Vrend is a Nigerian-owned online marketing system that rewards its members for their time online and for the referrals they generate. For people with special interest in BTC business and anyone willing to earn BTC, USD and ETH, Vrend happens to be one of the go-to online platforms.

Notably, Vrend Gold is the level 3 (lv3) of Vrend and advantageously, this article has been clearly written to help you find out about everything about Vrend Gold. Most importantly, you’ll get to know how you can make money with Vrend Gold.

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How to Make Money with Vrend Gold

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Vrend Gold paves the way for its users to make money via a number of opportunities but before you can get started with monetizing Vrend Gold, below are the requirements you should bear in mind:

  • An internet-enabled device (such as a smartphone or PC)
  • A sum in the tune of $10 (equivalently #4,000) to get started

    What then are the various ways of making money with Vrend Gold?

  • Sponsored ads –this monetization opportunity is usually available three times weekly. Notably, it requires you to share a sponsored Vrend content to your Facebook page and for each content that you share, you’ll be rewarded with #150.
    Daily spillovers –this is described as an automatic earning opportunity as it doesn’t require you to complete any task. Vrend avails its members the opportunity of spillovers which are available two times daily.
  • Notably, your daily spillover earnings sum up to a total of #150.
  • Wingo –this Vrend Gold monetization opportunity is concerned with the selection of a winning colour. Simply put, it assumes the complexion of a betting feature whereby you make a preference from a number of colours. Essentially, there are three types of colours and you can select as many times as it pleases you from the available pool of colours.
  • Spin to win –with just one spillover balance, you get the chance to spin and when you return, you edge closer to recording higher wins.
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With all the available Vrend Gold earning options explained above, it’s very obvious that you don’t need any referrals before you’re able to make money with Vrend Gold.

What Are the Exciting Benefits Associated with Vrend Gold?

Vrend Gold, which is Vrend’s most recent level, comes with a number of pretty benefits as outlined below:

  • Users of Vrend Gold can withdraw as low as #200.
  • Vrend Gold supports various withdrawal options inclusive of local bank account, Ripple wallet, Litecoin wallet, Ethereum wallet and BTC wallet.
  • Users of Vrend Gold can expect to complete any withdrawals within 6 hours from the moment of withdrawal initiation
  • Rewards in Vrend Gold are earned in USD

How to Withdraw Funds on Vrend

To withdraw funds from your Vrend account, you should comply with the easy instructions outlined below:

  • Enter the dashboard of your Vrend account
  • Navigate to the withdrawal button and tap it
  • Fill in your details in the appropriate fields –this is necessary for withdrawal into your bank account or BTC wallet. With that done, your withdrawal should be completed in the next 6 hours.

♦Evidence of Withdrawals from Vrend.com/gold

♦Evidence of Withdrawals from Vrend.com/gold

Vrend Registration Process

Kindly register by clicking here http://vrend.ng/gold/reg/?wwref=3575 and after that,follow the process below to get coupon code

How to Register with Vrend

To register with Vrend, you’ll need to incur a registration fee in the sum of #4000. While this fee is what it costs to get a Vrend coupon code, you can contact visit the WhatsApp contact in the link here for the purchase of a coupon code.

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Kindly register by clicking here  http://vrend.ng/gold/reg/?wwref=3575 and after that,follow the process below to get coupon code

To register on Vrend you will need a coupon code, Chat me on whatsapp here to get a coupon code cost N4000.


We hope this review article has shed enough light on Vrend Gold and helped you realize how you can make it a source of side income. Meanwhile, it’s noteworthy that Vrend Gold is certain to guarantee an impressive user experience just as Vrend BTC and Vrend Tron are believed to have lived up to users’ expectations.

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