How to Find your Steam ID

Finding your Steam ID can be a complicated process especially if you are a newbie on the platform, however, the process can also be very easy if you know how to go about it.

Nevertheless, for those that don’t know how to find their Steam ID, read this article carefully till the end because, in this article, I am going to work you through a step-by-step guide/process on how to find your steam ID easily.

What Is the Steam ID?

Steam ID is an identifier, as the name implies. It may be used to link other people to your profile. They won’t have to look for you by name and sift through thousands of John Smiths this way. You may also link your Steam profile to third-party programs using your Steam ID.

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Steam IDs, on the other hand, have additional use. You can, for example, see if a certain account has been VAC blacklisted. More than 100 popular titles, including Call of Duty and Counter-Strike, are supported by the Valve Anti-Cheat System (VAC). You can tell whether someone is a cheater this way before welcoming them into your online group.

Where’s Your Steam ID?

Follow the steps below to find your Steam ID:

1. Log in to your Steam app on a PC or Mac.

2. Go to your profile by clicking on your account name and selecting Profile from the menu.

3. On the right side of your profile page, you’ll find the Edit Profile button. Click on it.

4. On your profile page, scroll under General and look at the URL under the Custom URL section. You’ll see 17 digits at the end of it.

Your Steam ID is made up of 17 digits. Even if you use a custom URL, you’ll always see your Steam ID here. The real ID cannot be changed.

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Alternatively, you can retrieve your Steam ID by going to your account page.

1. Click on your account name in the top right corner of the app and select Account details from the menu.

2. At the top of the new page, you’ll see your Steam ID under your account user name.

You can discover your Steam ID in the same way on the iOS and Android mobile applications by going to your profile. The biggest issue is the barely visible gray font, as well as the fact that it is displayed so discreetly. It’s easy to overlook.

Valve makes it difficult to identify anything as basic as your unique account identification for unclear reasons. We hope we’ve made things a little bit simpler for you.

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Display the Steam URL Address Bar

If you regularly require your Steam ID, you may make it accessible at the top of your profile page. To do so, go to the Steam settings menu and select:

1. In the top-left corner, click on Steam Settings.

2. Go to the Interface tab and check the box that says Display web address bars when available. You’ll start seeing a URL for almost every page on Steam.

3. Check your profile page now. You’ll find a green Steam URL at the top of the page. Your Steam ID is at the end of the address.

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