How to Remove Ads on Truecaller

How To Block Ads On Treucaller App

How to Remove Ads on Truecaller

Are you getting bugged up with plenty of ads on your Truecaller app? Here is how to get rid of those annoying ads on the app. I will share three methods that work.

1. Remove Truecaller ads by getting the premium version

2. Remove Truecaller ads by getting mod. Version

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3. Totally block ads on your Android

1. Get Truecaller Premium

The best way to get rid of ads on the Truecaller app and many other feature-packed apps like this one is to upgrade to the premium version, in most cases, such an upgrade comes with a price.

Sometimes they may not be that pocket-friendly, or out of your budget at the moment, to some people they just don’t feel it’s what they need to spend their buck upon.

Basically, they are cool with the free version of the app.

But if ads are what annoys you in this app, then you may be forced to upgrade to the premium plan.

Even interestingly, when you upgrade software developers and companies like the ones behind the Truecaller app will give more feature that is not available wholly to free users. These types of apps are usually referred to as freemium.

Simply because you can stay on the free version as long as you like what you get.

The premium Truecaller upgrade gives you extra features such as;

  1. See who views your profile and get notified when it happens
  2. Check or spy on other people’s profiles without them knowing
  3. And this is what you crave! No ads. You’re not bugged up with unwanted ads. Simply, the premium version is ads-free.
  4. Get a premium badge (to ad some swag and show others that you’re a premium user) when you call.
  5. You can make a request for up to 30 profiles or contact per month
  6. Comes with advanced blocking features that let you ward off spammers.
  7. Get your profile highlighted and boosted to be seen by more people on the app
  8. It’s cost-effective.
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The cost of upgrading the Truecaller app is less than $1 per month (N250), you can opt for the annual plan of less than N2500 else year.

2. Get Truecaller mod.

The next method to use Truecaller without ads is to install the nonofficial version of the app.

You can Google search the Truecaller Mod APK app, download and install it on your app. However, you need to uninstall the free official version.

PS: Use Unofficial apps with caution.

3. Block all ads on your device (no root)

Totally blocking ads on your Android device is another way you remove ads from Truecaller and not just Truecaller this time, from your entire mobile device.

There are a lot of blocking apps available on the Google play store, but to anyone’s surprise, most don’t even work.

However, there’s one I came across that performs well this function on your Android phone- Adguard for Android.

With Adguard you need not root your Android phone to have ads removed through your phone. Also, you get to enjoy a great level of privacy and protection on your device.

Adguard is available across different platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. You can have the software installed on all of your devices and block ads permanently.

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