Top Free Netflix Accounts Emails & Password [Today’s Working Accounts]

Top Free Netflix Accounts Emails & Password [Today’s Working Accounts]

Welcome to Mitrobe network. In todays guide, I will be showing you guys everything you need to know about top free Netflix Accounts Emails & Password [Today’s Working Accounts].

Lets get started right away. Now, we are here with some of the newest and most beloved of all update for Netflix lovers: we will share Free Netflix Accounts today. So don’t miss the opportunity, read the full post and get a free Netflix Account, or get a free Netflix Trial.

Netflix has been ​​the world’s largest entertainment network since 2016. It is now famous in India, China, the USA, Russia, Nepal, Pakistan, Shri Lanka, etc.

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In recent months following the global coronavirus-enforced lockdowns, all high-tech sites have had only one word on their lips: Netflix, the world’s leading video service which has taken the new decade by storm.

With the thousands of contents available on the streaming platform, it will be criminal for anyone to miss out on the Netflix craze.

We recently shared a post related to Netflix cookies. Cookies are very effective on PC, and I have received ideas that most people do not have a pc. So I feel the situation and decide to buy you only Netflix Premium Accounts. Now, I have brought up a Premium Netflix Account and am ready for a refund.

What Subscriptions do Netflix Offer?

Netflix offers three different subscriptions to meet the needs of its customers.

The three packages come at different prices and offer a more or less complete service that is relevant to the subscription chosen.

However, regardless of your subscription, you have access to the same number of films and series, on all your devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, game console, etc.) and you can download programs to watch them in offline mode when you have no internet connection.

These subscription packages are:

  1. Netflix Basic,
  2. Netflix Standard, and
  3. Netflix Premium

Netflix Basic Plan

The Netflix Basic subscription is the lowest plan at €7.99, $8.99 or 2,900 Nigerian Naira per month.

It provides access to thousands of movies and series as well as Netflix exclusives.

The programs are accessible on a single screen and are in standard image quality, i.e, 720 x 576 pixels. The recommended internet speed is 0.8Mbits/s.

It is the ideal plan for individuals or couples who do not need to share their screen or their profile.

Netflix Standard Plan

The Netflix Standard subscription costs €11.99, $13.99 or 3,600 Nigerian Naira per month.

By subscribing to this offer, you can watch films and series on two screens simultaneously.

You also benefit from high-definition, that is to say an image quality of 1280 x 720 pixels. The recommended speed to take full advantage of this variant is 5Mbits/s.

This subscription is particularly recommended for small families or for a shared apartment of two people, for example.

You can watch two different programs, each on your screen.

Netflix Premium Plan

The price of the Netflix Premium subscription is apparently a little higher, costing €15.99, $17.99 or 4,400 Nigerian Naira per month and gives you access to the streaming service for up to four screens simultaneously .

The programs are available in ultra-high definition, that is, in image quality of 3840 x 2160 pixels, on compatible equipment.

As for internet speed, it is advisable to have a minimum speed of 25Mbits/s to enjoy uninterrupted and seamless Ultra HD (Ultra-High Definition).

The Premium plan is recommended for large families or groups of friends who want to take advantage of their subscription without disturbing themselves.

Netflix Mobile

If you are in a country like Nigeria, Netflix offers a fourth subscription plan called Netflix Mobile. At a cost of only ₦1,200 only, you are able to watch unlimited movies and TV shows.

It allows you to stream movies on any mobile device or tablet, but with a limit of only one screen at a time. However, unlike the basic, you can’t watch on your television or laptop while HD and Ultra HD is not available.

The Mobile Plan is recommended for the average smartphone user, who has no need for a bigger screen, or one who is always on the go, but never wants to miss the newest hits. 

Therefore, please do not miss using one Netflix Cookies. You can also download Hotstar mod apk & Netflix mod apk

Free Netflix Accounts 2021

First, let’s find out about Netflix. Netflix is ​​a streaming service that offers many award-winning TV programs, films, anime, documentaries and more – to thousands of Internet-connected devices.

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You can watch as much as you want, whenever you want, without a single advertising display – all at a very low and affordable monthly price.

There is always something new to discover, and new TV shows and films are being added every week! These services are charged and you need to pay. But you can Get Free Netflix account without credit card.

Using Free Netflix, you get all the services for free because I brought it to you guys only. Like netflix, check Hotstar Premium Accounts and funny pubg symbols .

Netflix Premium Plans and Prices

You should know about Netflix Premium account strategies. Basically, there are 3 Netflix programs, we have shared full detail of plans and you can read this below.

Monthly cost * (Indian Rupee)₹199 INR₹499 INR₹649 INR₹799 INR
Number of screens you can watch on at the same time1124
Number of phones or tablets you can have downloads on1124
Unlimited movies and TV shows
Watch on your mobile phone and tablet
Watch on your laptop and TV
HD available
Ultra HD available

1. Basic Plan

The basic plan is for those who want to use the account just for themselves and don’t want to share it with others. It is the cheapest plan available on Netflix, and most students only buy this plan because it is inexpensive and does its job pretty well.

