How to Develop a WhatsApp Clone App?

whats app clone

Whatsapp is the leading messaging app right now in the market. There are billions of people using the application since its introduction in the digital space.

The popularity of the application has brought in the need of creating WhatsApp clone applications by other companies. You can get more information about WhatsApp clone app services here and can see for yourself how that can help your business. 

So why is everybody needing an app like WhatsApp?

  1. The concept

Whatsapp as a messaging application was one of its kind when it was launched in the market. The unique concept of having a mobile messaging app and call service was very well welcomed by all the users and this added o its popularity even to this day.

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  1. Messaging was unlimited

This was not widely available back in time. The SMS services were limited and Whatsapp addressed the issue and came with the great solution of free messages and even sharing of multimedia content to anyone in the glove with no extra cost of international messaging too.

  1. Process of identification was easier

The WhatsApp platform is easier to identify who is messaging you contrary to other platforms at that time. Anyone in the contact list could message and you would know the person and identification takes less time and effort.

  1. Compatibility

The application is compatible with any user system and this has been added as a major factor for its popularity. It started with being viable in android and ios and later on, even web versions have been launched making it easier to use. 

  1. Other features

Making video calls, voice calls free along with group chats have made WhatsApp more popular in time. This was not a factor back in time and this gained a lot of attention when it was launched.

How to create a WhatsApp application

  1. Curate your unique business model

What is your business-like? List down the different utilities you need, the features you require, the needs of your business. Once the needs are listed on then you can cater to them. Your business will be different, what are the functionalities that you require, it is according to this that an app is curated.

  1. Target audience

The audience you are curating this application for is a significant component. Whatsapp as a company had recognized its target audience and catered to them. This is the major success of them as the application solved the problems and reached the objectives of their target audience. So you need to analyze what your audience needs and what are functionalities they are looking for and then bring out such features in your application.

  1. How will you generate revenue?

This is another important component you need to look through. How will your application be monetized, where will the revenue come from?

  1. Understand the market

Any application or business without a proper analysis of a market cannot be curated and launched. Make sure you understand different trends in the market and industry and then finalize when you can launch your product.

  1. Marketing the application

Once the application is developed and launched there should be enough marketing and advertising done so that more and more people will get to know about the app and can download and experience it on their own.  

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Features to be added to your WhatsApp clone

  1. Proper channel for registration

This is the first and foremost step in any application. You can have a user-friendly interface that can help add to more safety and security of the profile later on. The registration details can be kept private and thus the security is intact and that seems to be a general point of concern to all consumers alike.

  1. Ease of messaging

Make sure that your WhatsApp clone has an easy and comfortable messaging tab. The data privacy of these are supremely important and make sure they are encrypted which will make your users comfortable.

  1. Sharing of files

This is another exciting feature that you can add to your WhatsApp clone. Sharing multimedia, emojis, files document is all that makes the application so much wanted and popular.

  • Web version

Whatsapp has a web version that people can use and your clone could have one too. The more platforms it is compatible with, the more it is comfortable and used by many of the people who are on various platforms, the reach gets higher with this. With the advent of the web version, people could use the app through their laptops and reduced a lot of hassle.

  1. Adding location services

WhatsApp has this utility added to it and your WhatsApp clone could also incorporate this by adding on google maps or other location-tracking devices and software.

  1. International reach

With WhatsApp, you can talk to or call anybody who is anywhere in this world with no problem about the fares. It is completely free. You can include this in the application you’re designing which is sure to bring you more people to use this application.

  1. Facility to backup

WhatsApp backs up all your chats to your google mails and that is extremely important when you need to swap phones, there is no problem with losing the chat information. OS your application can have this facility which is extremely useful.


If you are in the process of developing an application that is like WhatsApp there are certain features that you need to add to yours for it to be like a WhatsApp clone. You can get more information about WhatsApp app services here and they can help you with this application development process.

With the inclusion of these enhanced features your application is sure to fare well as WhatsApp. The thing to be understood is that the entire application that you are going to developed should be for your needs, your audience. The unique business, the model you have might require a different application is total, so do take aspiration from WhatsApp but be sure to add on an original element and touch to your application. That is what will deem your success.  

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