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Have you been incurring excess data on your Tecno smartphone? Are you keen to stop this?
Verily, Tecno phones and just other Android phones can consume data excessively for a number of reasons. And to smartphone users who are conscientious about data consumption, data usage must be moderate to avoid spending inordinately on data bundles.
Essentially, this article is a guide composed of four effective methods on how you can stop your Tecno phone from consuming data excessively. 

Method I: Restricting Apps’ Access to Background Data on Your Tecno Phone

Some applications (inclusive of Facebook and Twitter mobile apps) are capable of consuming data even when they are not in use. To stop such apps from consuming your data when not in use, you have to restrict background data on your Tecno smartphone by following the steps below:

  • Swipe down your Tecno phone’s notification panel
  • Look for the Data Saver option and activate it

Notably, doing the above will prevent all of your Tecno phone’s apps from background data usage but to enable specific apps to use data in the background, you may follow the steps below:

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  • Swipe down your Tecno phone’s notification panel
  • Locate the Data Saver option, press and hold this option until its settings appear 
  • Select the option Unrestricted Data Access –this will trigger a list of apps
  • Specify the apps you would like to activate background data usage for

Method II: Preventing Apps from Automatic Updating

An alternative method for stopping excessive data consumption on your Tecno phone is to ensure you’re not activating Auto-Update for any apps. If some of your apps are set to “auto-update using cellular data”, you’re very likely to incur excess data usage whereas you might not be ready to update such apps. To prevent automatic updating for apps on your Tecno phone, you may follow the steps below:

  • Open Google Play on your Tecno phone
  • On the homepage of your Google Play, locate the menu bar (a bar with three horizontal lines at the top left corner of your screen) and click it 
  • From the emerging list of options, choose Settings
  • Then, select Auto-Update Apps and set it to “Do not Auto-Update”

Method III: Activating Data Saver in Google Chrome

Google Chrome might be one of the apps responsible for excess data consumption on your Tecno smartphone. One way to overcome inordinate data consumption in this regard is using Opera Mini and certain other browser apps that consume less data. But if your use of Google Chrome is paramount, your best bet would mean activating the data saver feature of your Google Chrome browser. Therefore, you should open Google Chrome on your Tecno phone, explore the browser app’s settings and switch on its data saver feature. 

Method IV: Activating Data Saving Features of Social Media Apps

Perhaps, a combination of the first three methods doesn’t seem to work well for reducing your Tecno phone’s data consumption. So, you may have to consider including another method which is enabling data saving for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media apps. 
You should note that doing this however limits your experience (probably in terms of page loading, picture quality and overall satisfaction) while using the social media apps. If you aren’t bothered about the probable limitation on user experience, do well to explore the settings of your social media apps and activate their data-saving features. 


While this post must have helped you realize some effective ways of preventing your Tecno phone from excessive data consumption, it’s noteworthy that setting your data usage limit is another pretty solution. Simply put, Android phones come with the Data Usage feature that lets them cap users’ data consumption for a particular period (probably one month).

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