a few weeks from now. As soon as it is released, I will update this page with the information.

So, make sure you bookmark this page and keep checking back.

How To Calculate OAU Aggregate Score

By now, you should already know what your aggregate score is as it will be on your admission portal i.e oauife.edu.ng

The system has been programmed to calculate your JAMB, O’level and Post UTME score over 100.

Funny enough, I still see some aspirants who still claim that their aggregate score should be more than what OAU portal is showing, others don’t even know how it is done.

Now, I will quickly show you before I move to the main thing which is the departmental cut off marks for 2019.

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Since the introduction of JAMB CAPS, every school is required to make JAMB score weigh at least 50% of the total aggregate score of their candidates.

The Obafemi Awolowo University has employed a 50:40:10 JAMB, Post UTME and O’level system in its aggregate system.

JAMB carries 50%, Post UTME carries 40% and O’level is 10% of the total aggregate score. OAU uses O’level as part of their aggregate unlike UI.

So, a good O’level result will help you get a higher aggregate score in OAU.

See the steps to calculate your OAU aggregate score below:

  1. Divide your JAMB score (out of 400) by 8
  2. Post UTME score is over 40 (10 for each subject – 3 main subjects in UTME + Aptitude test instead of Engllish)
  3. Grade your O’level score over 10
  4. Add the results in 1, 2 and 3 above.
  5. That is your aggregate score

OAU O’level Grading System 2021

  • A1 – 2.0 points
  • B2 – 1.8 points
  • B3 – 1.6 points
  • C4 – 1.4 points
  • C5 – 1.2 points
  • C6 – 1.0 points

For example

If you score 280 in JAMB, 26 in Post UTME and 1 A1, 2 B2 and 2 B3 in O’level, your aggregate is calculated as seen below.

  1. JAMB: 280/8 = 35
  2. Post UTME: 26
  3. O’level: 2+1.8+1.8+1.6+1.6 = 8.8
  4. TOTAL AGGREGARE SCORE = 35 + 26 + 8.8 = 69.8

That is how to calculate OAU Post UTME cut off mark aggregate score.

Now, let’s move to the final part.

If I Meet The Departmental Cut Off Mark In OAU, Is Admission Sure?

So, an aspirant asked me this question and I have decided to post in here for the benefit of others.

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The answer to this question is Yes, once you meet the cut off mark, you are 100% sure of getting admitted on JAMB CAPS except:

  • You are yet to upload your O’level result
  • You have the wrong JAMB subject combination

In fact, there is no age restriction in OAU for now.

As long as you meet the departmental cut off mark, go and start packing your load.

Here’s how departmental cut off marks work

If OAU wants to admit 140 students for Pharmacy and let’s say 50 will be admitted on merit (others from Pre-degree, catchment and ELDs).

The merit cut off mark for Pharmacy for that year will be the 50th highest aggregate score among Pharmacy aspirants that year.

So, if you meet the merit cut off mark, you are already part of the 50 aspirants that have been selected for admission.

Hope you understand?

The departmental cut off marks for 2020/2021 will be released later this year after the Post UTME examination has been written and the results are released.

If you have any more similar question, use the comment section below.

That is all for now on OAU cut off mark 2020/2021 for JAMB and departmental. Don’t forget to share the article using the buttons below.

We love to hear from you. What are your thoughts on this article? Do you have any question? Use the comment section below.


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152 Comments on “OAU Departmental Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 For All Courses – www.admissions.oauife.edu.ng”

  1. I applied for biology education in OAU.
    I scored 238 in JAMB and my O’levels are 2B3 in Civic and Chemistry, 2C4 in English and CCP, 2C5 in Economics and Maths, C6 in Biology and D7 in Agric. Am I good to go???
    Pls, I need reply.

  2. Please I have not yet upload my o level results but I am above the cut off mark and I am yet to take post utme. Am not an indigene also. Do you think I will make it into oau.

    1. OAU does not consider indigene or not. Only merit, catchment and ELDS.

      Once you meet any of the cut off mark above, you will be admitted.

