How To Download Any Movie For Free – The Ultimate Guide

Before 2020 imposed its restrictions and lockdowns on humans, movie cinemas were the go to destination for entertainment relief.

Every year since 1995 over 1.2 billion tickets had been sold annually in cinemas around the world. This equates to a total of 33 billion tickets sold from 1995-2019, more than the world’s population in that period.

However, due to the adversities brought about by the covid-19 pandemic, there were ‘just’ 223 million tickets sold in 2020 but this did not signify a dearth of interest in television, as movie streaming platforms like Netflix recorded a growth of 37 million subscribers that year.

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But Netflix does not possess every movie on the Internet, and this has limited staunch movie viewers from using their platform exclusively. In fact only 50,000 users of the service are from Nigeria.

In comes download platforms which have remained popular in regions like Nigeria and Africa where the cost of data and unreliable power supply defeats any yearning to subscribe for streaming.

In this article, we have listed the best free sites to download any movie in the world for free. If you are interested in television series, then check out this other post.

Google Search 

This appears pretty conventional, but is not as straightforward as you might think. There are several keywords to be inputted to get the direct download link of any movie through Google and it’s not the orthodox “Avenger full movie download” method or “download Avenger mp4” search words.


The best way to optimise the power of Google search to get any download links is:

Google Index of Movie

Method 1:

To use this method, copy the text below and past in the Google search bar.

Movie Name -inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mp4|wma|aac|avi)

Substitute the title of the film for “Movie name.”

For example,

scorpion king -inurlhtm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mp4|wma|aac|avi), yielded this as the top link.

Method 2:

Alternatively you can use the keyword below to source a direct download link:

Intitle:index.of? mkv movie title

For example,

Intitle:index.of? mkv scorpion king, yielded this as the top link.

Cons Of Google Index

The biggest draw back to this method is the mammoth size of majority of the movies which start at 700mb.

Net Naija

If you live in Nigeria, then you’ve probably come across a movie with the watermark “”, as this remains one the most popular sites for new movies.

Downloading from the site is easy and hassle free just visit TheNetNaija, input the movie and the rest is smooth sailing from there. Their movie offerings range from Hollywood blockbusters to Korean flicks

They also offer Nollywood movies and all of their files do not exceed 300mb.

Cons of Net Naija

The biggest draw back is a lack of movies older than 2016 as all of the movies on the site fall in the release years of 2016 and after.


Fzmovies are one of the best sites for English-speaking movies with some of those being dub translation from other languages.

The site is however very averted to ad blockers and takes a longer route to get to the final download page. They are a great option for movies released in the years before 2010 and sometimes offer a link to download subtitles from.

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They offer their movies in two qualities: mkv and mp4.

Cons Of FZmovies

There are no significant disadvantages of using this site.

The Pirate Bay

Torrents used to be the number one place to get any sort of files on the net, but due to the security risks they pose, their popularity have dwindled in recent years. 1337x still remains one of the more popular options, but the torrent site has been riddled with malicious pop-up and links that have maligned their reputation.

In comes TPB, which is the most straightforward torrent you will find on the net. To download a video from the site, visit the homepage and input the movie title. Then streamline and narrow down your search results by un-checking the “All” category and checking “Video”, after which you click “pirate search“.

Search results will pop-up in a new window showing different files with varying sizes. After clicking on your preferred file, look for the “Get this Torrent” option and select.

This would take you out of the browser to a torrent downloader, which you should have already downloaded, we recommend Flud. From here everything is succinct and straightforward.

The biggest advantage of torrents is that you can find foreign language movies in their repertoire. Movies like Pan’s Labyrinth and Amelie which were French hits are difficult to download via Google and regular English sites, but they are readily available on TPB.

Another positive is the variety in the file sizes available, as some movies have been super compressed to smaller sizes without significantly losing its quality.

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Cons Of The Pirate Bay

The biggest draw back to this medium is that some of the links that download on PC might not stall or not work on mobile devices.


MovieLoverz is particularly a favourite because of its simple and easy-to-use interface. Another name for the site is 300MB HD movies as all of their movies don’t exceed this threshold.

Files are usually split into two parts and it takes just three clicks from the search page to the download platform. They are however best for older movies as recent movies from 2017 afterwards are unavailable on the site. They also have a huge archive of bollywood movies and dubs.

Cons of MovieLoverz

They split the files into two, although this eliminates the risk of losing all your progress when a download fails, it becomes unfavourable if you are watching with a subtitle, as the second half of the movie would not synchronise automatically with any subtitle.






The first five download sites listed would usually yield favourable result but if you can find your content there, then search on the last three sites, but this is very unlikely.

If you encounter any issues or have a budding questions, kindly share in the comments section.

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