How To Retrieve A Hacked Or Hijacked Facebook Account With Ease

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Facebook is the world’s most used social networking platform and one of the downsides of this is that many people get to notice your Facebook profile. Quite unfortunately, some of these people may include hackers who are bent on prying into your Facebook account and deprive you of access to it.

If, unfortunately, your Facebook account gets hacked or hijacked, you shouldn’t panic as there are various effective methods by which you can recover it.
In this article, you’ll find out two of the commonest methods for retrieving a hacked Facebook account.

How to Recover Your Facebook Account with a Changed Password
Hackers of Facebook accounts ply their mischievous conduct (of hacking) in various ways and one of the commonest is changing the passwords of the Facebook accounts. In this instance, the actual owners of the Facebook accounts will find it difficult to access the accounts.

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To get back your Facebook account when it seems that the hacker has changed the account password, below are the instructions you should follow:

• Visit the login page of your Facebook app and click the “forgot password” option on the page (Note that for this recovery method to work, you must have access to the email account tied to your hacked Facebook account.

Ascertain that the hacker didn’t hack the associated email account by trying to log into the account)

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On the new page you’re directed to, provide anyone of the following details <> to enable Facebook to locate your profile
• When you observe that Facebook has found your actual profile, input your phone number or email address (as connected to your Facebook account)
• Click the continue button close by in order to proceed
• Following the latter instruction will cause Facebook to send a recovery code to your selected recovery option. If you chose email, then you should find the recovery code in your email account
• Input the code as required and tap the continue button
• With that done, you’ll have to renew your password and after doing so, you’ll have access to your Facebook account again

How to Recover Your Facebook Account with Hacked Email

It’s possible that the hacker of your Facebook account further hacked the email account tied to it. Should this be the case, you’ll find it difficult to log into the associated email account and neither can the first recovery method explained above help you out.

Therefore, you should comply with the instructions below to recover a Facebook account with hacked email:

• Visit the login page of your Facebook and tap the “forgot password” option
• Input your email address or Facebook username (where required) –this is for Facebook to locate your hacked account
• When you observe that Facebook has found your hacked account, navigate to your profile and click on it
• You’ll have to change to a new password as indicated in the emerging dialogue box
• Since you’ve been deprived of access to the email account tied to your hacked Facebook account, you’ll have to tap the button indicating “no longer have access to these”
• Depending on how long you have used the Facebook account, you’ll be offered extended recovery options. If it’s a new account, you’ll have access to the “trusted contacts” recovery option but in the case of an old account, you’ll have to answer security questions before you’re able to retrieve the account
• To use “trusted contacts” (specifically for a new Facebook account), you should provide the email address you can access and comply with the instructions below:

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o Tap the option “reveal my trusted contacts”
o Input the name of one of your trusted Facebook contacts
o Subsequently, a link will be sent to the trusted contact you provided. You’ll then have to get in touch with the trusted contact (perhaps a Facebook friend) and ask them to open the link.

The person will have to help you fetch a security code (through the link)
to retrieve your hacked account, input the security code as required.


We hope you have found this article helpful for retrieving your hacked Facebook account. However if the information in this article doesn’t seem helpful enough, you may specify your problem in the comment section b

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