Top 6 Sites Similar to Reddit

Top 6 Sites Similar to Reddit

Some social media users can’t just do without Reddit. In fact, they have long attached themselves to Reddit, making it their numero uno amongst social networks.

Perhaps, you’re an avid Reddit user but there seems to be some love lost between you and the official Reddit app. Despite your long-standing attachment to Reddit, you could be disappointed that the platform doesn’t seem to fulfil some expectations.

Whether in terms of customization options or quality of user interface, satisfaction is something you should prioritize in a social network. This is why it wouldn’t seem like a bad idea that you find an alternative to the official Reddit app.

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To aid your search for the befitting Reddit alternative, here is our well-researched list of the top 6 Sites Similar to Reddit that you can use for free.

1. Updoot

While Updoot is a pretty nice Reddit alternative and a similar site like Reddit, its major selling point could be the ability to easily retrieve your saved Reddit posts. Provided you’ve been using Reddit constantly and for quite a long, there isn’t any need to stress that you must have got a great deal of saved Reddit posts.

Updoot is likely your best bet for locating a particular Reddit link, picture or post you saved long ago but which you can’t just vouch for anymore. Each of the Reddit alternatives in this post likely has an exciting feature that distinguishes it from the official Reddit app. In the case of Updoot, the ease of retrieving saved Reddit content is what defines the amazing difference.

The Updoot site lets you have a single storage point for your saved Reddit posts. You only need to connect Updoot to your Reddit account in order to access your saved Reddit posts on Updoot.

You’ll be amazed to observe that Updoot is damn intuitive in retrieving your saved Reddit posts. In fact, you really don’t need supplying the entire text in a saved Reddit post before Updoot is able to search for it. Even if you misspelt the actual text of your saved Reddit post while inputting the item to be searched, you could still rest assured that Updoot would recover the exact post.

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2. Deck for Reddit

Deck for Reddit is one of the well-customized Reddit alternatives and among the best sites similar to Reddit you can find out there.

Ranging from added features down to extended customizability, the pretty sides of Deck for Reddit are a beauty to use. If you’re a heavy Reddit user searching endlessly for a superb Reddit alternative, Deck for Reddit might signal the end point of your search. Interestingly, Deck for Reddit boasts added benefits such as its customization capability which lets you have various subreddits (Reddit groups) in each of the columns created.

With Deck for Reddit, your viewing capability is also extended as you can choose to read a newly selected post in another browser tab. Besides, Deck for Reddit lets you have your desired number of columns, meaning that you aren’t limited to a particular number of columns.

Some of the things you’d like about Deck for Reddit are the ease of categorizing subreddits, its pretty (new) interface and improved viewing experience.

Precisely, you can opt to classify your subreddits under such categories as New, Hot and Top. While the improved viewing experience lets you select any of the Wide, Standard and Collapse viewing options, the interface of Deck for Reddit is way different. Courtesy of this interface, you’re able to have a row of columns with each column consisting of subreddits.

In terms of improved customization, Deck for Reddit lets you hide NSFW posts, select from various fonts and toggle between light and dark themes. As a Reddit alternative, Deck for Reddit lets you have an awesome experience but it comes with the downside of limiting your search capability. What this means is that the Reddit alternative is not yet capable of letting you “search the entire Reddit”.

3. Boost for Reddit

Boost for Reddit is another well-built platform you can use in place of the official Reddit app. Frankly, what makes it stand out from the crowd of top sites similar to Reddit out there as an ad-free Reddit alternative is the quality of service.

It’s noteworthy that you’ll need a premium subscription in order to fully access some of the Reddit alternatives available to Android users. Also, some of such Reddit alternatives come with ads which you might find annoying. Interestingly, however, Boost for Reddit neither bombards you with ads nor requires you to pay a dime for access to premium features.

