Like every other student, high school kids have aspirations and needs ahead of school resumption. Especially when they’re about to resume for new classes, high school kids need thorough guidance on how they can achieve grades better than their previous grades.

Sincerely, parents have the great onus of catering to the academic needs of their high school kids. This is true especially when the kids are preparing to advance to new (higher) classes. While addressing their wards’ or kids’ back-to-school needs, parents may have to spend ample time with the kids, review their academic progress and even enquire about the necessary study materials for the new classes.

In the belief that high school kids and their parents could be bereft of ideas on how to help these kids improve their academic life when school resumes, we have painstakingly prepared an exhaustive list of the 15 back-to-school tips for high school kids and their parents.

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What Are the Back-to-School Tips for High School Kids?


Set up a Study Plan for Yourself

The period (of holiday) away from school is not one to be spent entirely on leisure. High school kids about to return to school can exploit the last days of the holiday to create ideal study plans ahead of their return. Whatever study plan you create in this regard should include your preferred study method, study time and perhaps the length of time for which you’ll study each day.

Try as much as possible to create a study plan that would stimulate you to give adequate time to your studies thereby boosting your academic grades.

Have a Specific Study Location

There may be the need to have a definite study location if you really want to prioritize studying ahead of your new class. Not everywhere can conduce to learning and this is perhaps one cogent reason why you should define an ideal study location for yourself.

Your ideal study location could be a household library, your private room or a cool area out of your home. Although your parents may want to choose or create an ideal study space for you, it’s probably up to you to tell if the chosen space is actually suitable.

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Prepare a List of Your Back-to-School Needs

You definitely won’t want to resume school (for your new class) empty-handed. As a high school student, you should make good use of the loads of free time that comes with your holiday. You can leverage this free time to think of all the things that you’ll need ahead of resumption for your new class.

Advisably, prepare a list of these things and ensure you continue to update the list until you’re pretty sure that all your back-to-school needs have been included. This kind of list can give your parents a clear idea of what they need to get for you ahead of resumption.

Set aside Some Time for Relaxation

The period before school resumption is a crucial one that could be spiced up with beautiful and memorable moments. One of such moments is the leisure time spent with friends and family.

Even as it is advisable that you create ample time for studying ahead of school resumption, you still have to set aside time for relaxation. Spend reasonable time away from studying by engaging in recreational activities that you find exciting. In this case, your parents can help ensure you don’t over-indulge in leisure at the expense of preparing for school return.

Set Goals for Yourself

This is one great back-to-school tip that every high school kid should bear in mind. Frankly, being a goal-oriented individual is one of the characteristics of high-performing students.

As you prepare to return to school for a new class, endeavor to set goals that keep you focused. Such goals could be about the academic feats you aim to achieve through your new class. Take your time to decide on the goals that would encourage you to pay great attention to your academic life after resumption. Write down the goals ahead of school resumption so that you can always remind yourself about them.

Make Good Use of Each Day

One great way to make good use of each day is to avoid procrastination. To make each day productive, you can have a schedule that spells out your activities for the day. Keep to the schedule just to ensure you’re always doing the right thing at the right time.

Make sure you incorporate study time into the schedule so that you don’t end up giving less priority to your studies. At the end of each day, you may want to check the schedule to verify the number of productive activities you’ve been able to complete for the day.

Gather the Required Materials for Your New Class

For every new class that a high school kid gets enrolled in, there are likely a couple of materials –textbooks, gadgets, instructional items, etc. –that the kid needs to be equipped with.

As your holiday gradually draws to a close, try to find out all the study materials you’d need for your new class. Don’t wait for school to resume before you get to know about these materials. Get adequate information, probably from high school seniors, about these study materials and then encourage your parents to acquire them for you.

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Try to Learn More about Your School and New Class

Especially if you haven’t spent past one year in your current high school, you may think you know much about the school whereas it’s the other way round. Fortunately, your holiday allows you enough time to learn more –such as recent developments, academic programs, facilities and interventions –about your school.

