Kaplan Business School is a world-renowned university that provides advanced education in Australia and provides undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in four fantastic locations.

Why should you study at Kaplan Business School?

Kaplan Business School Australia offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in accounting, business tourism, marketing, management hospitality, entrepreneurship and health services and digital management, as well as leadership, and project management.

The experience of studying with us is a lifetime investment. We bring together students from over 80 different nations, Kaplan Business School (KBS) encourages greater awareness of culture as well as social interaction and diverse learning environments. Small class sizes allow our lecturers with expertise to give students individual attention and help students to interact with their classmates. Our classes focus on practical skills that employers are looking for in business school graduates.

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KBS qualifications are recognized through the Australian Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) similar to Australia’s public universities, which implies that a KBS certification has an international impact.

In 2019, the KBS Bachelor’s degree costs AU$51,600. an MBA at AU$43500 and an MBA at AU$43,500 and a master of Accounting at AU$41,600. There is also an opportunity for students to submit an application for a scholarship that could result in a decrease of up to 20% throughout the course. For more information, please contact us on scholarships available.

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Programs Available

  • Bachelor of Business* Bachelor of Business (Accounting – CPA, ACCA & CA Accredited)

  • Bachelor of Business (Hospitality & Tourism Management)

  • Bachelor of Business (Management)

  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

  • Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

  • Graduate Diploma of Business Administration

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) The specialisations offered include the areas of Project Management; Digital Management; Tourism & Hospitality Leadership; Entrepreneurship; International Leadership; Health Services Management; Women in Leadership

  • Master of Accounting (CPA, ACCA & CA Accredited)


Kaplan Business School Australia gives students the opportunity to learn in some of the most sought-after destinations in Australia. Students are also able to move between campuses during the trimester breaks at no extra cost, giving students the chance to explore more of Australia while earning their certificate.

  • Sydney Centrally located near Town Hall station, KBS Sydney provides students with easy access to Sydney’s most famous tourist attractions. The world-renowned Bondi beach is just a few minutes away, which allows students to enjoy both the beach and city life.
  • Brisbane Brisbane KBS Brisbane relocated to central Brisbane in January of 2018. The recently renovated campus is now considered to be Kaplan’s most impressive building in the region. It also gives students instant access to the city’s top attractions and further.
  • Melbourne The city of Melbourne KBS Melbourne boasts an independent free-standing glass-fronted structure within one of the city’s emerging regions known as the Docklands. In less than 5 minutes with the tram for free students can be in Melbourne’s CBD and can enjoy the bustling cityscape that Melbourne is known for.
  • Adelaide Adelaide Adelaide is renowned for its efficiency, convenience, effectiveness, and secluded look. KBS Adelaide is located in the city’s centre. With the city’s public transport system that is free and little traffic, students can move easily around.

Complete an information request If you’re interested in the school. You will then receive further information from us or from the school, and you’ll be eligible to receive discounts and special offers.

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