How To Remove Credit Card And Payment Method On Chegg

Chegg lets you upload your payment details when paying on the site, and you can easily add any card of your choice to the account. The system saves your card details so that whenever you want to make a payment, you select the card, and the payment will be processed. It’s an easy way to enable fast and secure payments.

In this cybersecurity era, people are cautious about where to save their payment cards. If you’re worried about leaving your details on the Cheggs site, you might want to remove the card data and change your payment method. You can do this right from your account. Even though it’s really easy to remove a card from the Chegg database, most people don’t know how to.

If you’re looking for ways to delete your debit or credit cards from the Chegg platform, you’re at the right place. Here is a detailed guide on how to remove any card. Chegg allows you to add your credit card details to enable you to pay on its website. The card details are saved on Chegg and can be selected when you want to make a new transaction. If you are worried that there might be a security breach or another person using your device, you may, after making your payment want to remove your credit card from Chegg.

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Chegg provides a means where you make the payment online by saving details of your credit and learning how to change your payment method to your preferred one. This is a piece of verified information, and you might want to bookmark the page to check back later. Now, let’s begin.

Chegg doesn’t put restrictions on the removal and addition of cards. Anyone with an account can remove the card they’ve added for payments. Follow the steps below to remove your added card on Chegg.

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How Can You Remove Credit Card From Chegg Account


This Change can be done on a mobile device or a desktop computer. Once you have access to a device, it’s time to start with the first step.

  1. Visit the Chegg website, and input your username and password to log in to your account.
  1. Once you’re in the dashboard, navigate to the ‘Account’ section.
  1. Then look for ‘Payment’ options. That’s where your list of cards is listed. 
  1. You’ll find an arrow pointing downwards; click on it to delete the card.
  1. Confirm the action, and the card will be removed right away.

That’s all you need to do to remove your credit card details from the Chegg database. You can proceed to check it out from your dashboard to confirm the removal. It’s advisable to check and confirm because sometimes, there may be a network error, and the card won’t be removed on the first try.

To remove your card using the Chegg app, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the app on a mobile device; it may be a tablet or a phone. Click on the Account button.
  1. Go to “Your Account,” then navigate to “Your Payments.”
  1. You’ll see your card collection listed there; simply choose the one you want to delete and click on it.
  1. Tap on the ‘Remove’ button and confirm it. The card will immediately be deleted.

You should note that you may not be able to perform any transaction until you have a payment method. The cards you added are your payment method; removing them will keep you from using the app for any transactions. But you can easily solve this by adding a new payment method.

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How to Change Payment Method on Chegg

Changing your payment method is as easy as removing your cards. Follow the steps below to add a payment method on Cheggs.

  1. Go to Chegg, then go to Your Account.
  1. The next thing is to select the “Payment Options” setting.
  1. Navigate to “Settings,” and you’ll see your existing payment.
  1. You’ll see a tab near Payment Method written Change; click on it
  1. Select “Add New Card,” then the “Continue” button.

You’re all set. The process is easy and simple. Chegg made the entire user experience as smooth as possible to enable you to do tasks like this with no hassle.


Even though Chegg is one of the real payment processors, you can’t be too careful as a user. We’ve heard stories about stolen credit card details from a company’s database. To be safer, we understand you might want to remove cards from the payment app from time to time. As a user of Chegg, you can do so easily. It’s a way to have control over what’s yours. Although you may not be able to do anything if there’s a data breach, you can protect yourself against it.

To save you from the risk of losing your money to fraudsters, we wrote this article to show you how to ensure your card details are far from being available to attackers. If you want to make a transaction, just input the card and when it’s over, remove it again. It greatly reduces the chances of anyone stealing the data.

One thing to note is if your payment method is not properly placed on Chegg, it will result in failed transactions. You may not be able to perform anything on the platform. But in case you want to save the cards on Chegg, follow the steps above to add a new payment method. To prevent unauthorized access, keep your login details secret and don’t allow anyone to access your device.