However, you will not get any additional features in this plan. Now the price of a basic plan can vary from country to country. In India, the price of a Netflix basic plan is 499INR PM.

2. Standard Plan

The Netflix Standard Plan is for those willing to share their account with one or two of their friends. This plan is the most cost-effective because it can handle two displays simultaneously and supports HD resolution that is not available in the Basic Plan.

In addition to HD and more screen, there are no extra functions than the basic plan. In India, the price of a Netflix plan is 649INR PM.

3. Premium Plan

This is the most expensive Netflix plan available and is good for those who are on a budget and want the best Netflix features.

This Netflix plan can easily handle 4 screens at once and it also has HD and Ultra HD features that will enhance your user experience. In India, the price of Netflix’s premium plan is 799INR PM.

Note: These Programs vary from country to country. Plus I share only the Top 10 countries.

9 Methods to Get Free Premium Netflix Accounts

You have several ways to get a Free Netflix account to grant you access toall the premium features for free.

First, let’s discuss how to get a free Netflix account, after which I will provide you with free premium accounts by email and password.

1. How to get Netflix free trial?

It’s a great way to get a free account. This account is valid for one month, and this is the official way to get a free Netflix account.

You can sign up for a whole month with no problem. After one month, you can cancel your subscription. So without worries, enjoy the free trial.

I will tell you the steps to register for the free trial.

1. First go to on your mobile phone or PC / Laptop, etc.

2. Then click “Join Now”

3. See plans

4. and, select “Basic plan” or other plans.

5. Create Your Account

6. Please create a trial account via email email & sign in

7. Then set your payment method

8. Complete credit or debit card options.

9. Enter your mobile number

10. Then select the devices to view

11. Then add the member name if you want to add it as a share account

12. Your free Netflix trial is ready.

Cancel any subscription a day before one month elapses to avoid deductions.

With these simple steps to sign up, you can enjoy a Free Netflix Account with you and your family and friends.

2. Free Netflix Accounts By Netflix Mod Apk

You can also enjoy free Netflix using Netflix Mod Apk. You don’t need to sign in to download the app. Follow step by step to enter the process carefully.

In this apk, you can watch unlimited movies, unlimited web series, docs and more. This mod apk is open to all premium features.

3. Watch Netflix Movies and Web Series Free

You can watch all the latest and classic movies on the Web for free. We provide a free viewing link where you can watch your favorite movies and web series. This is available in all languages.

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You can also download movies and web series, all free of charge.

If you can’t get accounts you can use this alternative.

4. Free Netflix Accounts Using Virtual Card Card

It’s popular knowledge that one credit card works with a single Netflix account, that is, you can only use your credit card for a Netflix trial. Don’t worry we have a solution for this problem.

You can create free Netflix accounts using a credit card. The important thing is that you need a valid credit card to create a Netflix account. Make sure you do not use a fake credit card.

Netflix receives payment through Visa Card, Master Card, American Express but Rupay card is not accepted. You can read this article on getting a free credit card for Netflix.

5. Free Netflix Account Through MediaBoxHd Application

By using MediaBoxHd, you can run Netflix for free. You also use all the features of Premium Netflix for free. This app works as a Netflix video opening. Download this program and give some permissions and get all the videos for free.

This app supports all devices such as android, ios, iPad. This app works as an unlocker for Amazon Prime and HBO.

Here you can watch Netflix web series, movies, Amazon Prime, Zee5 videos, series and songs.

5. Using Netflix Cookies

Netflix cookies are the best way to get Netflix Free. With the help of cookies, you can easily access a Netflix account. We recently shared a post on how to access free Netflix with Netflix cookies.

You need a few steps like installing cookies extension into your chrome to extract cookies, after which you can easily access free Netflix.

We explain more in detail in our latest post, ‘Accessing Netflix cookies’, go read the full. To be able to get a Premium Netflix Account.

6. Free Netflix Account for Airtel Users

Airtel has been working hard on its carbon fiber. With a fiber optic distribution plan that started with 799Rs. where you get 100MBPS speed. Next edition for 999Rs. where you get 200MBPS speed with 300GB data.

If you choose a plan worth 999 or higher, you get a 3-month NFP Premium Netflix Account Subscription worth Rs.1500, as well as a year-long Amazon Prime subscription worth 999Rs and a ZEE5 subscription for a lifetime.

An amazing offer.

7. Share Netflix Accounts

This is the best option. You, your family members, your friends can donate money after to subscribe for  Netflix and share accounts. Netflix provides multiple screen features.

For privacy purposes, you can create your own profile. This profile cannot be seen by anyone else. So without any privacy-related concerns, you can buy a Netflix account and share it with your family and friends.

