Solitaires are card games that you can play alone and if you’re an avid lover of such games, they could be your own way of translating boring moments into great excitement.

It’s fascinating to see that such card games are still around and of course, learning that you can enjoy them on your Android smartphone should be much more fascinating.

If your smartphone seems like the only avenue for you to play solitaires and stave off boredom, you may want to find out the best Android solitaire games to download.

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You’ll, of course, make fun out of most, if not all, of these solitaire games. Finally, here are the top 15 Android solitaire games to download in 2022.

250+ Solitaire Collection

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This Android game is a lovely combo of solitaires and as such, it lets you pick your preferred option from 250+ solitaires.

In terms of customization, 250+ Solitaire Collection avails you the chance to create new layouts and specify how you want the playing field to look like. Also, you get to experience exciting special effects and if you think you’re cool with the default layouts, you may choose any of the commonest options including Blockade, Scorpion, Carpet Type, Pyramid Patience and Joker Type.

Also, in 250+ Solitaire Collection, the various solitaire games have been sorted alphabetically but players can opt to re-arrange the games using a different method. Frankly, you’ll admire this solitaire game especially for its top-quality graphics as well as its whopping collection of solitaire varieties.

Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire - Apps on Google Play

Spider Solitaire is one card game with excellent gameplay coupled with extended customizability. By customizability, the player can customize the card shirts as well as specify the desired background for the gaming table. Other areas they can adjust include the mode and the display of the game.

As a player, you can undo your moves as many times as you want and prettily, you can take advantage of the provided crowns in completing difficult tasks.

In terms of layouts, graphics and other features, this Android-dedicated Spider Solitaire is considered a lovely recreation of the common Spider Solitaire. If you’re a diehard of the popular Spider Solitaire card game, this could be a chance for you to enjoy the game on your Android phone.

FreeCell Solitaire

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Freecell Solitaire comes with a well-designed learning mode, making it easy for any player to master the ropes of the solitaire game. Some of the features which distinguish Freecell Solitaire as an excellent Android game include a user-friendly interface, simple controls (allowing beginners to understand the game very quickly) and excellent graphics.

Moves in Freecell Solitaire can be undone as many times as a player wishes and design-wise, any player is pretty certain to find their likes among the available options for the gaming table background as well as the card shirts.

Freecell Solitaire is an Android (game) app well suited for both portrait and landscape screen modes. You can as well enjoy the game app on any kind of Android smartphone. Other features you might like about Freecell Solitaire include its auto-play mode, the auto-saving of your current layout and the animated prompts that come with the game’s learning mode.

Solitaire: Frozen Dream Forest

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Solitaire: Frozen Dream Forest is a decently modified version of the popular Solitaire game, hence giving players a feel of pretty adjustments.

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In this Android solitaire, you’ll be tasked with the adventure of fishing out the hidden characters in every location. While this task might seem like one of the complicated aspects of the game, it’s definitely your passport to completing Solitaire (Frozen Dream Forest).

While playing this solitaire game, you’ll be rewarded with a specified number of benefits (money and points) which you’ll need in the course of completing the game. You’ll have to wade through lots of levels but you’re certain to earn money and points for each of the levels.

Some of the things you’d like about Solitaire: Frozen Dream Forest include excellent gameplay, pleasant background music, captivating visual design and the adventurous storyline stated earlier (about fishing out hidden forest characters).

In Solitaire: Frozen Dream Forest, the first level is more or less a kind of training. It is at this level that the player gets to know the management as well as the guidelines to follow.

Solitaire –Solitaire Card Games

Solitaire | Solitaire games, Solitaire card game, Playing solitaire

This Android solitaire game is no different from the well-known Solitaire dedicated for Microsoft computers. But being an upgraded prototype of the typical PC-dedicated Solitaire, this Android solitaire game boasts improved graphics as well as a couple of customization options.

In terms of gaming components, you’ll likely have an experience much similar to that of Microsoft PC-dedicated Solitaire. Also, the gameplay is now pretty much easier, thanks to the provided clever ideas on how to find your way around moves.

Solitaire for Android is a lovely card game suitable for games across all age grades. In terms of graphics, gameplay and customization, this Android solitaire is one thing any lover of solitaire games would love to play. While customizability makes it pretty easy to change the game’s background, convenient gameplay allows you to manipulate your moves.

