Regardless of your location and notwithstanding where you reside, be it in Moreno Valley or a surrounding area, there is certainly a good deal of worthy schools that you can pick from.

To save you the need to search tirelessly for the top schools in Moreno Valley, we’ve painstakingly investigated the 10 best colleges in Moreno Valley.

In filtering out these 10 worthy colleges from the stack of schools around Moreno Valley, we based our evaluation on two key criteria –provision of recognized accredited programs, and guarantee of affordable annual cost (that’s averagely less than $20,000).

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Finally, here is our list of the 10 best colleges in Moreno Valley:

1. Moreno Valley College

Moreno Valley College is a vibrant institution with more than 30-year teaching experience. It is, in fact, one of the most notable seats of learning in Moreno Valley. At Moreno Valley College, students are exposed to various learning resources as well as support services that appeal to students’ learning goals at various stages.

Moreno Valley College offers the First-Year Experience Program (FYE) which paves the way for new intakes to interact with peers. FYE further has the benefit of allowing the students to exploit a handful of opportunities that should help amplify their college experience. Averagely, the annual cost at Moreno Valley College is estimated at $4,633.

Students at Moreno Valley College can take advantage of varying activities to boost their extracurricular achievements. One of the ways Moreno Valley College lives up to its status as a community-based college is hosting a good deal of distinct campus events for students. Parts of the notable resources for helping students achieve their learning/developmental goals at this community-based college include on-campus workshops, online workshops, the Learning Center and Student Services Center.

Moreno Valley College has a pretty range of learning pathways which are as follows:

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Education and Childhood Development
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
  • Public Safety
  • Communications, English, and World Languages
  • Business
  • Health Sciences

2. Riverside City College

Riverside City College is a seat of learning that offers a good deal of opportunities to learners. It further offers an environment that’s conducive for international students, first-time college students and various other categories of post-secondary learners to achieve their academic goals. With that said, Riverside City College is an affordable college with an average annual cost of $4,620.

Students at Riverside College are allowed ample exposure to both academic and extracurricular activities, inclusive of art performances and other on-campus events. With the help of the academic majors offered by Riverside City College, learners have a great shot at preparing themselves for successful careers.

Each of the majors offered by Riverside City College does have distinct opportunities that learners are certain to enjoy. Riverside City College offers education in eight learning pathways which are as follows:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • Advanced Technical Arts and Trades
  • Visual, Performing, and Creative Arts
  • Health-Related Sciences
  • Education and Teacher Preparation
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Languages and Humanities
  • Business, Information Systems, and Technology
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3.Mt. San Jacinto College

Mt. San Jacinto College is a school with a decent number of beneficial resources intended to promote students’ academic/developmental wellbeing. The school is a long-standing institution that was launched as far back as 1963.

Aside from its vast teaching experience (as a long-existing college), Mt. San Jacinto College offers a litany of highly beneficial resources including a health centre, a bookstore, a veterans resource centre, a library, and a child development and education centre. The average annual cost at Mt. San Jacinto College hovers around $5,466.

If you fall among college aspirants who hope to transition swiftly from college to a four-year university, Mt. San Jacinto College is undeniably one of the ideal colleges for you. This is because the college offers an Associate’s Degree for Transfer, in addition to the standard Associate’s degree.

Perhaps, the most interesting thing about Mt. San Jacinto College is that it offers some of the learning pathways that can help prepare students for contemporarily relevant careers. Basically, the college offers five learning pathways which are as follows:

  • Science, Math, and Engineering
  • People, Culture, and Public Service
  • Arts, Communication, and Design
  • Health and Wellness
  • Business, Technology, and Entrepreneurship

4. Norco College

Norco College is most probably the ideal college for residents of Moreno Valley looking to enrol in a college with a really flexible mode of learning. With Norco College, you’ll likely have a real shot at maintaining a learning schedule that allows you to create time for your means of livelihood. The average annual cost at this college hovers around $5,099.

Through its online classes, Norco College paves the way for a generously flexible mode of learning for its students. While Norco College also offers regular on-campus classes, the school specially caters to its first-time students in a manner that encourages them to quickly adapt to the new learning environment.

Some of the notable degree options offered by Norco College include Associate of Science, Associate Degree for Transfer, and Associate of Arts. With that said, Norco College is a considerably populous college with 15,000+ enrolled students. It does offer education in a good number of learning pathways with some of the commonest ones being:

  • Business and Management
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences

5. Riverside County Office of Education –School of Career Education

This School of Career Education has a special focus on occupational training. With this focus in mind, the school equips post-secondary students with the requisite skills that would prepare them for employment in the students’ selected occupational fields or areas of interest.

For whatever specialities they’ve chosen, those enrolling in the School of Career Education can rest assured that they would be equipped with relevant hands-on and theoretical knowledge. Without any doubt, the School of Career Education is a befitting option for college-bound individuals who want to have real-life experience of their future career paths while in school. The average annual cost at this school hovers around $7,782.

School of Career Education is touted as an occupation-oriented college accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education. It’s most probably the best choice if your post-secondary education goal is to adequately acquire the hands-on skills for your future career. The college offers a pretty number of learning pathways which are as follows:

  • CPR Training
  • Phlebotomy
  • Welding for Skills
  • Business Administration
  • Medical Assistant
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Dental Assistant

6. Platt College –Riverside

This college extensively equips students with the skills and knowledge that would prepare them for professional success. Most importantly, it’s a seat of learning with essential features/facilities such as Distance Education, a Student Center and a Career Center.


