Top Toothpaste Brands in Nigeria

According To A Study By The Nigerian Dental Association, Tooth Decay Is One Of The Most Common Diseases In Nigeria.

Toothpaste Is A Product That Helps Clean Teeth By Removing Plaque And Tartar From The Surface Of The Teeth. It Also Reduces Bad Breath, Soothes Mouth Sores, Gums And Sore Throats As Well As Whitens Teeth.

The Most Common Ingredients In Toothpaste Are Abrasives (E.G., Silica), Surfactants (E.G., Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) And Fluoride Compounds Such As Sodium Monofluorophosphate Or Stannous Fluoride To Prevent Cavities; Antibacterial Agents Such As Triclosan; Sweeteners; Flavors Like Peppermint Oil For Freshness; Humectant Glycerol Or Sorbitol To Prevent Tooth Decay Through A Process Known As Remineralization,

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Recent Statistics Show That More Than 80% Of Nigerians Have At Least One Decayed Tooth And 30% Have Two Or More. This Post Will Give You An Overview Of 10 Toothpaste Brands In Nigeria That Are Popular Right Now.

I’m Yet To Meet One Person Who Doesn’t Use Toothpaste.

It’s A Simple And Easy Way Of Getting That Fresh Mouth Feeling Every Day, And It Helps Prevent Tooth Decay.

Top Toothpaste Brand in Nigeria

However, There Are So Many Different Brands On The Market Today To Choose From! So Which One Should You Pick? Well Let Me Tell You About Some Of My Favorites:

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1. Oral B Professional Care Toothpaste

Oral B Professional Care Toothpaste Is The Perfect Product For People Who Want To Have A Fresh And Healthy Mouth. It Contains Fluoride Which Helps Prevent Tooth Decay, Can Provide Relief From Gum Disease, And Fights Plaque Too!

Oral B Toothpaste Is Owned By An American Company, Procter And Gamble, The Toothpaste Has Managed To Find It’s Way Into Millions Of Nigerians Home As The Toothpaste Of Choice.

Oral B Toothpaste Is Currently The Number One Brand In Nigeria And Has Been On That List For A Long Time, But There Are Still Some Other Brands To Talk About!

2. Pepsodent Toothpaste

Pepsodent Toothpaste Is The Second Most Popular Toothpaste In Nigeria. It Has Been Around For A Long Time And It’s Trusted By Millions Of Nigerians, Pepsodent Is Also An American Brand Of Toothpaste That Has Been In The Nigerian Market For Years. It’s A Toothpaste Of Choice For Many Nigerians Today.

3. Colgate

Colgate Is One Of Nigeria’s Luxury Brand Toothpaste, It’s The Toothpaste Of Choice For Many Nigerians Because Most People Believe That Colgate Is Better Than Other Brands. It Has Been Rated One Of The Best Toothpaste In Nigeria And It Comes With A Lot Of Protective Elements Like Cavity Protection, Whitening Agent As Well As Some Others.

3. Closeup

Closeup Toothpaste Is One Of The Most Used Brands Of Toothpaste In Nigeria Today. As A Seasoned Brand, Close-Up Has Been In Many Homes For Years Now With People Using It To Keep Their Teeth Healthy.

Furthermore, This American Company Was Launched By Unilever Back In 1967 As Gel’s First-Ever Toothpaste On The Market That Made Them Popular Across America From Then Onwards.


There Are Many Kinds Of Toothpaste On The Market, But Not All Of Them Offer The Same Benefits.

Many People Are Looking For A Toothpaste That Will Help Remove Plaque And Maintain Their Teeth’ Enamel While Also Offering Whitening Capabilities. There Is An Answer To These Problems, Close-Up Toothpaste In Nigeria.

Closeup Toothpaste In Nigeria Has Been Shown To Be Able To Provide Both Functionality And Whitening Benefits Without Any Side Effects Like Sensitivity Or Gum Recession.

4. Dabur

Dabur Has Been One Of The Most Widely-Known Natural Toothpaste Companies In Nigeria For Years.

Their Products Are Comparable To Other Mouthwash Brands, And Their Levels Of Quality Are Unmatched By Any Local Or International Company At This Time.

Best About Dabur Is That All Ingredients Used Have Some Part In Fighting Cavities And Tooth Rot/Decay; They Combine Traditional Indian Medicine With Modern Pharmaceutical Technology To Give You Your Best Possible Outcome As A Customer!

Dabur Offers An Unbeatable Variety When It Comes To Dental Care: From Essentials Like Brushing Teeth Daily (Using Either Mints Such As Rosemary) Or Dry Pastes, Through Standard Oral Hygiene Procedures Such As Flossing Every Day–To More Specialized Treatments Including Whitening Of Teeth.

5. Olive Toothpaste

It’s No Wonder That Olive Toothpaste Is A Top Brand, With Its Products Being So Effective And Popular. The Company Has Been Producing Some Of The Best Toothpaste Around For Years Now, Making It One Of America’s Favorite Brands. One Thing In Particular Which Makes This Toothbrush Stand Out From Other Companies Is Their Bold Packaging Designs On All Their Packages: You Won’t Be Able To Miss Them!


Olive Toothpaste Produces Some Very High-Quality Items Such As Brushing Gels And Whitening Pastes; However, They’re Most Well Known For Their Iconic Style Package Design Because They Always Seem To Grab People’s Attention Immediately When Walking Into Any Store Or Drugstore.


The best toothpaste for you can be somewhat hard to find. We’ve provided a list of some of the best and most popular brands in Nigeria, as well as our opinion on each one. Hopefully we have helped make your search easier!

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