Top 5 Educational Gift Ideas For College Students On Valentine’s Day

An Online Course or Learning Membership

It’s that beautiful and romantic season again where people think the best gift to gift to friends and loved ones is all about candies, chocolates, flowers, and the likes. Well, if that be the case, what then happens to kids, college students?

Well, not to worry, we’re going to help you make the right decision on this post, and on that note, we are going to cover the top 5 gift ideas you can give to college students and every student in your life.

So, without mincing words, let’s get started

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Top 5 Educational Gift Ideas For College Students On Valentine’s Day

First, before thinking of what to gift, it is important to remember how special this student is and how you can contribute to his or her learning journey through your gift idea.

Importantly, gifts should be educational, fun, friendly, personalized, and long term. With that being said, it serves beyond just buying some strawberries, chocolates, etc.

1. An Online Course or Learning Membership

An Online Course or Learning Membership

Yes, this is one of the best gifts to encourage any student to do better in their academic performances. 

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Right now, the educational system is shifted to an online LMS (Learning Management System) with thousands and millions of learners worldwide. It will be a good gift idea for your kids, students at any level as there are many online training platforms that also offer free certification.

If he’s a nerd, tech enthusiast, or probably into science courses, then will be the best perfect place to secure a 1-year membership for him or her to select from a wide range of tech skills such as machine learnings, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, Cloud Computing, Mobile App Development, Chatbots and so much more.

It would be easier for them to learn even at home while on a lockdown crisis like COVID 19. And not only that, but it will also provide additional resources for the students to learn faster in their own time and space thereby staying ahead of the school’s curriculum.

To do so, you can get started with Pluralsight free trial, Udemy, and many others.

2. A Learning Tablet

A Learning Tablet

A tablet is a very essential gadget for every student. It can save a lot of night studies especially in environments where electricity is a bigger problem where people can’t have access to light to study.

Secondly, It makes learning even better as students can take learning anywhere instead of walking and carrying laptops around or even hard copy textbooks.

A good learning tablet is one with a wireless connection (Wi-Fi), a mobile sim for mobile data connection, a long-lasting battery of at least 3000mAh, a widescreen of around 10 inches, and a smart user experience.

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Good and quality brands are from Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, and perhaps the latest operating system of at least Android 8 or Apple iOS version 10. He or she will truly appreciate this.

3. Reading Eyeglasses

Reading Eyeglasses

Not to talk much about this, many students can’t read without putting on an eyeglass. Sometimes it’s medically recommended while others use it just for fun. Whichever way, an eyeglass will be cool as a gift for a student on this holiday.

It doesn’t have to be a medical one though but it can as well be night driving or sunglasses for him and he’d appreciate being wearing your eyeglasses inside the sun or during the night while driving. This makes it a perfect gift idea for valentine’s day for students in your life. 

4. A Nice Sneakers

A Nice Sneakers

Sneakers are generally good gift ideas to give to anyone on any occasion or event. However, it makes it even more special when given to a college student in this season of love.

The use of this kind of gift is endless and can serve for a long period. There are many choices when it comes to sneakers with top brands continuing to expand yearly. A good choice of a brand could be Nike or Adidas.

5. Buy Him a Laptop

Buy Him a Laptop

The laptop encourages learning, especially if he is a nerd or tech lover. He’ll find comfort with his laptop more often than playing with friends during the holidays and short term breaks.

There’re a lot of laptop brands to choose from ranging from budget ones to more expensive ones. He can also use his laptop to play video games, use it to learn tech skills among other usages.

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The best place to buy a laptop is online via Jumia for Africa and globally on Amazon. Guys can be very dramatic when it comes to gifts but to save you the stress, the gift mentor has covered many gifts you can give to guys or just anyone in your life.

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