Welcome to Mitrobe network, still looking profusely for Google adsense approval tricks in 2021? Let me guide you practically! In this short guide, I will reveal to you all the necessary steps and information needed to get started and get your adsense account approved by Google.

To majority of experienced bloggers and webmasters, AdSense doesn’t need emphatic introduction as the best-paying ad monetization program. But to new bloggers who’re just getting to read about ad monetization programs, one may have to emphasize that AdSense is the best and most dependable ad monetization scheme they can get. 

Whether your blog is relatively new or has been running for a considerably long time, you can rest assured that knowing certain tricks will help you secure quick AdSense approval for the blog. 

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Provided you’re ready to find out the top 6 Google AdSense approval tricks in this post, getting in-time AdSense approval for your blog might not prove any difficult. 

Proven Top 5 Adsense Approval Trick For Blogger & WP(Update)

1.Filling in Honest Information during AdSense Registration

Whether you believe it or not, it’s nothing short of the truth that Google doesn’t joke with any of the details you provide during AdSense registration. As regards AdSense registration, honesty on your part demands that you supply factual information all through the registration. 

2.Publishing Original and Top-quality Content

Frankly, having unique and quality content constitutes Google’s criteria for AdSense approval. If you really want to save yourself the headache of AdSense rejection, endeavour to publish freshly written articles rather than copying the content on other blogs. 


In working towards AdSense approval for your blog, you shouldn’t only prioritize publishing fresh content but also, your articles should be well written and appropriately structured. 

3.Having Crucial Pages on Your Site

If your blog happens to have been rejected countless times while applying for AdSense, it shouldn’t surprise you that lack of crucial pages might be the reason for the rejection. 

Of course, Google wants to have a vivid understanding of who you’re and the purpose of your blog. The best way you can help Google understand your blog is adding a number of crucial pages including a Privacy Policy page, a Disclaimer page, a Contact Us page and an About Us page. 

4.Using a TLD for Your Blog

A TLD is fully pronounced as Top-Level Domain and using it for your blog tends to boost your likelihood of AdSense approval. Using a TLD for your blog might not be the most important trick for AdSense approval. 

In selecting a TLD for a new blog, some of the options you can try are .net, .org and .com. However if you’re using .in or any other country-specific domain for your website, you may not have to bother yourself about TLDs. You should rather zero in attention on other AdSense approval tricks. 

5.Incorporating Google Analytics into Your Site

Incorporating Google Analytics into your site gives Google a vivid shot at examining the performance and traffic stats of the site. On one hand, it enables Google to keep tabs on the sources of your site’s traffic and on the other hand, it places Google in the best position to examine the site’s amount of traffic. 

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In ascertaining that your blog is ripe for AdSense approval, Google needs to verify the traffic profile of the blog. Provided your blog is deriving healthy traffic (precisely via the direct route, social media and organic search), you can consider the blog ripe for AdSense approval. 

6.Improving Your Site’s Speed

Website speed, particularly in the area of loading time, is certainly one of the criteria Google prioritizes for AdSense approval. Quite importantly, website speed constitutes the factors for measuring a website’s authority these days. 

There are excellent tricks (including Google-suggested tips) for boosting your website’s loading time. In improving your website speed, you can leverage on the Google-offered tool PageSpeed Insights. 


If you’ve always operated your blog in compliance with Google’s policies and usage regulations, you’re very likely to get fast AdSense approval for the blog. 


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