Solitaire Dungeon Escape

Cover art

Solitaire Dungeon Escape is a fascinating solitaire game for your Android devices. It’s pretty much like the popular Solitaire, hence giving the impression that you’d enjoy the game’s adventurous feel.

In Solitaire Dungeon Escape, the player is tasked with the mission of freeing a princess that has been held captive. The gaming scene presents you with a row of rooms and in your mission to rescue the princess, you must unlock various doors before you can get to her.

As much as you’d find this solitaire game interesting, you must be ready to face the task of demystifying card problems in order to unlock the doors that will lead you to the imprisoned princess. Beyond this adventurous feel, one thing you’d love about Solitaire Dungeon Escape is the decent visual component coupled with the attractive gaming atmosphere.

Other commendable features of Solitaire Dungeon Escape are the intuitive interface, the captivating storyline and the excellent visual design.

Age of Solitaire

Age of Solitaire Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide | Touch, Tap, Play

This is a solitaire game that comes with the excitement of traveling to various in-game locations.

Age of Solitaire is highly recommended for gamers who fancy games with some elements of recreation combined with adventurous travels. Basically in Age of Solitaire, you’re free to participate in weird tournaments during your travels.

If you’re fortunate enough to have done well in the game, you can establish a resort from the money you’ve earned. You’ll have the pleasure of exploring lots of places including resorts and snowy territories, and improve these places design-wise.

Age of Solitaire is one game that appeals to design creativity and this is why the gameplay allows you to employ your intuition in building excellent features in the course of your adventures. Undeniably, this solitaire game is commendable for its lovely gameplay and amazing design. The gameplay is well customizable, giving the gamer a real shot at bringing alive their preferences.

Of all the perks of Age of Solitary, some of the features we mustn’t ignore include top-notch special effects, a decent number of (game) modes and a pleasant gaming aura occasioned by the accompanying music.

Vampire Solitaire

Cover art

This Android game gives you a feel of adventure in the form of different solitaire games which have been integrated into a whole.


Quite frankly, this whole takes you through the mystery of covering a lengthy and risky distance just to help a vampire recover his lost cards. Vampire Solitaire will likely prove complicated when you realize that you must play your solitaire accurately before you can push past any of the game’s numerous levels.

Vampire Solitaire might seem scary to you already and adding to this scare is the challenge of coming up against tough enemies. But inasmuch as you can correctly play the exciting card puzzles that come with this adventure, you’re pretty sure of overcoming the enemies and advance your gaming journey.

In Vampire Solitaire, you’ll have to deal with frozen cards and other forms of difficult cards. Nevertheless, you may rest assured that a hammer or other bonus object will prove helpful for (releasing) the cards. Among the mystical solitaire games out there, Vampire Solitaire isn’t a sort of “walk in the park” and as such, you should be ready to wade through 600+ levels.

Solitaire Treasure Hunt

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Just as its name implies, Solitaire Treasure Hunt is the Android solitaire game that keeps you in the hunt for age-long treasures in difficult and faraway horizons. On the one hand, the game plunges you into the rigor of digging out treasures. Solitaire Treasure Hunt, on the other hand, keeps you in the stiff competition of slugging it out with other hunters.

Rules for playing this solitaire are described as the “rules of Soliter”. Soliter is relatively a puzzle which evaluates such abilities as cunning, logic and ingenuity. To equip any new player with an understanding of the associated gaming rules and goals, the player is required to undergo a kind of training.

The preamble of Solitaire Treasure Hunt is where a player undergoes their first test of coming up against hunters in a sort of local contest. Truth be told, Solitaire Treasure Hunt is one hell of a solitaire game that motivates you to fight it “dirty” with other hunters and partake in regular competitions in a bid to dig out amazing treasures.

Solitaire Perfect Match

Solitaire Perfect Match 2021.5.2844 Download Android APK | Aptoide

Solitaire Perfect Match is a game that tests your ingenuity as regards pairing cards with each other.

While this game’s card-matching task may seem difficult, you’ll likely find a way of pushing through the game levels, thanks to the provided boosters that let you tweak the gaming direction. Meanwhile, you’ll need powerful boosters that will help you do well in the game. Such boosters can be bought in exchange for the coins that you earn after completing several tasks.

