JAMB CAPS Portal 2021/2022 – How To Check Admission Status On And Accept/Reject It

How To Check JAMB CAPS Portal 2021 admission status is what I am going to discuss in this guide.

how to check JAMB caps portal 2021

Whether you are using iPhone or Android or Samsung, this method will definitely work for you. 

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In fact, if you finding it difficult using Opera mini, I will show you how to use Opera mini to check JAMB CAPS portal 2021 later in this guide.

If you are finding it difficult to login to JAMB CAPS portal to check your admission status on your Mobile phone/Laptop, then this article will definitely guide you.

Without beating around the bush, below is the complete guide to check admission status on JAMB CAPS portal 2021/2022 easily.

How To Access JAMB CAPS Portal 2021 To Check Admission Status

1. Go to JAMB E-facility portal at http://www.jamb.gov.ng/efacility. Click on Click on Create e-Facility Account/Login..

2. Supply your Email Address and Password in the required columns and then login.

3. After you login, click on “Check Admission Status” on the your JAMB profile dashboard.

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jamb profile portal

4. Now, click on “Access my CAPS” as seen in the screenshot below (Make sure the examination year and JAMB registration number are correct).

access my caps portal

5. You will be taken to JAMB CAPS welcome page. Now, click on “Admission status” from the left tab.

check admission status

Your admission status will be shown to you and you can either accept/reject it on the portal.

My JAMB CAPS Portal Is Showing Welcome Page

I can’t find “Admission Status” on my JAMB CAPS portal, what do I do?

If your JAMB CAPS portal is showing Welcome and there is nothing like Admission status, there is no need to worry.

jamb caps portal welcome page caps.jamb.gov.ng/candidate profile

It means that your browser is showing the mobile version of JAMB CAPS portal 2021 page. All you need to do it to switch to desktop site.

If you are using Chrome browser, click on the menu(3 dots) at the top right corner. From the menu list, you will find “Request desktop site” unmarked. Click on it to tick the box.

jamb caps portal request desktop site

Once you do this, the “Admission status” will be visible at the left side of your browser. That is the caps.jamb.gov.ng/app_candidates admission status page.

I don’t have Chrome browser, how to check JAMB CAPS On Opera Mini

Did you know that you can still access your JAMB CAPS portal with Opera mini if you don’t have a smart phone? let me show you how.

1. Follow the a same procedures mentioned above until you get to the Welcome page

2. Click on your address bar on the Welcome bar as if you want to edit it

NOTE: Don’t clear the current link, you are just to edit it.

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3. Scroll left on the address bar until you see default.aspx. Clear “default” and change it to “candidateadmission” so that default.aspx changes to candidateadmission.aspx while other parts remain untouched! 

4. Finally, reload the new link by pressing the Okay buttons on your phone. The page will change to the admission status page.

5. Click on the search beside the box containing your registration number

6. The admission status will be revealed to you.


1. Once you accept the admission, your admission for that year is closed as you will no longer be available for other schools’ admission consideration. On the other hand, if you reject the admission, you become available to other schools who have free admission slots for admission consideration.

2. DO NOT click on ACCEPT until your page shows “Congratulations, you have been offered admission…

3. If you meet the cut off mark for your school but it is still saying NOT ADMITTED, all you have to do is to close your browser and check back latter.

4. If your portal read “admission in progress, check back later“, it means your school  has released the admission list to JAMB CAPS but and will soon change to ADMITTED

See other frequently asked questions on JAMB CAPS portal below…

I Mistakenly Clicked On Accept When My Portal Says NOT ADMITTED

The Joint Admissions And Matriculation Board (JAMB) has advised candidates to not ACCEPT their admission offer until in changes to admitted on caps.jamb.gov.ng/accept admission.

So far, we haven’t found this to be an issue. The real issue is when you mistakenly accept an admission offer for a school you don’t like. As I stated earlier, your admission for that year is closed.

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I Mistakenly Rejected My Admission On JAMB CAPS

If your school of choice admits you and you mistakenly reject it, weiten you gain?

Anyway, the only way to fix that is to go to your school admission office immediately and plead to send you the offer again before your place is filled for another candidate.

JAMB CAPS Has Admitted Me But School Says No Admission Given Yet

If your admission status on JAMB CAPS has changed to ADMITTED and your school portal has not yet admitted you, calm down.

Since your school sent your name to JAMB CAPS portal, they will definitely admit you on the school portal soon. So, keep checking.

School Has Admitted Me But JAMB CAPS Says No Admission Yet

This is almost same scenario with the first one above. If your school has admitted you, then your JAMB CAPS portal will soon change too. Just check back later.

That is all for now on JAMB CAPS. I hope you really enjoyed the article. If yes, don’t forget to share using the comment section below.

Also, don’t forget to share this post with others.

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chidinma isaac
chidinma isaac
2 years ago

sorry,pls can you help i am trying to login and their asking me for password,but i don’t remember it.
so pls what should i do

1 year ago

My jamb cap says
You are not eligible for this service
And admission status says
Sorry, not admission given yet.
Hope am safe