Generator repair business is one of Nigeria’s fairly lucrative businesses you can run on a small scale. With the endless issue of poor power supply and the constant use of generators among many Nigerians, generator repair business has always remained a profitable occupation in Nigeria.

Perhaps, you’re contented with enrolling for apprenticeship at a generator technician’s shop and in future, you’d like to set up your own generator repair business. With regard to the latter, you should be interested in finding out how to start a generator repair business in Nigeria.

Few types of Generators Commonly Used In Nigeria

Listed below are some of the generators commonly used in Nigeria. These are the types of generators you must repair if you want to function and operate without interruption:

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1. Elemax Generators

2. Elepaq Generators

3. FG Wilson 30 KVA Diesel Generators P33 Basic – White/Blue

4. Firman 0.9KvA SPG1200 (Manual) Generator

5. Firman 6KVA (Key Starter) FPG8800E2 Generator

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6. Firman 9.6KVA Generator ECO10990ES Key Starter With Remote

7. Gateway Power 36 KVA Soundproof Diesel Generator GP36 – White/Silver

8. Honda 8KvA EM10000 Key-Starting Generator + Battery

9. Hyundai Ultra Silent HYD Diesel Generators

10. Lutian 3.5KVA Generator with Key Starter LT3600E

11. Lutian 3.5KVA Manual Starter Generator LT3600 – Black

12. Lutian 3.8KVA Generator With Key Starter LT3900 – Black

13. Lutian Diesel Generator – 5kva

14. Mikano Generators

15. Osychris 12KVA/ 10.0kw Key Start Generator DJQF12000E

16. Sumec 6.1 KVA Generator

17. Sumec Firman 3.2KVA Generator -ECO3990ES With Key Starter

18. Thermocool Big Boy Generator Remote with ATS 4400Rs 4.4KVA

19. Thermocool Igwe Generator Remote with ATS 8100RAS 6.0KVA

20. Thermocool Odogwu Max Generator 10000Rs 6.75KVA

21. Thermocool Oga Remote Generator with ATS 6900RAS 6.9KVA

22. Thermocool Optima Generators (TEC)

23. Tiger 0.7KvA TG1200 Manual Gasoline Generator

24. Tiger Generators brands

Steps for Starting a Generator Technician/Repair Business in Nigeria

  • Acquire the Expertise of Generator Repair

Unlike some other businesses that you can start without any form of internship or training, running a generator repair business requires you to have first acquired the necessary skills.

For acquiring such skills, you could enroll as an apprentice at a local generator mechanic shop. The latter is plainly for somebody willing to operate as a regular roadside generator repairer. But for somebody with the ambition to stand out from the crowd, there’s the need to enroll into a standard and relevant engineering institution.

  • Do Some Market Survey

A thorough market survey is something you should do to avoid starting off your generator repair business badly. Factually, it is this survey that will open your eyes to the level of demand for generator repair in your preferred location, the population of generator repairers in the location, the varieties of generators commonly used there and the tactics or strategies for staying atop many competitors.

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Although your apprenticeship will have fortified you with some of these survey metrics, you still have to conduct a market survey before starting the business.

  • Get Your Business Registered

Registering your generator repair business is one of the formalities for legal business operation. While you’re expected to register the business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), you should also endeavour to contact relevant authorities for all the required business licences/permits.

  • Select a Favourable Business Location

Generator repair business isn’t one venture with the capability of thriving in all areas. This is why you should find out the levels of power supply and generator usage in your desired business location. Needless to say, it would be unreasonable to set up your generator repair business in an area with highly constant or uninterrupted power supply.

Also, it’s recommended that your generator repair shop is open to passers-by probably by situating it in an area with a good deal of traffic. This is to enable people driving by to see your shop and probably contact you when their generators are faulty.

  • Buy the Requisite Business Equipment

This happens to be one of the monetary aspects of your business startup as you’ll need a decent amount of money for purchasing the required business tools. You should find a good supplier who can provide you all or most of the tools at a discounted price. Essentially, buying a full repair kit from the supplier should cost you less compared to buying the business tools in pieces every now and then. Below is a comprehensive list of the business tools:

  • A carburetor pressure gauge
  • A complete spanner set
  • Thread chasers for spark plugs
  • Several sets of pliers
  • A choke cable bender
  • An ignition system tester
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Promote Your Business

You shouldn’t think basic startup requirements –such as acquiring the expertise of generator repair, conducting thorough market research and selecting a favourable business location –are all enough to make reasonable long-term success. Verily, you have to promote your generator repair business through adverts. The first advertising method on your mind should be the use of a sign post that creates awareness for your business.

Additionally, you should make use of social media in reaching potential customers that are close by.


Generator repair business is one of such skill-based businesses that you can start in Nigeria with relatively low capital. To succeed in this business over a long period of time, you’re advised to infuse sincerity into your service rendering as people are very likely to avoid deceptive generator technicians.

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