There are tournaments you can participate in but you first have to complete a number of tasks just to show how much you’ve prepared for the challenging tasks ahead. In Solitaire Perfect Match, tournaments are a decent opportunity for the player to grab prizes.

If you’re pondering on what your goal is in this solitaire game, just know that you’ll have to select cards from the game table. As you hope to clear the table, endeavor to pick the appropriate cards.

Solitaire TriPeaks

Cover art

Solitaire TriPeaks is a fun solitaire game you can play on your Android phone either alone or with others. It’s an adventure-filled game where you travel, in company of Tiki, round an island. You’ve got to adapt to your environment by bearing up against the obstacles in your way. Tiki will be your trustworthy travel guide while Poi (Tiki’s dog) will accompany you both during your journey round the island.

You’ll bag points and prizes in the course of your travel and in fact, a whopping gift of 12,500 coins awaits you after registration. Solitaire TriPeaks can prove more exciting if you choose to play alongside friends and this way, you’ll see a table that shows how well you have fared compared to competitors.

As you hope to download Solitaire TriPeaks on your Android phone, get ready to plunge into a long-lasting adventure with 800+ levels.

Fairway Solitaire Blast

Cover art

In Fairway Solitaire Blast, you’ve got to wade through as many as 700 levels, making the game one hell of a solitaire. Nevertheless, Fairway Solitaire Blast is such a fascinating game with a wonderful blend of travel, puzzle and solitaire.

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One great thing about this game is that you can sustain your gaming progress on a different device. Why this is possible is that Fairway Solitaire Blast lets you save your session in the cloud and this way, it’s a lot easy for you to proceed with your game. When you need to progress on another device, you’ll only have to sign in to your account.

Solitaire Free Pack

Cover art

This is another Android (game) app with a broad range of solitaires that you can occupy yourself with. Ranging from the most popular solitaire games down to the less common ones, the solitaires in Solitaire Free Pack are so many that you’ll certainly find your choice.

In Solitaire Free Pack, customization is damn possible as you can customize the card shirts, card table backgrounds, as well as certain features of the gaming toolbar. As a plus, you can modify the gameplay as well as tweak several game parameters to your taste.

Even as the solitaires in Solitaire Free Pack all come in the same style, your chances of customizing each solitaire are so high that you’ve got nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, some of the widely admired solitaires in Solitaire Free Pack include Three Peaks, Spider and Solitaire.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Cover art

Pyramid Solitaire Saga is a solitaire game with a lovely style and charming decoration. But in reality, the puzzle aspect of the game may appear a bit challenging.

Playing this game, you’re tasked to demystify the challenge of perfectly positioning the boards you’ll find on the playing field. You definitely won’t have to handle this task haphazardly and that’s why the game requires you to comply with a very simple rule.

A player will have to match a card to another (on their deck) and in doing this, the rule indicates that the player should opt for a card which is only one digit greater or less than the one on the deck.

Twenty48 Solitaire

About: Twenty48 Solitaire (2048 Solitaire) (Google Play version) | | Apptopia

This arcade-styled card game is way different from the other solitaire games in this post. While Twenty48 Solitaire demands a good deal of alertness, the card game is one where you lay out cards and target a score of 2048 points.

In Twenty48 Solitaire, you’ve got to deal with numbers very smartly and accurately distribute space. Basically, there are cards in various decks with cards bearing specific numbers. You’ll then have to further lay out cards in these decks.

Although a puzzling solitaire, Twenty48 Solitaire is an exciting game that conditions you to manage space while dealing with numbers. When it appears difficult to still manage space, the special cards available in the game can be your lifesaver.

Android apps you can also play on the web

Some solitaire fans like playing on both their desktop computers and on the go with their mobile apps. There are two apps that are perfect for this:

  • Solitaired is an excellent web app with over 500 games that also has a basic Android app. If you create an account, you can continue to add to your records and scores.
  • Solitaire Bliss offers both a great web and mobile app experience. You can play over 30 solitaire games which are organized by type.


Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our review of the top 15 solitaire games to download in 2021. None of the discussed solitaire games will cost you a dime and as a plus, you can enjoy them on any Android smartphone.

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