Platt College’s Student Center is especially targeted at helping students learn the skills/habits for surviving in college. This way, the students would realize that they’re no longer in high school and must adapt to the changes that come with college life.

At Platt College, there’s partial for online learning as two programs –notably Veterinary Technology and Respiratory Therapy –are absolutely taken online. Undeniably, Platt College has been designed to suit the educational needs of varying individuals including professionals willing to enrol in non-degree programs.

For students looking to secure the right careers that align with their fields of study after graduating, the Career Center mentioned earlier is the dedicated avenue for such students to get assistance. While Platt College’s average annual cost stands at $8,430, the major areas of focus for students at the college to pick include:

  • School of Business and Legal Studies
  • School of Medical Science
  • School of Information Technology
  • School of Graphic Design
  • Distance Education
  • Non-degree Programs

7. University of California –Riverside

This school manifests as one of the best institutions for Moreno Valley residents looking to enrol in four-year degree programs. One of the attractive sides of the University of California –Riverside is that there are relatively small class sizes for many of its programs.

The campus of this university is one great expanse of land with a handful of amazing facilities including the UCR Library (which holds millions of books) and a KUCR non-commercial radio station. For an exciting recreational feel, students at the University of California –Riverside can head to the California Museum of Photography.

Along with the numerous majors offered, the University of California –Riverside does have a pretty array of minors for interested students to pick the specialities that align with their areas of interest. The average annual cost at this school hovers around $12,871.

Moreover, the school offers a vast range of programs, including undergraduate and graduate degree options. At the University of California –Riverside, the various programs offered come under six learning pathways which are as follows:

  • College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Business
  • School of Education
  • College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
  • School of Public Policy

8.Crafton Hills College

Crafton Hills College is one of the ideal places for college-bound residents of Moreno Valley. Not only does it offer a pretty range of learning paths for students to pick from, but Crafton Hills College also has a special program –namely Exploratory –which exposes students to an array of options.

How Exploratory works is that it enables students to take classes in multiple majors. This way, the students find it a lot easy to figure out the majors that best align with their interests. Crafton Hills College’s Exploratory is such a well-thought-out opportunity for new students to avoid selecting a major they might come to dislike afterwards.

In terms of online education, Crafton Hills College is one of the ideal options among colleges in Moreno Valley. Especially for students who prefer online classes to the regular on-campus classes, the college’s array of online resources would prove handy. Among these online resources are learning tools that the students will find useful for their studies.

Crafton Hills College exposes students to a good deal of extracurricular activities just the same way the college offers plenty of useful online resources. In addition to the college’s aquatics centre, various athletic activities are really some of the things that help students at Crafton Hills College achieve their extracurricular goals. The average annual cost at Crafton Hills College is estimated at $8,430.

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Students at Crafton Hills College can select from the college’s various learning pathways which are as follows:

  • Public Safety and Health Services
  • Society, Behavior, and Culture
  • Exploratory (Undecided)
  • Creative and Fine Arts, Communication, and Design
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • Business and Industry

9. UEI College –Riverside

UEI College –Riverside does offer a great feature in the fashion of hybrid learning options. Students who seem not to have ample time for completely on-campus education would likely find the college’s hybrid classes worthwhile.

Put simply, the hybrid classes save you the need to be on the school campus for all your classes as some of the classes would be taken online. At UEI College –Riverside, class sizes are considered favourably small, thereby allowing students to have a real shot at one-on-one interaction with their tutors.

Students at UEI College –Riverside not only enjoy quality education but also, have a high likelihood of securing jobs that align with their fields of study. This is because the college offers Student Career Services that prove immensely helpful in this regard. Notably, the average annual cost at UEI College –Riverside hovers around $14,806.

With more than 15 campuses and a vast array of programs for students to select from, UEI College –Riverside is definitely one of the best nearby institutions for residents of Moreno Valley. The programs you can enrol in at UEI College –Riverside are listed as follows:

  • Pharmacy Technician
  • HVAC Technician
  • Medical Billing and Insurance Coding
  • Business Office Administration
  • Medical Office Specialist
  • Welding Technician
  • Automotive Technician
  • Dental Assistant
  • Criminal Justice
  • Medical Assistant


10.California Baptist University

California Baptist University has a massive collection of specialities for students to select from. At an average annual cost of $19,202, this school is clearly the most expensive option in our list of the best 10 colleges in Moreno Valley. This comparatively high cost might seem like a downside but in reality, California Baptist University does compensate for this “cost” downside, thanks to its unique multi-dimensional programs and its host of beneficial resources: food services, a spiritual centre, a campus store, housing services, and various extracurricular opportunities.

While California Baptist University offers both graduate and undergraduate programs, it might be the perfect school for residents of Moreno Valley to further their academic interests in a private institution with an amazing on-campus environment.

As mentioned earlier, California Baptist University has got diverse specialities for students to pick from. Meanwhile, the specialties offered by the school come under the following learning pathways:

  • Behavioural and Social Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Education
  • Professional Studies
  • Engineering
  • Architecture, Visual Arts, and Design
  • Business
  • Christian Ministries
  • Leadership
  • Nursing
  • Music


It’s worthy of note that some of the schools in this post are universities and not colleges. Nonetheless, we’re hopeful that the inclusion of a few universities –in our list of the 10 best colleges in Moreno Valley –would sit well with those looking to find out some of the affordable four-year institutions around Moreno Valley.

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