Best paying jobs in public utilities [2022]

Group of engineers standing. Engineering is one of the best paying jobs in public utilities

Best paying jobs in public utilities

So you are now convinced that public utilities is a good career path, but do you know the best paying jobs in public utilities?

1. Biomedical engineer

Annual salary: $89,934

The bioengineer is responsible for the creation, testing, and experimenting of novel techniques, technologies, and creative methodologies within the context of a biology-related scientific endeavour (molecular, cellular biology, biochemistry, etc). Due to the sector’s advanced interpolation of science and technology, this is the best paying job in public utilities.

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A biomedical engineer advances biology via studies for which he develops the standard procedures at a government research and development facility.

They also plan, develop, and execute a project before interpreting and communicating the findings via reports, summaries, or conferences.

In addition, the biological engineer serves as a consultant to the researchers he collaborates with, as he examines and verifies the numerous research programmes and technological decisions to be executed.

Given the complexity required, it is not surprising that this is the highest-paying job in public utilities.

2. Energy Engineer 

Annual salary: $86,485

The responsibility of the energy engineer is to conduct and organise technical studies to define, design, and optimise energy installations (electricity, gas, nuclear, oil, renewable energies, etc).

As one of the most important positions in the industry, workers are compensated with the second highest salary in public utilities.

This expert in public utilities is tasked with analysing a project’s viability: identifying the restrictions and validating the absence of prohibitive factors, particularly in the technical and regulatory aspects.

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The energy engineer must be able to design a project based on the qualities given in the requirements, and receives an average yearly income of $86,485, making it one of the best paying jobs in public utilities.

The employee in this profession must specify the design study or optimization approach for the process, equipment, or structure. Additionally, he should be able to gather and analyse the data required for the design of the energy system.

3. Hydraulic Engineer

Annual salary: $82,000

With a yearly salary of about $82,000, hydraulic engineering is the third best paying job in public utilities, and for good reason. 

The position requires an expert with at least five years of demonstrated experience in civil hydraulic engineering. You will work in the public sector’s Engineering department on the design and construction of renewable energy facilities (wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal, and biomass) and thermal power plants (open and combined gas cycles).

Hydraulic engineers are rewarded with this top-paying job to develop energy storage facilities, substations, and high voltage transmission lines. The initiatives are created on a global scale.

To get this job, which is one of the best paying in public utilities, you must complete hydrological and hydraulic studies and gain understanding of conceptual and technical civil works design. 

The professional will provide engineering help for power plant and drainage system design.

4. HVAC engineer

Annual salary: $80,000

The HVAC technician is an expert in climatic comfort. He is employed by a design firm, a construction business, a professional organisation, or, in this instance, the public utilities industry.

It is not just one of the best paying jobs in public utilities, but also one of the most popular. In the workplace, businesses, industries, and residences, it is their responsibility to produce a pleasant environment that complies with green climate requirements.

The typical yearly salary of an HVAC manager in public utilities is around $80,000, but may reach $143,000.

5. Waste Management Engineer 

Annual salary: $77,780

Waste management is one of the best paying jobs in public utilities

The waste management engineer is responsible for locating appropriate waste storage areas. To conserve the ecosystem and reduce the danger of contamination as much as possible, he must discover methods for processing or recycling garbage.

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This profession enables him to identify their toxicity, after which he determines the different treatments to be implemented, including burning, burial, composting, recycling, transformation, and recovery.

It is not as simple as it may seem, since specialists must evaluate costs and develop specifications based on technical and economic considerations. This is why it is one of the best paying jobs in public utilities.

Individuals in this area issue requests for bids, evaluate the numerous submissions, and choose service providers. They then supervise the work’s progress.

6. Water Treatment Engineer 

Annual salary: $74,999

At a time when water is becoming a restricted and consequently valuable resource, the water treatment engineer, as one of the most important professions, is one of the best paying jobs in public utilities.

If you care about the conservation of the environment and the future of the world, then this is the ideal role for you. Clearly, it suggests a strong attraction to water, from its source to our houses.

The water treatment engineer is a hydrological specialist who fully understands the water cycle and the treatment and sanitation operations. In the case of the building of a drinking water plant, he will determine which water source is best to draw water from. 

7. Sanitation manager

Annual salary: $71, 031

Sewage, bath water… These effluents are not discharged into the environment. 

Urban communities will become uninhabitable if the sanitation manager fails to do his duties; hence, it is one of the best paying jobs in public utilities.

The sanitation manager supervises a group of agents and specialists who monitor the pipes. He prepares preventative sewer cleaning, monitors the maintenance or growth of the sewage network, and oversees the connection of people and companies to the network.

As a recipient of one of the best paying jobs in public utilities, this specialist supervises the budget of his department and anticipates the costs necessary to keep the network operational.


To operate on the complicated networks of the greatest urban agglomerations as a sanitation manager, engineering studies are often required.

8. Water quality engineer 

Annual salary: $67,299

The water quality engineer organises and oversees compliance with water hygiene standards and represents one of the best paying jobs in public utilities. In addition, he does quality measurement and analysis tasks, such as biological, chemical, or physical examination of materials or products.

This public utilities profession will need you to act in accordance with a control methodology and hygiene, safety, and environmental regulations.

As a public sector professional, the water engineer performs his or her duties in the laboratories of local authorities, state agencies, etc., in connection to a variety of services and stakeholders.

9. Health and Safety Environment officer

Annual salary: $63,937

Due to stricter rules in their areas of competence, the HSE specialist is in high demand and one of the best paying jobs in public utilities.

The health and safety environment officer (HSE) is responsible for decreasing workplace hazards, such as accidents, occupational illnesses, noise, and pollution, and improving the quality of goods and services. This expert recognises potential malfunction hazards in all the areas for which he is responsible and proposes remedies.

This is a particularly significant position in the public utilities sector, as he must persuade both the authorities and the public of the virtues of his approach, while displaying pedagogics to ensure the changes are implemented smoothly.

The function is available to both engineers and senior technicians with extensive expertise.

This position has an annual compensation of $63,937, making it one of the best paying positions in public utilities.

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