8. Free Netflix Accounts By Promo Code

You can purchase Netflix accounts using a promo code. Promo codes help to buy an account for a small amount.

By using the Netflix Promo Code, you can purchase Netflix at a lower cost. Below we provide the codes for All Promo.

Free Netflix Premium Accounts June 2021

These accounts are based on first come first serve basis.

These accounts, with username and password, are updated daily at 10 PM. So, come first and get these accounts for free.

Netflix is a major part of entertainment. We are don’t have money to purchase it, so we find it free on the Internet, which is no easy feat.

Hence, why we do regular giveaways and Update Netflix accounts. We have shared more accounts for our new viewers and here are the updated accounts:

Netflix Accounts Updated On
August 29, 2021


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giveaway81@yopmail.comUnlock Netflix Password
 FREE Netflix Account #2


giveaway771@gmail.comUnlock Netflix Password
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giveaway821@yopmail.comUnlock Netflix Password

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Try to Participate in a Giveaway to win a free Netflix account or different premium accounts. We arrange a giveaway every 15 days.

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How to Cancel Netflix Subscriptions?

  1. Open a Netflix website or app.
  2. Select your user icon provided in the top right corner of the interface.
  3. Then select the “Account” button.
  4. Select the “cancel membership” button.
  5. Select the “cancel” button.
  6. Always remember to cancel your subscription before the end of your trial
  7. For you not to do so, you will be charged. In most cases, you will
  8. You can still use your account until the free trial is over.
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How To Get A Free Netflix Trial?

How can I get a free Netflix account without a credit card?

How can I get a free Netflix Account?

How Do I get free netflix forever?

Can you still watch Netflix without paying?

Which country has free netflix?

Is Netflix Free for 30 days?

How to Create A Netflix Account and Subscribe to Netflix?

Netflix is accessible by downloading the application from the Apple Store, the Google Play Store, or by connecting to the platform’s website. It is also offered by various Internet access providers such as Orange, Free, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, etc., directly from the TV decoder interface.

The Netflix interface is particularly well thought out, as it only takes a few minutes to purchase a subscription before you can access thousands of hours of programming. We will now explain in details the procedure to you:

1. Create a Netflix account

Creating a Netflix account is as straightforward as straight can be. Just select “Netflix” on your television menu or on the “Start your free trial” box if you use the website or mobile application.

Follow this up by inputing and validating your email address.

2. Choose a Netflix Subscription

You have the choice between three subscriptions: the Basic plan, the Standard plan and the Premium plan. Select the one that suits you and click “Continue”.

It is possible to change the subscription plan at any time from your account, according to your preference.

3. Choose a Payment Method

When creating your account, you must enter a payment method which will be used to set up the monthly debit.

You have the choice of your payment method between:

  • A credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express),
  • A Netflix gift card (you can give a Netflix card to your friends or family so that they too can enjoy the VOD, video on demand service),
  • A prepaid card, or
  • Via the Paypal service.

Once you have chosen the payment method and filled in the various fields requested, click on “Activate my subscription”.

4. Check Your Personal Data

After activating your subscription, it only takes one click to access your user account settings. Check the “Details of your account“, validate the terms of use and click on the “Continue” button. A few more minutes and you can watch your favorite movies and series.

5. Personalize Your Netflix Subscription

After activating your account, you will be able to personalize your subscription. First, a “Do you want to watch Netflix on other screens?” window will appear.

Netflix are asking if you want to use the streaming platform from your computer or from a connected TV, tablet, smartphone or even from a TV console or Apple TV.

Check the boxes that interest you and you will be able to watch Netflix on your chosen media. If you are not sure of your choices, no problem, leave the fields blank. You can come back to this page later. Click on “Next” to go to the subsequent step.

You will now be asked to create different user accounts. Netflix gives you the option of determining up to 5 profiles, with each user capable of personalising their profile.

If you are more than one using the same Netflix account, it is recommended that you create several profiles so that each of them is personalized according to the person who has access to it. You can create up to 5 different profiles.

Personalization helps Netflix bring you new content based on your preferences. Netflix then asks each user to choose at least three titles from a series of movies or series that you have already seen or want to watch. This will allow Netflix to give you content suggestions.

Subsequently, the system will analyse the programs you have watched to make new proposals adapted to your tastes. That’s it, you can take full advantage of your Netflix subscription.

To cancel your Netflix subscription, read this detailed guide.


Our team strive to be of great help to you, to make sure you face no problem regarding the free Netflix accounts. We hope that you are successfully able to enjoy the free Netflix Premium web series and movies.

If you have any queries related to free Netflix, please comment below.

We try to solve your problem, and if you like our work, don’t forget to appreciate us because it motivates us to continue.

Remember, we are dedicated to solving your problems within 24 hours. To follow us, join our telegram group.

Thank you & Keep Supporting.

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