      Make sure you upload your O’level result immediately it is released and prepare very well for the Post UTME.

      You are good to go.

    1. Last year’s Medicine cut off mark was 78.5 in OAU.

      PS: It could be lower or higher this year depending on some factors.

  3. Pls my name is oreoluwa I got 254 in jamb am I eligible to study mechanical engineering in oau.my o level result is 7.8. Pls reply

    1. You have a chance, you will meet last year’s cut off mark if you score 29/40 in this year’s Post UTME. But, I believe you know the cut off mark may be higher or lower this year depending on the performance of the students that choose the same course with you.

      If you start preparing very well now for the exam, you have a chance that is worth taking.

    1. I got 219 in my utme
      And 6.6 in my o level result
      I applied for linguistics
      What’s my chance please

  4. I got 299 in the utme exams conducted this year. I applied for medicine and surgery. I have an O level of 1 (A1),3(B3) And 1(C6) what are my chances of gaining admission to study medicine and surgery.

    1. From what I’ve seen in the last 2 years from OAU Medicine admission, I will advise you to change course to any less competitive Medical course. It’s an advice though, you may choose to ignore. You may meet catchment cut off mark for your state.


    1. ELDS
      CROSS RIVER-77.1%
      AKWA IBOM-73.1%

      Osun – 77.63%
      Ondo – 77.11%
      Ekiti – 76.75%
      Ogun – 75.77%
      Oyo – 77.20%
      Lagos – 73.45%

      Merit – 78.5

  6. Sir pls I scored 251 in my utme and I want to study demography and social statistics. I have not written waec and post utme, pls what is my chance of getting admission and studying my course.
    Please kindly reply. Thank you sir

    1. Once you perform well in Post UTME, you will get in Motunrayo. You have a good chance. Don’t miss it, and the way to do that is to not relent for your Post UTME. Best of luck.

      1. Thanks alot
        One more thing… My 0level results is 7.8.. what is the least mark I should get in the putme if last year cutoff is the same..
        Pls can u drop ur DM?

        1. 30/40 to meet last year’s merit cut off mark.

          Use the contact page via the top menu to get in touch.

  7. i want to cross from linguistictic in 200L to international relation,what is your advice ? and then will it be possible?what will i need to know about crossing in OAU

  8. Sir, Thanks for the replies so far… I scored 242 in jamb can I study biochemistry or microbiology with an O’level result of…….1(A1) 1(B3) 1(C4) 1(C5) 1(C6)

  9. Please I want to know if my admission is certain with upper credit chemical engineering in my ND level from yabatech

  10. I got 250 in jamb, and my aggregate in my olevel result is 8point, will I be able to go for English language in oau

  11. i had 236 and I wanna study microbiology in oau what are my chances also pls what’s the highest I need to attain in the post utme ?

  12. Please what are the five needed subjects for political science
    and i got d in economics can i gain admission into oau

    1. Yes, but it’s not just indigenes. OAU generally releases cut off marks that are slightly lower than merit cut off mark for catchment areas and Educationally Less Developed States (ELDS)

  13. Please sir,is it possible to change course after seeing post utme result?
    I want to apply for change of course and have seen my result can it still work?

  14. I just want to ask for procedures to change course after 100 level in OAU. Does it require you writing another JAMB?

    1. No. Although, if you want to start from 100L again, you will need to sit for another JAMB and Post UTME.

  15. Pls sir can I study political Science in OAU with 203 as my jamb score and 7.2 in my O’level ???????

    1. Check the last departmental cut off mark, calculate your current aggregate and check what score you need to have in your Post UTME (over 40) to know if there is a chance or not.

  16. Please can I study Law with a
    jamb score of 269
    Olevel 7.2

    Jamb subject
    Literature, and
    Govt. Is the subject good for law.

    What’s my chance of gaining admission

  17. Pls I scored 232 in jamb and my subject combination is maths, english, economics and commerce. Am I good to go?

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