In terms of customization, Boost for Reddit lets you search for content (via post types including text, albums, GIFs, videos and images), switch to a different layout as well as choose between light and dark themes. Also, Boost for Reddit lets you switch to an AMOLED theme which is pretty good for anyone who doesn’t want Reddit to consume much battery power.


Reddit for Boost might not seem like the best Reddit alternative in this post but of course, it’s a great match for somebody looking to have an ad-free –as well as cost-free –Reddit alternative.

4. Reddit Favorites

Reddit Favorites is one great similar site like Reddit not only because it offers a decent number of features but also because it’s an avenue for finding honest product reviews.

If you’ve always struggled to find honest reviews for preferred products, Reddit Favorites could be your best place for reliable product reviews.

Basically, Reddit Favorites lets you access a good deal of reviews by Reddit users and pertaining to a broad range of products. Favourably, this site enables you to locate product reviews via relevant product categories. You can do this by exploring the Products section of the site’s main page.

Other ways you can locate your preferred product reviews on Reddit Favorites are searching by time period and by keywords. If you wish to locate reviews via product categories, you can select from such categories as beauty products, electronics, clothing items, software, sports equipment, books, etc.

Emphasis on Reddit Favorites as a suitable place for reliable product reviews hinges on the fact that Reddit Favorites lets you see the popularity score of each reviewed product. While Reddit Favorites determines that score, the Reddit alternative further provides you with the number of users who recommended a particular product.

Reddit Favorites is a decent platform for finding product reviews and in plain fact, some people have paraded it as a recommendable alternative to people looking to avoid those sorts of fake product reviews one might see on Amazon and similar sites.

5. Apollo

Apollo is another similar site like Reddit and just like Reddit for Boost, it guarantees you an ad-free experience.

Being a free-to-use app and being devoid of annoying ads are interesting things to know about Apollo. However, what should interest you most is that Apollo is an iOS-dedicated Reddit alternative.

Broadly, the developer of Apollo is a long-standing Reddit user as well as an erstwhile Apple employee. Presumably, this gives the impression that Apollo is a befitting match for iPhone users looking for a Reddit alternative. For me, I consider Appolo as one of the best similar sites to Reddit in 2022 and beyond…

One of Apollo’s exciting feature highlights is its versatile media viewer which is compatible with the media content on YouTube, Streamable, Imgur, Gfycat, Reddit, etc. Another remarkable feature is the Markdown writing editor –a kind of keyboard (feature) for enhanced typing while using Reddit.

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Beyond any aforesaid pretty sides of Apollo, one other exciting thing you should like to know about the Reddit alternative is efficiency. In fact, a handful of user reviews attest that Apollo is a faster platform than the official Reddit platform. If you’re an iOS user who’s just keen to have a decent Reddit alternative that costs no dime, Apollo could be your best bet.

6. Old Reddit

Old Reddit is the old platform of Reddit and according to some long-standing Reddit users, it does have a more realistic interface than the new Reddit platform.

New Reddit users may not have much to say as regards which is better between Reddit’s old and new platforms. But of course, a Reddit newbie can opt to have a feel of the old platform and see which of the two Reddit platforms is better.

Interestingly, what you seem to get from Old Reddit is Reddit’s original form as well as a better-organized overall system. Interesting also is the fact that Old Reddit is, on the one hand, more efficient than the new Reddit platform and on the other hand, it boasts a larger amount of information.

It could seem subjective to conclude that overall, one Reddit platform is better than the other. But one way you can find out which is a better platform (between Old Reddit and the redesigned Reddit) is by toggling between the two platforms. This way, you’ll have a real shot at comparing the two platforms.


There are myriads of similar sites like Reddit out there but the awkward thing here is that some of these alternatives are not as good as the official Reddit app. In any attempt to switch to a Reddit alternative, you definitely want a better option perhaps in terms of customization or user experience. This, really, is why you shouldn’t settle for a lesser Reddit alternative.

Frankly, the listed best and similar sites like Reddit above are worth trying and hopefully, you’ll find at least one that completely ticks your box of expectations.

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