How to Join a Pear Deck Session with Code? [2022 Guide]

The Pear Deck is an amazing tool that teachers can use to create interactive presentations as well as for students to be able to participate in enjoyable sessions. Find out how to join a Pear Deck class as a child at using a five-digit URL or code. This guide will provide all the information concerning joining Pear Deck in depth.

image 110 is a sub-domain or microsite on which allows students to join interactive presentations designed by their teachers with links or codes. Link or code is shared by teachers themselves via emails or text messages. You won’t find it anywhere else.

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Students don’t need to create an account with Pear Deck to participate in the show. But, they’ll require an account with Google or Microsoft account to access it. This is due to the fact that Pear Deck works by integrating with Google Slides. Teachers may also permit students to join the site anonymously.

What is on Pear Deck?

image 111 is a website, specifically a microsite or subdomain on, which redirects users to It’s a page on the internet that allows students to enter the 5-character code shared by their instructors to join the Pear Deck session or presentation.

If you’re a student who’s teacher requested students to participate in Pear Deck, then you must join. Pear Deck show, you must access this website using the browser you prefer, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or similar, and input the coupon code. Then, you’ll be on the dashboard of the student and you can view slides as well as other elements.

How do I join an Pear Deck session using Join Code?

Students can participate in an Pear Deck session by using a Join Code shared by their teachers. It is possible that they require to have a Google or Microsoft Office 365 account to join the session, if the instructor has enabled the relevant settings. Or, they could join the session without having an avatar or username.

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Take these steps in order to be able to join to a Pear Deck class as a student. an Join Code:

  • Find your Join Code for the Pear Deck session or the presentation through your class teacher. They might have sent it by text or mail to the group of students.
  • Now launch a browser and visit (
  • Then, enter the five-character Join Code in the given box.
  • Then, you’ll have to just wait until to wait for the Pear Deck sessions to start loading.

If your teacher asks you to log into their email account and you’ll be automatically signed into the system or offered the option to use an email address. If not allow you to join in at any time without having to provide your email. All you have to do is choose an avatar and login username for your participation during the session.

image 112

How do I Join an Pear Deck session with Join Link

Participating in the Pear Deck session by using the Join Link is a breeze. It is not necessary to type in an email address or code in to be able to join the Pear Deck session. Instead, you just need to click on an image.

Take these steps for joining an Pear Deck session by using the Join Link:

  • Look up the email or message that your teacher has posted regarding the Pear Deck class.
  • Hit the Join Link to join the session.
  • It will open the Pear Deck session is going to be open within a browser.
  • It’s best to open it in Google Chrome but you can use any other browser.

Once you’ve joined the session, it can access your Student View. You will be able view the slides of the presentation and answer interactive questions from your teachers.

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Pear Deck offers a great learning experience for students and teachers. It’s a fantastic method to transition to a more modern approach instead of traditional schooling techniques.

Pear Deck Tips for Teachers: Permit students to email/ use an anonymous method of communication

Pear Deck is a fantastic tool that teachers can use to create interactive presentations that help students learn more easily. students. It comes with a range of tools for creating slideshow-like content for classrooms. The most appealing thing is that teachers don’t have to install it in isolation since it functions as an add-on to Google Slides.

There are two possibilities for teachers when permitting students to participate in their Pear Deck event. They can let students join via email or on their own. Login settings are saved to any future sessions the instructor holds.

But, they can alter the password at any time by going to the settings, and then turning the students’ logins on or off. Students are able to join by entering the code at or via their Join Link.

Students must log in with an email address to access Pear Deck Sessions

Teachers can allow students to participate in Pear Deck sessions by using their email address. If this option is activated students need to choose or enter their email account following signing in with their Join Code at or clicking the Join Link for the Pear Deck session.

It’s a great method to keep track of students, track attendance with ease, and also make sure that no one is able to troll sessions. Use these instructions to set up the login of students:

  • Open the Pear Deck and go to the home page.
  • Then, click on your personalized profile image.
  • Then you need to click on My Account.
  • Next, click Settings.
  • Scroll down to locate you are in the “Require Student Logins” section.
  • Click ON here and select the type of account you wish students to sign up for.
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So your students won’t be able to participate in Pear Deck classes without having an email.



Let Students Join Pear Deck Sessions Anonymously

To allow students to participate in Pear Deck sessions without revealing their email you must follow the steps provided in the previous method and turn off the “Require Student Logins” section. If you do this, your students can now participate in your Pear Deck sessions without needing their email address.

Students will be able participate in the sessions anonymously by using an avatar or nickname. They will be able to look through the slides and answer questions, but their real names will not be shown. Teachers will notice an alert at the bottom of the screen that says that the students are logging in using nicknames and avatars.

This is a good practice when organizing fun activities between classes. In classes that are serious teachers must require students to sign-up by email.

Final Take

This concludes this Pear Deck tutorial. We hope that you’ve gained some knowledge how to join our Join Code at or by clicking Join Link Join Link to participate in the Pear Deck event.

If you have questions or questions about Pear Deck, either as either a teacher or student or teacher, please use the comment section. We’ll be happy to assist you further.

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