If the school runs a website that gets regularly updated about its programs and activities, it’s a nice idea to visit this website and enrich your knowledge of your school. In all this, you should also learn about your new class by finding out the subject requirements for the class, names of instructors/teachers for the class and the academic requirements or expectations for the class.

Be Courageous about Your New Class

When about to resume for a new class, some high school kids get scared probably due to the widespread assertion that their coursework becomes tougher the higher they advance.

Whether that assertion is true or not, you need to be courageous about your new class. One of the ways you can develop courage ahead of your new class is to learn about the class during your holiday. Strive to fill your mind with relevant information about your new class.

Also, you shouldn’t ignore consulting your high school seniors who have sailed through that class. By interacting with such seniors and learning all that should be learned about that class, chances are that all your fears about the class will vanish into thin air.

Strive to Be Yourself

In striving to be yourself, questions that should come to your mind are: Am I real to myself? Am I rather imitating others? How do I become the best version of myself?

You must be sincere to yourself and find out what works for you in your effort to be yourself. Imitating your peers is never the right way to be yourself. To really be yourself, you must discover what is unique about you and work to carve out excellence therein.


How about the Back-to-School Tips for the Parents?


Help Your Kids Set Their Priorities Right

Kids –including those in high school –need their parents’ intervention when it comes to setting priorities right. As your kids prepare to resume school, you should make effort to know their needs and prioritize such needs.

One of your kids’ priorities ahead of school resumption may be to improve their academic grades. In this case, you really have to sensitize them about improving their grades. Let them know that their studies are much more important than several other things. You should also stimulate their engagement in activities that would help improve their grades.

Save up Enough Money

There’s no denying that the preparation for kids’ resumption to school comes with its own expenses. For you to fully cater to your kids’ entire needs after resumption, you should be ready to save up enough money during holiday.

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Even if you’re pretty sure that the funds at your disposal will be enough to cover your kids’ back-to-school needs, you still have to save up money. This is because some essential back-to-school needs may have escaped your mind at the time you figured out what your high school kids would need ahead of resumption.

Devote Time to Your Kids’ Academic Welfare

The importance of catering to your kids’ academic welfare should never be understated. You shouldn’t ever assume that your kids don’t need much of your attention since their teachers have remarked well about them.

Create time to monitor your kids’ academic progress ahead of their resumption to school. Engage your kids in discussions about their academic needs. Even if you spend much time at work, you should equally create adequate time for your kids.

Leverage this adequate time to figure out if there are loopholes concerning their academic welfare. Seek to know how well they were graded on assignments prior to the holiday. You should also check that they have all the necessary textbooks and other study materials for them to achieve excellent grades in their next class.

Encourage Your Kid(s) to Study Harder

Even if it necessitates promising them money or gifts, encouraging your kids to study harder is simply the right step toward their achievement of excellent grades. This sort of enticement –involving gifts or money –motivates kids to do well and among sensitive parents, it has remained one of the best practices for building determination in high school kids.

This enticement may also involve promising your kids that if they achieve excellent grades, you’ll allow them to engage in certain hobbies that they admire so much.

Pay Attention to All That Your Kids Need

When your kids say they need this and that as they prepare to resume school, ensure you listen carefully to them. Do your best to provide them with all that they need. Even when some of their listed needs seem irrelevant, try as much as possible to dissuade them against such needs probably by promising them relevant alternatives.

Paying ample attention to your kids and their needs is really a great way to show a sense of responsibility in their lives. Overall, never ignore any need to listen to your kids’ worries or concerns about school resumption.


We hope that the 15 back-to-school tips discussed in this post will help in planning meaningful resumption for high school kids. As parents of high school kids who are about to resume for new classes, rest assured that those tips can help you plan remarkable academic sessions for the kids.


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